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Linzess and coffee
3 Replies RSS
I've been taking linzess for a week and am having a lot of pain down low in my stomach. I had to take two aspirins to at least get some sleep one night. It also hurts when I urinate. I have to take it in the afternoon because I work during the day. It has been relieving me quite well. I'm just worried about having so much pain to where I moan and groan when I walk and I can't continue any kind of work out. Does anyone have a lot of gas with linzess? Sometimes it won't stop. If so, what helps you with this problem? ## Hi Jo, sorry to hear about your discomfort with Linzess. What mg are you taking? If on the 190 you may need to go to 145. I took Linzess for years and it was great. Took at bedtime and went 1st thing in morning. I will say you need to eat healthy diet. I wou...
Updated 7 hours ago in Linzess.
Was there a KONSYL recall?
57 Replies RSS
Has there been a recall on this product? ## Hi, CatLady! I haven't found any information saying that there is a current recall on it. The last one I found listed was due to a labeling problem and occurred in 2011. However, since this isn't an item that completely falls under command of the FDA, the company isn't actually required to log a recall notice with them or any particular entity. Recalls are actually voluntary and up to their discretion, unless it's due to an issue that has the potential to be very dangerous. Did you try asking at your local stores to see if it was recalled or if they are just out of stock? ## Verwon, thanks for your info. I was inquiring for a friends and have passed on the info. Appreciate it. ## There was a sort of recall if you call the konsy...
Updated 1 day ago in Konsyl Fiber.
How long does it take for miralax to leave the gut
24 Replies RSS
My 8 yro son took miralax for 10 days for his constipation. He stopped taking it 2 days ago and is still having very loose bowel movements almost hourly. How long will this continue? I'm at my wits end, his bottom is getting very sore. ## In my opinion, it would be good for him to try and consume more binding foods, such as bananas, to help slow down and regulate his bowel movements. It's difficult to say how long one can experience loose bowel movements, since everyone reacts differently to these types of medications. Was the Miralax dose taken exactly as indicated on labeling (it says 'once each day' on Miralax's webpage)? I only ask because it does sound like he had a bit too much. I know this response is a day after your post, so I do hope that he is feeling bett...
Updated 2 days ago in MiraLax.
linzess prescribed to help with weight loss
3 Replies RSS
Hi! My Dr. Gave me linzess to help with weight loss. HOWEVER, I am reading all the posts about horrible weight gain, I am confused!!!!!!! ## Hello, Twinckle! How are you? This medication isn't intended to be used for weight loss, it's actually used to treat chronic constipation. It can cause diarrhea, which could result in weight loss for some, as reported by the FDA, but it can also cause abdominal bloating and distention, which has caused many to think they were gaining weight on it. Can anyone that's been on it chime in with their experiences? ## Hello, Linzess can certainly be prescribed for the purpose of weight loss! People do not understand how medications can treat multiple...repeat MULTIPLE conditions, diseases and illnesses. Botox is FDA approved to also treat head...
Updated 3 days ago in Linzess.
help with any information about lactulose
3 Replies RSS
Any information on lactulose? My friend has been prescribed it by the hospital and she is very reluctant to take it due to the nature of the medication. ## This medication is most commonly used to treat constipation, and some types of liver disease. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating, stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea. What condition is being treated? Is she on any other medications? ## Hi if I were her I would start with a low dose and take it after a meal. ## I am taking lactulose for ammonia. I just started. I find it takes up my mornings due to diarrhea. Major interfering with my lifestyle. Is anyone else having the same problem?
Updated 3 days ago in Lactulose.
Free Motion Tablet
12 Replies RSS
I do not feel good for my motions, i am unable to make regular bowel movements. I went from going daily, and now it takes three days for motion, please help me. I need a tablet for free motion daily. ## my dad is 58 year old and suffering from constipation since 2day and tablet which he can have now ?? ## iam not having regular motion only 3 or 4 days once i wil go to motion pls help me ## Pls tell free motion tablet I was not motions daily ## My mother 43years old having no motions scince 5days. Getting only toilet. She used Smuth tonic but no result.please help me which doctor I have to consult ## I troubling with motion problem. I am not getting motion daily in the morining. It comes for 3 days once. Yesterday night i got severe stomach pain. Give me suggestion. Do i need to take tab...
Updated 5 days ago.
Why can't I find Konsyl?
6 Replies RSS
It's true, I can't find the original formula at all, anywhere. Our pharmacist said they are not making it because people want the orange flavored products. Konsyl Original Formula is the very best product out there, pure and simple, and I can't understand why the Konsyl corporation is stopping production. A very Stupid move on their part. ## From what I have been able to find, it is listed as still being available, and has not been discontinued. But yes, some people do prefer the flavored products, however, my mother-in-law uses one that isn't flavored, she just mixes it with orange juice. There are many others that are also available that contain the fiber, without flavoring, they just might be under generic names, rather than Konsyl. The FDA warns that it may cause fla...
