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Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy?

Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects.


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Verwon Says:

The Suprep kit contains sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate, it is used for bowel preparation.

It basically works as a laxative.

I can't think that combo would taste very well, though I have never used it.

The most common listed side effects are: cramping, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

Does anyone else have anything to add?

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James Weber Says:

Sulfates have a bitter taste, hence the development of PEG bowel cleansing products without sulfate such as Nulytely or Trilyte.

Having said that, Suprep contains both Sucralose and flavoring agents, so it may not taste as bad as has been suggested.

It still involves the ingestion of 3 quarts of water, so while the volume is less than the 4 liter products, it is still substantial.

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Crohn's100 Says:

I did the Suprep last week. The taste was tolerable-sweet, salty, berry flavored with a slight cough syrup aftertaste. Because of that aftertaste I tried to drink it with as few pauses as possible.
The prep worked very well. I had zero discomfort.

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rose Says:

2hrs ago i took my first bottle of suprep drank the required water, drank more water more tea still no bowel movement. It is too lateto call my drs office, any suggestions?

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Heather Says:

compared to trylite/go lightly/etc.. Suprep is fantastic! It tastes like watered down cough syrup (not as thick, though). After drinking the first initial 16oz (containing the 6oz bottle), I felt extremely nasuasated (spell check)... but as long as I set up right, or even stood up for about 5-10 minutes for it to pass my stomach, I didn't get sick (vomit). It works rather quickly, with no discomfort after it passed my stomach.

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Aaron Says:

I tried it and it worked really well. By the time you complete the third 16 oz. cup of water you will feel it start to work. You have to be able to tolerate the taste and discomfort associated with drinking significant amount of water within 1hr. I found myself cleansing for about 4hrs with each dose.

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MO Says:

Used Suprep for my first colonoscopy. Smells like dimetapp, but the saltiness is overwhelming. Works best if you hold your breath while drinking it, then drink something else to cut the salty aftertaste while you are still holding your breath. First treatment gave me horrible stomach cramps, but second treatment was painless.
Be sure to get on a non fibrous diet at least 3 days before, but I stopped (per doc's instructions) 5 days early. Ate only refined food until 2 days out, then soft diet, then liquid the day before. Made the prep easier.

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Val Says:

First time user of Suprep. Taste: well, my advice is to try to drink as much of the mixture of Suprep and water as possible without stopping. That being said, unless you are accustomed to drinking large quantities of fluids, this will be difficult to accomplish. I followed each 16 oz. "dose" with a white cranberry juice chaser. That was effective at cutting through the aftertaste. What to expect: I had very little wait time before the product took effect. 20 mins. at the most. DO NOT plan on leaving your house at any time during this cleanse process. Buy hygienic wet wipes prior to beginning the cleanse, your posterior will thank you. Hydrate yourself thoroughly for a couple days before using Suprep. Sports type drinks will help maintain your electrolyte balance. Expect to feel an overall chill during the Suprep cleanse process. No one prepped me for this and it was the most uncomfortable part of the evening.

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Cheryl Says:

Just did my first bottle of Suprep; mixed it with ginger ale, followed with either ginger ale or water, filling the 16 oz container 4 times after drinking the diluted prep. Didn't mind the taste at all; worked after 30 minutes, and 1 and 1/2 hours after starting the prep I am completely cleaned out! Amazing; no cramping, no vomiting, no nausea -- just a minor full feeling that really doesn't stay with you too long. I made sure the ginger ale was flat because I don't like carbonated beverages at all. This has been the best prep I've ever used and I would recommend it. I take the second bottle tomorrow a.m. and it should be fine as I'm already completely clean! By the way, I did 2 1/2 days of clear liquids and I'm sure that reduced my "sitting" time significantly, too.
Also, had folks praying that the prep would work well for me, and God was watching out! So thankful.

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Hurting Harry Says:

Stay away from this product. It poisoned me so badly that after a week, I am still quite ill. Immediate pain all over; splitting headache, vomiting (no b.m. at all), then two days later, diarrhea, continued weakness. Much bloating and gas after four days! I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE THIS PRODUCT AGAIN; take the warnings seriously and doublecheck with your gastoenterologist for an alternative. I will.

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Tina Says:

I just finished my second bottle of Suprep. The taste is so sweet that I did occasionally gag while drinking. It did make my mouth salivate while drinking. Holding your nose does help. The first bottle did upset my stomache a bit but it did settle down. The second bottle did not upset stomache at all. It started working on me with 20 minutes. It was not as bad as I thought, I was only going to the bathroom about 30 minutes apart and sometimes longer. I was already used to the liquid stool since I have had that problem a while. I was thinking it would be much worse and it wasn't. No other problems from it :)

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Diane Says:

It took 3 hours to start working for me! I can't believe how quickly everyone says it works. The other preps in previous colonoscopies worked much quicker. It made me nauseated and chilled. I don't know how I'm going to get through it in the morning. I'm worried about being finished in time for my appointment. I guess I better start much earlier. Does anyone know why it would take such a long time to start working? I followed the directions to the letter.

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barb zee Says:

This was my first experience with bowel prep and it was not nearly as bad as I expected. The first dosage last night went down smoothly, and it started workng within 25 minutes of starting the prep. Within 2-1/2 hours everything was out. This morning it was harder to get down, and I had to force myself to finish the suprep. Again it started working quickly.
I would say it tastes like very salty grape drink. It;s not exactly pleasant but since it's only 16 oz. you get through it. Before I started the "only water" part, I thoroughly rinsed my mouth out with cold water to eliminate the Suprep taste.
My only negative "side effect" was a mild/moderate headache after drinking each of the two preps. I took a tylenol once I was "emply" and that took care of it.
As others have said, I think it helped that I started eating a low fiber diet a few of days earlier. I wasn't told to do this but got the idea from other posts by people online.
One thing I stopped doing was reading all the horror stories that people post! All it does is scare you and if you are a relatively healthy person these dire stories are not going to happen to you.
By the way, my colonoscopy procedure experience was nothing worse than a delightful nap. My appointment was for noon and I was on my way home at 1:30. I have not experienced the "amnesia factor" that people talk about either.

