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Linzess not working for me
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I was on Amitiza 24 mcg twice a day and Miralax was switched to Linzess 3 weeks ago. I am having so many issues, feeling lightheaded a couple hours after taking it in the morning and very bloated and have not had a normal BM. A few days without anything and then diarrhea. I think I am going to switch to before dinner and take Miralax before bed. What is the opinion? ## This medication should be taken in the morning, at least half an hour, before ingesting anything else. The Side effects that you've experienced are listed as being normal ones, according to the FDA, you may also experience nausea, and stomach pain. It is not as effective, if taken later in the day, after you've already eaten throughout the day, so it is best to follow the manufacturers instructions. Is there anyth...
Updated 4 hours ago in Linzess.
colace 100mg capsules
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## my father in law just started on this drug I need know any bad side effects it might have. Thanks ## This is used a stool softener, and it can help with constipation. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, dehydration, and diarrhea. Paula, why was it prescribed for him? Are there any markings on them? If so, can you please post back with them?
Updated 21 hours ago in Colace.
Prepopik is by far THE BEST BOWEL PREP!!!!!!
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Prepopik is by far the best and most tolerable bowel prep for colonoscopy! I have tried 3 others in the past, including the pill form, and this new prep was the best for the following reasons: 1. Split dosing, 5 ozs, 5 hours apart. Least amount to have to get down (10 ozs total) 2. No salty, gritty taste. Not thick, actually tastes just like orange soda, very palatable! The prep is what hindered me in going back for my follow up c'scpe until now. ## I forgot to say ask for a coupon for Prepopik from your doctor. ## For bowel prep this worked wonderfully. Took the split dose method at 8pm and 3am for an early morning procedure. 1st dose chased with 24oz of water and 16 more oz within the hour and I was having bowel movements by 45 minutes. I did have to use Vaseline on my second dose...
Updated 3 days ago in Prepopik.
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Has anyone in the US used this yet for colonscopy and what did it cost? ## I've used this Prep and it was wonderful. It tasted like orange soda and was very small. I undergo routine colonoscopies and have now finally found my prep of choice because it taste great and is tiny. Suprep & Moviprep = YUK!!! ## Thanks, Johnny, was that in the US? and what did it cost? I really don't care if it is easy to use. I may need to convince my Gastro in some way. ## I used prepopik yesterday. It tastes like unsweetened lemonade with LOTS of artificial sweetener. Like lemon koolaid without sugar. Texture is good though, not thick or slimey. Mix with refridgerated cold water, not tap water and stir well. Drink with a straw. Brush your teeth and tongue after drinking to get rid of taste. You ...
Updated 3 days ago in Prepopik.
loose motion tablet name list
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I am shahzad Qamar from panjab pakistan my sister age in 19y lose motion in 7 year problem with stomec and Abdominal pain. This madicain use tab Ciproxen 500mg 1×bd Cap Esso 4omg 1×bd before Neals in 3year.sir any one medicine the solve my problam ## I am vikas tyagi from meerut my mother age in 60 years old having lose motion from early morning today 5-6 times. Shr is the patient of CML (Crononic Myload Lukemia) since June 2012. Kindly suggest suitable medicine for her. Thanking you ## I am Duaa fatma 19th yr old. I have loss motion problem for 4-5days plz advice me medicine for my problem. Thank you ## Very severe chronic constipation for 15 years.alopathy medicine not working. Dependent on ayurvedic medicine but not satisfied.
Updated 4 days ago.
Linzess Issues
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Chronic constipation with 40-50 lbs weight gain... Linzess works with explosive diarrhea within an hour of taking it but doesn't seem to resolve the problem. It makes me go from feeling 9 months pregnant to 6 months pregnant. Also have a new side effect of the drug (or the constipation) which is acne on my shoulders and back. Tries lots of otc remedies and natural remedies with no luck. Dr gave me linzess and like I said it works but not completely. The 145 dose seems to work while the 290 did not, so i went back to 145 and same results. I am fit. Used to do 1000 sit ups a can't manage 20 due to the bloat and weight gain...frustrated and worried. I am a big guy...6'7"...should be 230# but am weighing in at about 280# which has been increasing over the past 6-7 ...