Updated 6 days ago in Konsyl.
Altered echotexture of Pancreas
1 Reply RSS
My father is having stomach pain with gas/acidity and constipation. We did an upper GI endoscopy and the reports are normal. But the ultrasound report say pancreas is normal is size and contour. Parenchymal echotexture is altered. No calculi. No peri pancreatic edema. Evidence of an ill defined cystic lesion posterior to uncinate process of 34×26 mm. I am worried about the ultrasound report. My father had diabeties but the suger level is near to normal limit. Kindly advice me whether there is something to worried about on the ultrasound reports and possible question to be asked to the doctor while consultation. Thank you. ## I am having stomach pain. I did an upper GI endoscopy and the reports are normal. But the ultrasound report say pancreas is normal is size and contour. Parench...
Updated 6 days ago.
Jevity 5.1 Side Effects and mucous
12 Replies RSS
Has anyone experienced extreme mucous in nasal passages and throat from using this product. The label says it is suitable for those with lactose intolerance but I seem to be having cramping and constipation and so much phlegm and mucous that I can't sleep nights. It contains milk which can be contributing to the problem. I do have sinus problems but I do not have an infection or a cold. This has been going on since I started the Jevity. If anyone has any info please pass it on to me. Thanks. ## Have you consulted your doctor about it? This is a nutritional supplement product, so it isn't really tested for side effects, as is done for something considered an actual drug, so unfortunately, this site doesn't have a lot of information on it. Therefore, I really think talking to ...
Updated 9 days ago.
Linzess weight gain
88 Replies RSS
I was just prescribed Linzess for my IBS. I am wondering if others on this medicine have experienced wieght gain? ## Actually, since it usually causes gastrointestinal side effects, including diarrhea, it's usually known to cause the opposite problem of weight loss. You should also be informed that some people develop serve, ongoing diarrhea, so you need to watch out for that and contact your doctor if it happens. Learn more Linzess details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've gained 4 pounds in 3 days since I started taking Linzess. I am on weight watchers so I count points so I know it is not my food intake. I don't usually fluctuate in pounds so I think it's the new meds. I am still taking Miralax but it doesn't seem like either are working. I loo...
Updated 9 days ago in Linzess.
On Linzess for a week, NOT "Working" - HELP!
44 Replies RSS
Hi all! I'm new here, but not new to constipation... However, I only got my first *prescription* medication to treat it a week ago when my new PCP finally related enough to my digestive woes and the frustration that comes from years of living through the futile cycle of Miralax, MoM bombs, evil teas, and throwing my hands in the air. She gave me samples of Linzess (low and high dose) and thoroughly educated me on how to take it properly, along with a fair warning to remain near the bathroom those first few days. Honestly, I was pumped! And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I've taken, and stored, this medicine correctly because I was all in on making this work, as gruesome as those first days might be. But alas, radio silence. I started with the low dose a week ago (a Wednesday)...
Updated 10 days ago in Linzess.
I Am A Satisfied User Or Miralax Been Taking It Over 2 Years Daily To Overcome Constipation Take With Milk In The And My Drinking Glass Become
5 Replies RSS
I Am A Satisfied User Of Miralax, Been Taking It Over 2 Years Daily To Overcome Constipation. I take it With Milk In The am And My Drinking Glass Becomes coated with a white film that does not come off in the dishwasher. What can we add to the dishwater to remove the film? ## Glad to hear that Miralax is working well for you! As far as your glass goes, why don't you just try washing it by hand with some heavy duty soap and a scrub brush? Often times dishwashers aren't nearly as good as the scrubbing we can do with our hands as it is. However, if the stains from Miralax seem unavoidable, I'd simply recommend using a cheaper glass or cup that you don't care quite as much about. Has anyone else had this problem before? ## I noticed the same thing about Miralax glasses and t...
Updated 12 days ago in MiraLax.
Jevity 1.5
4 Replies RSS
Does Jevity 1.5 cause constipation and excessive gas and hicups ## Good question I was wondering the same thing! My mother has been on Jevity 1.2 cal through a feeding tube for about 7 days now and she has not had a bowel movement. She is not eating much of anything else and we have increased the water we put in the tube but she still has not gone. She has dementia and doesn't always know if something is bothering her or not. I am hoping a little Sennekot will do the trick! Does anybody really know this answer? ## My sister is on Jevity 1.2 has has problems with constipation. Miralax powder has helped her greatly. It use to be a prescription but can now be found over the counter. It is available at Costco and retail pharmacy's. Hope this helps! :) ## Yes, the FDA does warn that ...
