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Prucalopride makes me very hungry all the time

Is anyone taking prucalopride resolor? Im just worried because since i started it four months ago, i feel very hungry all the time even 10-15 minutes after a meal. Is anyone using having the same experience? help ## I have been on prucalopride just 6 days 1mg. I do not feel hungry nor as yet have I had a result. I have CC for along time. Does any one know how long the time factor before i can increase to 2mg? ## Resolor, which contains the active ingredient Prucalopride is used to treat chronic constipation. Increased hunger and appetite is not listed as a side effect, however, it does have an effect on the brain chemical seratonin, just as many antidepressants do and most of them do cause increased appetite and weight gain. Its common side effects are listed as: headache, abdominal pai...

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Linzess and strange dreams

Has anyone had any realistic, but odd dreams upon just drifting off to sleep? I just started the 290mcg. Took it 2 days in the AM...nothing, just more bloating but it did help some with the pain. However after reading up some, and considering my work schedule, I thought I should switch to a bedtime dose. WELL...Its working now! But thats ok! I think most of us agree after suffering with being back up for years, hey, whats a lil diarrhea. Problem is, I awoke...well tried to..from a most horrific dream, right upon drifting off. Im usually not a vivid dreamer. Anyone else have this AT ALL? ## Hello, Kris! How are you? Yes, others have reported having this happen, while taking Linzess and it's actually fairly common with most medications, since they often have a direct effect on brain c...

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How long does it take for Linzess to get out of your system?

How long does it take for Linzess to be completely out of your system? ## How long does it take linzess to get out of your system? ## @ike / sandy, From what I could gather, Linaclotide (Linzess) doesn't remain in your system very long at all. According to a study on, the parent drug (Linaclotide) completely degrades to its metabolite within 30 minutes, with a first-order half-life of only 3 minutes. [1] source: PubMed / PMC3638410 That said, my understanding is that Linzess should be completely out of one's system within 1-3 days easy. However there are other important variables outside of the half life that may prolong or otherwise have some sort of impact on the estimated time frame. Hope this helps! ## How long does it take for linzess to get out of the body ## How l...

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Can Miralax Raise Blood Pressure

I've never had a Bp issue and since taking miralax for a week for constipation my bp was 166/104! Could it be the Miralax? ## I double checked the side effects, both the consumer and professional listings, but I didn't find anything about it causing hypertension. Learn more Miralax details here. However, I think you should consult with your doctor for an exam and further testing, because while it isn't listed a side effect or reaction, other users have reported experiencing this from Miralax and their BP went back to normal when they stopped using it. Did you have any other unusual symptoms? ## No I haven't noticed anything. I stopped using the Miralax yesterday, increased my potassium and magnesium, drank lots of water, and cut out sodium. Today my Bp was 157/92..... I...

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Can Linzess be taken as needed?

I just took my first dose of Linzess 145 and like the others posted...within 2 hrs of taking it (I took it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast) I had noticeable bloating and gas within an hr and it was working full on within 2 hrs. The entire experience seemed to work itself out within 3.5 hrs. Very unpleasant 3.5 hrs but now everything seems to have calmed down. Not ideal..but can Linzess just be taken every few days? 2-3 times per week? If it always has this effect it seems I would be able to manage calendar to allow for the time it needs and still be able to fully function the rest of the time. ## I was told by my gastro to take it when I need it. If you take it daily and it gives you diarrhea and you are purging your large GI tract to the point water comes out after, the...

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Saline laxative / milk of magnesia positive drug test

Does saline laxative cause a false positive drug test? Also, can milk of magnesia cause a positive drug test? ## Can milk of magnesia test false positive in a drug test for alcohol? ## I think it's highly unlikely since milk of magnesia and similar products are basically a form of magnesium (a mineral). Did you take anything else (OTC or otherwise)? What kind of test was it? Urine, blood, etc? ## Yes, I've failed 2 tests in 3 weeks and the ONLY thing I've taken is magnesium. I passed previous screens but after I started taking an over the counter magnesium daily I've failed twice. My doctor and pharmacist said it wasn't possible but it's the only change in my diet. ## I dont take any other medications or alcohol. I have to take an alcohol urine etg test. I've...

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Suprep Reviews

Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy? Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects. Thanks! ## The Suprep kit contains sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate, it is used for bowel preparation. It basically works as a laxative. I can't think that combo would taste very well, though I have never used it. The most common listed side effects are: cramping, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Does anyone else have anything to add? ## Sulfates have a bitter taste, hence the development of PEG bowel cleansing products without sulfate such as Nulytely or Trilyte. Having said that, Suprep contains both Sucralose and flavoring agents, so it may not taste as bad as has been suggested. It still involves the ingestion of 3 quarts of water, ...