Updated 5 days ago in Linzess.
B-Cal-DM (Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium) Supplement
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I am constipated. It started after I've been drinking the calcium tablet. Can it be because I'm drinking B Cal DM? I've been trying Movicol and Fybogel, but nothing helps.
Updated 6 days ago.
Prucalopride makes me very hungry all the time
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Is anyone taking prucalopride resolor? Im just worried because since i started it four months ago, i feel very hungry all the time even 10-15 minutes after a meal. Is anyone using having the same experience? help ## I have been on prucalopride just 6 days 1mg. I do not feel hungry nor as yet have I had a result. I have CC for along time. Does any one know how long the time factor before i can increase to 2mg? ## Resolor, which contains the active ingredient Prucalopride is used to treat chronic constipation. Increased hunger and appetite is not listed as a side effect, however, it does have an effect on the brain chemical seratonin, just as many antidepressants do and most of them do cause increased appetite and weight gain. Its common side effects are listed as: headache, abdominal pai...
Updated 10 days ago in Prucalopride.
Taking Copilet instead of Ecosprin 150
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Can I take Copilet instead of Ecosprin 150? Ecosprin is giving me constipation and gas trouble. I take it because I had a history of TIA. I have been taking it for 1 1/2 years and I'm 46 years old.
Updated 10 days ago.
Ways to purge your system from OXY
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I have always wondered the question if OXY really stays in your system for days and I have always thought there was a way of getting out of your system within hours of last dose. I have actually put this to the test and here is what I found out: I am a frequent user of opana/roxy and have had to take several drug test within 1 day of using. All I could do was use my common sense and hope for the best. Here is what works for me. My body is completely different from most people, I have had gastric bypass surgery, which for people that do t know, is a weight loss surgery were they cut my stomach away from small intestine, make a small pouch and bypass a section of intestine to reconnect it. I have lost 155 lbs but upon changing my physical appearance it also dramatically changed the way I ...
Updated 12 days ago in Purge.
can i take MiraLax after the expiration date
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Can I take Miralax when it expired on 11-2015? If not, how do I dispose the of contents, down the sink or the toilet? ## Hello, Margie! How are you? Liquids can go bad, once expired and may make you ill, if you use them, as reported by the NIH, so it would be best to dispose of them. As to the method of disposal, you should leave it in the sealed container and dispose of it with your regular household trash. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How long will the laxative Purelax work if it expired 12/15 ## I've never known Miralax to be a liquid so your answer isn't really an answer. Looking to find out if it's still safe to take when it expired over a year ago. Thank you, ## I took some from 2014 and this 2018 and it worked just as usual. In today’s marketing cr...
Updated 12 days ago in MiraLax.
Taking miralax after the expiration date
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Can you use MiraLax after the expiration date? And how much to use for an adult single use? ## Hi Dani, I haven't come across any specific details pertaining to the safety of this medication after it's expiration date. However, I think it really depends on how long has it been since the product expired? If it hasn't been too long, it might still be functional enough to get the job done, but you're still probably better off getting a new batch if you want to play it safe. Regarding dosing instructions, the usual adult dosing for Miralax is one cap full (approx. 17g) taken once daily or as needed. Apparently the measuring line on the bottle cap itself is supposed to be used as a guideline for taking a single dose (which also measures out to about 1 large tbsp). Lastly, it ...
Updated 12 days ago in MiraLax.
Resolor (Prucalopride) Drug Information
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I have slow G.I. motility and am taking Resolor (Prucalopride). Been on it for 9 days and not really working. Been in pain for a year with tummy troubles. Laxatives stopped working. How long before Prucalopride really works?
Updated 16 days ago in Prucalopride.
Saline laxative / milk of magnesia positive drug test
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Does saline laxative cause a false positive drug test? Also, can milk of magnesia cause a positive drug test? ## Can milk of magnesia test a false positive in a drug test for alcohol ## I think it's highly unlikely since milk of magnesia and similar products are basically a form of magnesium (a mineral). Did you take anything else (OTC or otherwise)? What kind of test was it? Urine, blood, etc?