Updated 13 days ago.
linzess causes weight gain
8 Replies RSS
I am the same. I have lost 85 lbs over the last 1 year. I have gastroparesis. After 120 days on linzess I am up 15 lbs. I was holding my weight before this prescription. I'm gonna stop this for a week and see what happens. I actually fasted for 1 1/2 days taking weight in A.M. and P.M. only having water and fruit juice (Low Sugar) and didn't lose anything? ## Hi Chuck, I don't know if this is would accurately describe the type of weight gain you mentioned, but according to, Linzess (Linaclotide) is known to cause swelling or a feeling of fullness/pressure in the stomach region that may appear as added weight. It can also cause excess gas to from, which may also contribute to feeling bloated. I'm thinking perhaps either of these side effects could be the culprit, ...
Updated 16 days ago in Linzess.
Linzess in morning and night
3 Replies RSS
First time I tried it as prescribed once in the morning luck. ## Hello, Vanessa! How are you? I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Did you make sure to take it on an empty stomach, with just water, at least a half hour before eating? Sometimes, people haven't been receiving the proper instructions with their prescriptions, so they don't know they have to take it that way. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating and diarrhea. ## Reading some of the comments may be my answer. I take Linzess 30 minutes before breakfast and can go nowhere for 3 or 4 hours because of sudden diarrhea - so embarrassing! My hope is taking it at bedtime like a few said may be my answer. Pharmacists and doctors know little but trial & error. ...
Updated 16 days ago in Linzess.
Suprep Bowel Prep Kit
63 Replies RSS
I am looking for a manufacture coupon that will help me pay for my Suprep Bowel Prep Kit. I am 70 years old and can not afford this medication. Can you help me? ## I've done some searching, but I am sorry, I didn't find anything for patient assistance. Since this is a laxative that is used to to clean out the colon in preparation for certain tests and medical procedures, it is generally a once time purchase and most manufacturers of these products don't offer assistance by way of programs or coupons, because it isn't consider life sustaining and isn't something you are going to be using regularly. There are, however, other alternatives on the market, most doctors just prefer this one, because it is new and contains no sodium phosphate. Have you tried asking your doct...
Updated 16 days ago in Suprep.
Gentilax Laxative
3 Replies RSS
can i take gentilax if im pregnant for consipation? ## Hi miriam, According to a clinical trial posted on PubMed, "phenolphthalein treatment in pregnant women associates with a higher risk for Hirschsprung's disease in their children, but this finding is only a signal which needs confirmation or rejection in other studies." NOTE: this drug is labeled under Pregnancy "Category C" meaning - Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks. With all that said, I would probably consider some (natural) dietary options for treating constipation as opposed to any prescription medications. Just to p...
Updated 18 days ago in Phenolphthalein.
linzess and lactulose
3 Replies RSS
I take 145mcg capsule of linzess with 8ounces of water 30 minutes before I eat and also take 45 ml of lactulose 3 times a day 30 minutes before I eat anything and still not having any bowel movement. stomach getting bigger and bloated,feeling miserable ## Hi Clyde, Sorry to hear about your experience with Linzess. According to, one of the side effects of Linzess is "swelling or a feeling of fullness or pressure in the stomach area". They recommend contacting your doctor if it becomes severe or doesn't go away. There's also another discussion thread here that associates Linzess with weight gain (I'm assuming as a result of this bloating effect): [1] Linzess Weight Gain From what I can gather, it seems like Linzess is the culprit and not Lactulose; howe...
Updated 19 days ago in Linzess.
Use of softovac
38 Replies RSS
I am using softovac (bowel regulator) daily night 1 spoon, are there any side effects of forming stones in pancreas etc? ## Softovac is a laxative that contains: cassia fistula 0.5 gm, fennel , ispaghula 2 gm, liquorice 0.25 gm, senna 0.75 gm WIth those ingredients, it is a supplement, rather than a medication and the side effect profiles are not studied for it. The only thing regularly reported is some abdominal cramping. However, you should know that if you use it every night for a long period of time, your body may become dependent on it and if you stop using it, you may be unable to have a bowel movement without it. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Sir, thanks for the reply. As I am using 1 spoon regularly in the night from last 2 years. Last 15 days back I had a treat...
Updated 21 days ago in Senna.
taking linzess with miralax
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Hi, I take mirilax 1-3 times a day along w a 145 capsule of Linzess first thing in the morning before I eat. It gets the job done. Without the mirilax though the Linzess doesn’t work. These were the instructions from my GI doc. I found, and everyone is different but if I take mirilax 1-3 times a day and add one dose of metumicil then the Linzess is not necessary. I cannot miss a day of mirilax or I will be backed up for at least 1.5 days. Hope it helps. ## Hello, Coll! How are you? Thank you for sharing this helpful advice. While it is best for everyone to make sure their combining such medications is safe for them, I am sure this will help many who are suffering from chronic constipation. The FDA does warn that these medications may cause side effects, such as nausea, stomach pai...
Updated 21 days ago in Linzess.

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