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Ways to purge your system from OXY

I have always wondered the question if OXY really stays in your system for days and I have always thought there was a way of getting out of your system within hours of last dose. I have actually put this to the test and here is what I found out: I am a frequent user of opana/roxy and have had to take several drug test within 1 day of using. All I could do was use my common sense and hope for the best. Here is what works for me. My body is completely different from most people, I have had gastric bypass surgery, which for people that do t know, is a weight loss surgery were they cut my stomach away from small intestine, make a small pouch and bypass a section of intestine to reconnect it. I have lost 155 lbs but upon changing my physical appearance it also dramatically changed the way I ...

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how long does it approximately take for musel and joint pain to go away caused by finofibrate 130 mg

I have severe muscle pain and joint pain in elbows,legs,shoulders,lower back . Been taking it for about a year. Feels like same symptoms I once had when I found out I was allergic to statins. But it was so long ago I don't remember how long before pain stopped. ## Hello, Turridu! How are you? If you were on it for about a year, it might take several weeks for these side effects to taper off and go away. If they continue after about a month of being off of it, then you should consult your doctor as there may be something else going on. Other side effects to this medication may include nausea, dizziness and headache. How are you feeling, now? ## Still sore but not half as bad, I have been drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies trying to purge the meds from my system don...

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secnidal 500 mg

I was prescribed Secnidal 500 @ 1 every 12 hrs for 4 days to kill Blastocystis Hominis Parasites. I was told I would experience bad cramps, nauseous and be very sick. I am on my last pill and have no such feelings. After "resting" 7 days, I am to take Trimetoprima 80mg & Sulfametoxazol 400mg for 7 days. Do you have any recommendations if this will purge my system of this parasite. Should I be concerned that I feel no pain?? ## Hello, Der! How are you? Not everyone experiences the side effects from a medication, they usually just tell you that to warn you, because most people do. However, if you didn't, that doesn't mean the medication didn't work, it just means that your body tolerated it very well. Only time will tell whether or not it worked. Are there any othe...

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