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nan Says:

Used the suprep is like cough syrup, but not thick. I have an easily set off gag reflex, so was relieved that I could tolerate this. I just sipped it slowly, holding my nose helped some. The box said to use one bottle of the mixture the night before procedure, and the second bottle the next morning. My dr. said to use both the night before, 4 hours apart. I saw results within 5 minutes of the first dose! I never had the "old" stuff, but I'm convinced this is much better. Very satisfied with it. One tip...if you're preparing for colonoscopy (or whatever) that requires this cleansing, use baby wipes and diaper rash ointment to avoid soreness. It helped a lot!

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Dans Says:

Took first bottle at 6:00PM , held my nose was not too bad. Drank two 16 OZ of water over next 45 min. Had first movement about 7:05 then 5 or 6 more quick ones over the next two hours. Using Petroleum Jelly on bottom was a big help. If you have no insurance to pay for this call around to several pharmacies as the price varies.

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Grammie Says:

I needed to drink this for colonoscopy. I found it horrific trying to drink this.....awful taste and it caused me to almost vomit. I tried following it with water but that awful taste stayed in my mouth. Honestly, I will ask my doctor for anything but this next time.

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veronica Says:

I took suprep an hour ago and could hardly tolerate the awful taste. I feel like throwing up it tastes so bad, on top of that I have awful bloating and pain. Have not had a bowel movement yet.

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Greg S Says:

Awful. Absolutely awful. After my first cup I had no idea how I would possibly do it again. As of right now there's a quarter left in the cup and I can't get it down without vomiting. It's literally raspberry flavored salt water. The nurse, when describing the procedure, told me the raspberry would help and I think it made it worse. Hopefully this is my first and last colonoscopy. I have nothing to compare it to, but avoid Suprep... Worst... day... ever...

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Michael Lishnevsky Says:

Are there any substitutes to Su-Prep (except Fleet's Phospho-Soda recalled by ADA in 2010) that I can buy over-the-counter as a preparation stuff for colonoscopy?

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Michael Lishnevsky Says:

Are there any substitutes to Su-Prep (except Fleet's Phospho-Soda recalled by ADA in 2010) that I can buy over-the-counter as a preparation laxative for colonoscopy?

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Olga Says:

Re: CleverBunny (# 753) Expand Referenced Message

Was the 2nd bottle easier. Were there less bowel movements? How long did take to stop going to the bathroom?

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CleverBunny Says:

Ok people, I'm posting this hoping I help at least one of you out there- all love. :)

First- IT'S NOT NEARLY AS BAD AS EVERYBODY SAYS! I have the weakest stomach ever, and the mix I'm about to tell you worked so well it actually became acceptable to drink.

Second- MIX WITH SPRITE or GINGER ALE - NOT WATER. I like Canada Dry and that worked quite well. This will turn it into a very close approximation of Diet Coke. (!) The sugar helps and the carbonation helps. Ginger happens to be a natural anti-nausea so that's a bonus for me. I happened to hate diet drinks but if that's the worst you have, you're golden.

Thirdly- MOST IMPORTANT - SIP, USE A STRAW AND DRINK SLOWWWW! Do NOT chug or rush like others may tell you. That is a mistake. I took almost 65 minutes to drink and I had no nausea at all. In fact I was excited to drink the additional 32oz of water you need to take!


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Ray Says:

30 minutes after first dose it all came back up , this is the 21st century people should be this difficult I'll prob have to reschedule

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ArtGurl64 Says:

Just took the Suprep cocktail. Took the first dose at 6 pm on the prep day after being on the liquid fast. The stuff is sickening sweet. I walked around as I drank it while taking sips of water between large swigs. Finished the vile stuff in roughly 5-8 minutes. Downed the 32 ounces of water in about 15 minutes. I promptly got chills and decided to plant myself in the bathroom to see which end was going to erupt. My bottom won out. My eruption started about 25-30 minutes after I finished all of the prep and water. It was suprisingly quick. As others have said it was literally like peeing brown water. I was passing fairly clear water after about 45 minutes. I took the second dose around 4 am and passed nothing but clear water again. This stuff is nasty as Hell but it does the job.

BTW, colonoscopy results were all clear.

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Merkmerk73 Says:

Re: MO (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

You had cramps because of the plugger situation - you had a bunch of stuff up front with diarrhea pushing behind which causes a lot of pain

You were empty on second clean so that’s why it didn’t hurt

I know about pluggers because if IBS - can be so agonizing they drop your BP and give you cold sweats

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Robert Says:

Re: Aggravated Consumer (# 721) Expand Referenced Message

My wife developed psoriasis the next day after the prep

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Gin Says:

New as in "when"? I know the norm in most products. This usually means the product is failing and "new" is a beg off in an attempt to keep sales up.

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Lynne Says:

Re: Grammie (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for being honest about the taste. It is VILE! I can barely get it down. :-(

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DK Says:

Did it at 5pm. Taste wasn’t terrible and worked as planned.

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Barb Says:

I used surprep for my scope yesterday. It tasted horrible. Nausea, headache and sick feeling all over. Today is the day after the procedure and still not feeling right!

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