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what are the possible effects of a combined use of Mineral oil, Urobacid 400 mg, Baralgin M, Ducolax 5mg tablets 100's?

I am now using them for intestinal spasms ## The side effects do not necessarily change when you combine medications, however, some can intensify the side effects in a synergistic manner. For instance, since the mineral oil can treat constipation, combining it with the Dulcolax may cause diarrhea and loose bowels. Urobicid contains the active ingredient Norfloxacin, this is an anitbiotic. One of its side effects is diarrhea, so you may run into some severe bowel problems if you use all of these together. Baralgin contains Metamizole, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Do you have any other questions? ## What if you combine mineral oil with baralgin . I just did a hemorrhoids operation ## I would use the minera...

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