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help with any information about lactulose

Any information on lactulose? My friend has been prescribed it by the hospital and she is very reluctant to take it due to the nature of the medication. ## This medication is most commonly used to treat constipation, and some types of liver disease. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating, stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea. What condition is being treated? Is she on any other medications? ## Hi if I were her I would start with a low dose and take it after a meal. ## I am taking lactulose for ammonia. I just started. I find it takes up my mornings due to diarrhea. Major interfering with my lifestyle. Is anyone else having the same problem? ## I cannot get lactulose where I live as they changed to generic only and the generic is so bad...

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I am extremely constipated, what is the fastest way to get my bowel moving? ## try's OTC. ## From past few weeks i am strugling to pass Stool and Gas. I visited doctor and he had suggested to Take Cremalax and cyra Tablet But after consume these tablet i feel i was better earlier to this in passing sttol because after strugling atleast the stool use to pass easily, but now i the stool is in little quantity with some pain in stomach With this can i consume food regularly, will this cause increase in stool formation making intenstine filled up and cause severe problem I haven had this problem till 30 but now at 35 I am having at regular intervals. will this be for life time Is this cause due to Medicine, As i am taking the following medicine for Depression, Kidney Stone...

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rifaxin ## I went into liver failure 3.5 years ago. I am in End stage liver disease and have hepatic Encephalopathy. They had me on lactulose and in JUne tried me on Xifaxin. Its been like a miracle drug. I am not in a wheel chair don't use walker and can even drive and type. I guess the long term isn't what I need to worry about. My quality of life has improved waiting for a new liver. ## I am also in end stage of liver cirrhosis and take lactulose and xifaxin I was wondering how the liver transplant person who posted in 2007 was doing today in 2015? ## Has anyone had a liver transplant out there and has survived more than 3-5 years I'm scared because I am in process of getting on list. Please help ## Lactose is killing me indirectly/ slowly. I have a small amount of liver ...

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lactulose qualitest

I have taken Lactulose for many years, the last year at a higher dose because the HE/ liver issues have worsened. NO fun, but doable. My insurance won't cover Xifaxin because lactulose exists. I picked up the new Rx at CVS today, but was puzzled by the "Green Coloring" notice. Since I am allergic to so many things, i hesitated--it has ALWAYS BEEN COLORLESS--but tried it anyway. I got one tbs down and gagged so hard I had it come through my nose! Even their website says "clear." (My previous Rx have been "Generlac Lactulose"; I will let my Dr know to ONLY write for that brand.) I DUMPED THE REST OF THE QUALTEST down the drain.

jactulerne 30 ml

The doctor wrote me a script of some medicine it.s either spelled jactulene or lactulene ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? What was it prescribed to treat? I think you may be talking about Lactulose, which is used to treat constipation and liver problems. It also makes sense with that dosage. Side effects may include abdominal cramping, diarrhea and flatulence.

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Chornic constipation

I am suffering from chronic constipation for the last 30 years coupled with gas problem. I have possibly all available medicines like pan -40 mg, zintec-150 mg, Razo-20 mg, some laxatives etc but of little use. Is endoscopy the only option left in my case. Kindly advise me . ## I have suffered from chronic constipation and IBS for most of my adult life. Since my hysterectomy, and gall bladder surgery, my condition has worsened. I have been tested for Chron's Disease and that was negative. I was recently referred to a GI Specialist, who initially started me on Amitzia. I had very uncomfortable side effects, including abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and nausea. He then switched me to Linsza. When I take the Linsza, I honestly cannot get off of the toilet for several hours, due to consta...

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Taking Lactulose with a Penicillin allergy

I'm allergic to penicillin and the nurse has given me lactulose solution to take. Is this safe?? ## Yes, they are not related, at all. Penicillin is an antibiotic that's used to treat various types of infections. Learn more Penicillin details here. You can usually recognize its relatives by that cillin on the end, another example would be Amoxicillin, it is a close relative. However, Lactulose is a non-digestible sugar that's used to treat constipation. Learn more Lactulose details here. Are there any other questions I can help with?

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two cal hn

I have a patient at 68 # 5' 43 yom with cerebral palsy, mr and (rule out smll bowel obstruction) he is on a pureed diet,ensure pudding 1 can bid and two cal n bid..meds: antac,lactulose, thickit and certavite. he vomits his food up most mornings. I tink the volume of supplements is too much. ANy ideas. I have to create a 6-8 meal a day pureed menu! Yikes!! Any help appreciated. hanks, Jlzjones ## Daughter ICU 5 1/2 weeks reg room 2 1/2 weeks home 1 week. Thyroid and Esophageal cancer with tear in esophagus and fluid around heart. She vomits twocal hn in hospital and home. They put a machine to remove bile - no help. Pathologist instructions: glyconutrients, probiotics,enzymes, phytomatrics and meal replacement 1200 calories with more nutrients than twocal. She has lived on this (inc...

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hep c

is there a substitute for liquid lactulose - pill form ? My son doesn't like taking it and would rather a pill ## LACTULOSE PILL FORM ? ## The only thing that I've found is Kristalose which comes in packets in powder form. If you mix it with chocolate milk you really can't taste it. It's pretty expensive, though.

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to know more about this syrup

I've been diagnosed with IBM and take Zelnorm, but it doesn't quite do what it suppose to do, so my doctor add this lactulose 10 Gm sol Q, does anybody know what this syrup suppose to do for you? ## Here's the monograph with more information on it: ## my doc prescribed the same for me. it's supposed to produce more water into the intestines to make bm's easier to pass. you're supposed to go 2 to 3x a day. ## my wife is suffring from last week from last week she observe that there is blood pasing with stool there is no pain. we visit a physician he precripe medicine like OXEMATE CD 1+1 for five days & Syrup EVA Q for 15 days pl. gide us what to do thanks Sanju

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