Saline Laxative / Milk Of Magnesia Positive Drug Test

Chelsea Says:

Does saline laxative cause a false positive drug test? Also, can milk of magnesia cause a positive drug test?

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Tina Says:

Can milk of magnesia test a false positive in a drug test for alcohol

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Roy Says:

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I think it's highly unlikely since milk of magnesia and similar products are basically a form of magnesium (a mineral). Did you take anything else (OTC or otherwise)? What kind of test was it? Urine, blood, etc?

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Dchan Says:

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Yes, I've failed 2 tests in 3 weeks and the ONLY thing I've taken is magnesium.

I passed previous screens but after I started taking an over the counter magnesium daily I've failed twice. My doctor and pharmacist said it wasn't possible but it's the only change in my diet.

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Lisa Says:

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I dont take any other medications or alcohol. I have to take an alcohol urine etg test. I've never failed any but i had to take this and i kust read thay it had alcohol in it

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