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Orange with white speckles RP 122

I found a pill in my daughters backpack I can't find ANYTHING on? Before I freak can someone please help me ID it? It's a light orange almost peach color with white speckles. The only imprint is RP122. I've been searching for hours and can't find anything? She's normally a good kid but a classmate recently OD'ed on Oxycotin and we are worried ## Yea I don't know what it is either I recently found a bag of the same pills in my sisters sock drawer ## I must admit to being as stumped and as curious as both of you. I've been searching for awhile, now, but all I've found are most posts from people asking what it is and nothing that identifies it. Have you tried asking the respective kids about it? Does anyone recognize this tablet? I'll keep looking an...

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is citrucel good to take for diarrhea after whipple surgery

Whipple surgery done 2015,prob w diarrhea,given citrucel is this a good source to take to correct diarrhea in this case ## Hello, Sharon! How are you? Citrucel is usually used to induce bowel movements, not stop them. The FDA lists its typical side effects as abdominal fullness and bloating. Did your surgeon prescribe this? ## Still no in-depth answers about Whipple surgery and I suppose its so rare that no out there has had it. I did read the one comment posted but that's not my concern. I just wanted know if it is a safe and if it will ake care of my problem. Thanks ## ancreatic cancer has been ruled out. The reason for the.Whipple. surgery is that the duodenum has a tendency to flip over. Yes I have had 3 opinions and only 1 Dr feels safe for me if he performs the procedure, 1 Dr...

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oval orange peach faded pill CIT

My roommate and I found a bag of pills on our other roommate's floor and we were curious about what they are... One is orange-peach in color and oblong in shape and has CIT on one side. The other is a small oval that is grey on one side and red on the other. P10 is on the grey side. Any information would be lovely. Many thanks, Kristen Toast. ## The faded looking orangish pill with CIT on it is a Citrucel Fiber tablet, meant to ensure someone gets enough fiber in a day and increase the regularity of bowel movements. The one marked P10 is a laxative tablet that contains 100mgs of Docusate Sodium. Are there any comments or questions? ## Congratulations on invading your roommates privacy, thinking they're a drug addict, when they have low fiber. Pathetic.

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