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Taking MiraLax after the expiration date

Can you use MiraLax after the expiration date? And how much to use for an adult single use? ## Hi Dani, I haven't come across any specific details pertaining to the safety of this medication after it's expiration date. However, I think it really depends on how long has it been since the product expired? If it hasn't been too long, it might still be functional enough to get the job done, but you're still probably better off getting a new batch if you want to play it safe. Regarding dosing instructions, the usual adult dosing for Miralax is one cap full (approx. 17g) taken once daily or as needed. Apparently the measuring line on the bottle cap itself is supposed to be used as a guideline for taking a single dose (which also measures out to about 1 large tbsp). Lastly, it ...

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MiraLax Use

I've been dealing with ibs and chronic constipation for about 5 years. Recently my gi doctor suggested i switch from lactolose to miralax as the lactolose was creating a lot of gas discomfort, i was taking 6 tablespoons daily of lactolose for the past 4 years. I started the miralax 6-21-11 at one dose daily for first 7 days then increased to two dose daily. The miralax at first worked ok but has stopped working the last 2 days. How long should i continue with miralax, iv'e heard to give it 1 to 2 weeks for it to start working good. I'm thinking about going back to lactolose and putting up with the gas. Thanks. ## Have you consulted your doctor? They'd really be best able to advise you on this. The use of laxatives, such as Miralax, for IBS can really depend on the patien...

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Miralax Powder with Strange Odor

I've been taking MiraLAX for over five years now on a regular basis and I've had no problems. My problem now is the last two bottles that I bought had a chemical odor smelled like kerosene. The bottles were fresh I did buy them at Sam's Club but cannot understand why these two bottles had a strange smell even after it was mixed up. I usually drink mine in coffee and there's never been an odor like this before. Has anyone else experienced this? I've had five abdominal surgeries and this is the only thing that helps me but now I'm afraid to buy anymore. Please help me if you can. ## Today our family noticed a similar odor after mixing less than a tablespoon of MiraLax in a glass of water. My daughter who was going to drink it said it smelled and tasted funny. My wi...

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linzess prescribed to help with weight loss

Hi! My Dr. Gave me linzess to help with weight loss. HOWEVER, I am reading all the posts about horrible weight gain, I am confused!!!!!!! ## Hello, Twinckle! How are you? This medication isn't intended to be used for weight loss, it's actually used to treat chronic constipation. It can cause diarrhea, which could result in weight loss for some, as reported by the FDA, but it can also cause abdominal bloating and distention, which has caused many to think they were gaining weight on it. Can anyone that's been on it chime in with their experiences? ## Hello, Linzess can certainly be prescribed for the purpose of weight loss! People do not understand how medications can treat multiple...repeat MULTIPLE conditions, diseases and illnesses. Botox is FDA approved to also treat head...

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HELP! How long do you stay on Linzess?

I'm confused (since my doctor did not clarify).... I've been taking Linzess for 2 months. Is this a forever pill? Do patients typically have a set amount of time or trial time to see if it's working for them... Just unsure if I should continue with this or if there's an end to taking Linzess in my foreseeable future. It has helped. Having insurance issues / billing claim issues so I haven't been able to go back to the prescribing doctor. Also since being diagnosed with IBS-C, I went gluten free and I'm having success with the stomach cramps. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The Rx ran out today... which means I would be technically stopping it cold turkey tomorrow. Not sure this is a good thing or bad. Not really wanting to stay on it forever anyways though...

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Jevity 5.1 Side Effects and mucous

Has anyone experienced extreme mucous in nasal passages and throat from using this product. The label says it is suitable for those with lactose intolerance but I seem to be having cramping and constipation and so much phlegm and mucous that I can't sleep nights. It contains milk which can be contributing to the problem. I do have sinus problems but I do not have an infection or a cold. This has been going on since I started the Jevity. If anyone has any info please pass it on to me. Thanks. ## Have you consulted your doctor about it? This is a nutritional supplement product, so it isn't really evaluated for side effects, as is done for something considered an actual drug, so unfortunately, this site doesn't have a lot of information on it. Therefore, I really think talking ...