Updated 16 days ago in Milk of Magnesia.
Prepopik not working, what should i do?
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Took this stuff at 6:30 pm and its now 11:06 pm and not much is happening. All the anticipation for this procedure and now it doesn't seem to be working. I'm supposed to take the next dose at 7 a.m., hope something gets it going. Have to report for the colonoscopy at 11:15 a.m.. So far, Im not impressed. Just want to get this over with! ## Hi Jon, hope that everything went well after your wrote this. Did you end up going after your second dose (or even before)? You're supposed to drink a lot of water with this, did you follow the general recommendation (per medline plus) of drinking five 8- ounce (240 mL) drinks of clear liquid within 5 hours of the dose? Please let me know how it went (no pun intended), and hope that you're feeling fine.
Updated 17 days ago in Prepopik.
Linzess stopped working
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I have been on the 145 dose of Linzess for several years now, and it was like a miracle drug. No side effects, and for the first time in 30 years, regular BMs. The past few months have not been so great, though. Constipation, bloating and cramps have returned. I saw my Gastro a few weeks ago, and she upped my dosage to the 290. No change. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? So frustrating! ## Unfortunately, many people have reported the same experience, though the amount of time have varied. Are you making sure to take it with a full glass of water, at least half an hour, before eating or drinking anything else, as directed by the FDA? The bloating and cramps can be side effects of this medication, but it usually causes diarrhea, rather than constipation. Are you on any other ...
Updated 18 days ago in Linzess.
Linzess has destroyed my hair no more
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Has anyone had the problem with linzess changing the structure of their hair. My hair wish shopping and healthy when I started taking linzess. ## Hello, Pam! How are you? Almost any medication can cause problems with the growth of your hair and nails, since they are fed by dead cells in our body, thus anything that could affect our cells, can cause problems with our hair and nails, according to NIH studies. Other side effects as listed by the FDA may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, bloating, and diarrhea. One of my blood pressure/heart medications has caused my nails to become very brittle, so they crack and break very easily. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi I have been taking a few months & starting today I'm done !! Texture change & drier & ...
Updated 21 days ago in Linzess.
linzess have to skip two days
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Hi, we're going away and sadly our two flights have to be in the morning. I usually take linzess @ 8am and by 12pm I'm done for the day. My concern is that those two days I can't take it as too uncertain about available facilities, will that completely mess me up? Once I get there I can start my normal dose and routine until home. How messed up will this make me and has any one else had experience? Any help or advice welcomed.
Updated 24 days ago in Linzess.
how long you need to take linzess
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I have Hyperparathyroid Disease and have suffered with severe constipation for several years, caused by high Calcium levels. I recently became severely impacted and had a procedure in my Dr's office that was excruciatingly painful to de-impact me. He put me on Lizness 145 mg and it has helped me to have regular, pain free bowel movements every day. I was so relieved! Can I stay on Lizness for a long period of time safely? I feel like it is a miracle drug for me. ## You can stay on it for as long as your doctor feels it is safe for you to do so. The FDA does warn that it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, stomach cramping, flatulence, and diarrhea. You can find more details on Linzess by clicking this NDC code: 0456-1201 Is it still working well for you?
Updated 24 days ago in Linzess.
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Six days ago I had 5 teeth extracted & was given approximately 10 shots of Novacaine.Every day since then I have expierenced constipation,nausea &,extreme burning sensations in my stomache & I was wondering if this could be due to the Novacaine? ## I seem to be generally constipated for a week after any novocaine. I have a sensitivity to the gluten in wheat, barley and rye. Many vitamins and medicines use some kind of grain derivative as a "holder" or "carrier" (my non-tech words) for the active ingredients. I can only wonder if novocaine also contains anything like that. I understand over 20% of population has this problem, most in worse form than I do. Am trying to find data on novocaine contents that I can understand on internet. ## It is possible, though ...
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