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erceflora dosage for 3 years old child

I have used erceflora for my kids, ages 10, 5 and 3 whenever they get stomach flu as pescribed by their pediatrician. Erceflora has been prescribed by several pediatricians that I have consulted. To my understanding Erceflora doesnt suppress the symptoms of stomach flu, rather gets it out of your body. It works on my kids' plus easy to administer. ## Erceflora is indicated for acute and chronic normalizes our gut flora. ## Good day can i give erceflora to my 12 year old dog suffering fr.diarehia. he is 12years old .i cannot afford vet care ## my 2yr old baby boy almost three weeks that his popo is liquid.. can i give him erciflora? how to give that tnx ## Hello my 4yrs old baby boy he's suffering in constipated he's 19kls hes it ok to take erceflora? ## Hello my ...

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sulfur cream of tartar tablets

Old fashioned over the counter patent laxative much more effective as insect repellent. Where can I buy some? Last supply came from a Bertram, Tx, prarmacy closing down in the 1970s. ## These are still available from a few companies and can be ordered online. One that you may wish to try doing a Google search for is Red Arrow Lemon & Cream of Tartar with Sulfur, it is a wafer form of it, sold as a supplement. Does anyone else know of any? ## A new product is out that is a combination of Cream of Tartar and MSM sulfur is called Tarsul. It is sold as a dietary supplement. ## Metro Chem Associates sells the Red Arrow Lemon Cream of Tartar Wafers. 30 count is $7.95, 120 count is $25.95. 940-484-2178 ## Third generation recipe for boils.... 1 T Epsom salt, 1 T sulfur, 1 t cream of tartar...

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On Linzess for a week, NOT "Working" - HELP!

Hi all! I'm new here, but not new to constipation... However, I only got my first *prescription* medication to treat it a week ago when my new PCP finally related enough to my digestive woes and the frustration that comes from years of living through the futile cycle of Miralax, MoM bombs, evil teas, and throwing my hands in the air. She gave me samples of Linzess (low and high dose) and thoroughly educated me on how to take it properly, along with a fair warning to remain near the bathroom those first few days. Honestly, I was pumped! And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I've taken, and stored, this medicine correctly because I was all in on making this work, as gruesome as those first days might be. But alas, radio silence. I started with the low dose a week ago (a Wednesday)...

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took 2 Linzess capsules by accident

Hello. I forgot I had taken a pill earlier and just took another, will this hurt me? I have been on this medication for a while and just totally forgot I had already taken one. Thanks! ## Were you ok in the end? I'm getting tired of it not working and am considering doubling my 290 dose so I'd like to know what you experienced... ## A single occasion of a double dose could possibly mean an increased risk of it's typical side effects in that moment; but I have my doubts that anything serious or long term would manifest as a result of this one time mishap. However, I too would be interested in hearing how things turned out for you Liz? Hopefully all is good! Have any other patients here had a similar experience on Linzess? For any newcomers on this medication, I see there are ...

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Can I take MiraLax after the expiration date?

Can I take Miralax when it expired on 11-2015? If not, how do I dispose the of contents, down the sink or the toilet? ## Liquids can go bad, once expired and may make you ill, if you use them, as reported by the NIH, so it would be best to dispose of them. As to the method of disposal, you should leave it in the sealed container and dispose of it with your regular household trash. ## How long will the laxative Purelax work if it expired 12/15? ## I've never known Miralax to be a liquid so your answer isn't really an answer. Looking to find out if it's still safe to take when it expired over a year ago. Thank you, ## I took some from 2014 and this 2018 and it worked just as usual. In today’s marketing craziness most expiration dates are not to keep you safe but to get y...

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Blood Sugar went up after Linzess

My morning readings have been below 140, but after taking Linzess they have been anywhere from 170 to 267. Does Linzess raise blood sugar? Anyone else have this issue? ## While it isn't listed as a side effect by the FDA, users have reported it. You can see details on the research here. Typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, abdominal pain, flatulence, decreased appetite, and dehydration. Ref: Linzess Information Are you checking before, or after you take the Linzess?

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Linzess not working for me

I was on Amitiza 24 mcg twice a day and Miralax was switched to Linzess 3 weeks ago. I am having so many issues, feeling lightheaded a couple hours after taking it in the morning and very bloated and have not had a normal BM. A few days without anything and then diarrhea. I think I am going to switch to before dinner and take Miralax before bed. What is the opinion? ## This medication should be taken in the morning, at least half an hour, before ingesting anything else. The Side effects that you've experienced are listed as being normal ones, according to the FDA, you may also experience nausea, and stomach pain. It is not as effective, if taken later in the day, after you've already eaten throughout the day, so it is best to follow the manufacturers instructions. Is there anyth...

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