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Taking MiraLax after the expiration date 25 REPLIES
Can I take MiraLax after the expiration date? 9 REPLIES

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Taking MiraLax after the expiration date

Can you use MiraLax after the expiration date? And how much to use for an adult single use? ## Hi Dani, I haven't come across any specific details pertaining to the safety of this medication after it's expiration date. However, I think it really depends on how long has it been since the product expired? If it hasn't been too long, it might still be functional enough to get the job done, but you're still probably better off getting a new batch if you want to play it safe. Regarding dosing instructions, the usual adult dosing for Miralax is one cap full (approx. 17g) taken once daily or as needed. Apparently the measuring line on the bottle cap itself is supposed to be used as a guideline for taking a single dose (which also measures out to about 1 large tbsp). Lastly, it ...

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MiraLax Use

I've been dealing with ibs and chronic constipation for about 5 years. Recently my gi doctor suggested i switch from lactolose to miralax as the lactolose was creating a lot of gas discomfort, i was taking 6 tablespoons daily of lactolose for the past 4 years. I started the miralax 6-21-11 at one dose daily for first 7 days then increased to two dose daily. The miralax at first worked ok but has stopped working the last 2 days. How long should i continue with miralax, iv'e heard to give it 1 to 2 weeks for it to start working good. I'm thinking about going back to lactolose and putting up with the gas. Thanks. ## Have you consulted your doctor? They'd really be best able to advise you on this. The use of laxatives, such as Miralax, for IBS can really depend on the patien...

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Miralax Powder with Strange Odor

I've been taking MiraLAX for over five years now on a regular basis and I've had no problems. My problem now is the last two bottles that I bought had a chemical odor smelled like kerosene. The bottles were fresh I did buy them at Sam's Club but cannot understand why these two bottles had a strange smell even after it was mixed up. I usually drink mine in coffee and there's never been an odor like this before. Has anyone else experienced this? I've had five abdominal surgeries and this is the only thing that helps me but now I'm afraid to buy anymore. Please help me if you can. ## Today our family noticed a similar odor after mixing less than a tablespoon of MiraLax in a glass of water. My daughter who was going to drink it said it smelled and tasted funny. My wi...

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Can Miralax Raise Blood Pressure

I've never had a Bp issue and since taking miralax for a week for constipation my bp was 166/104! Could it be the Miralax? ## I double checked the side effects, both the consumer and professional listings, but I didn't find anything about it causing hypertension. Learn more Miralax details here. However, I think you should consult with your doctor for an exam and further testing, because while it isn't listed a side effect or reaction, other users have reported experiencing this from Miralax and their BP went back to normal when they stopped using it. Did you have any other unusual symptoms? ## No I haven't noticed anything. I stopped using the Miralax yesterday, increased my potassium and magnesium, drank lots of water, and cut out sodium. Today my Bp was 157/92..... I...

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Can I take MiraLax after the expiration date?

Can I take Miralax when it expired on 11-2015? If not, how do I dispose the of contents, down the sink or the toilet? ## Liquids can go bad, once expired and may make you ill, if you use them, as reported by the NIH, so it would be best to dispose of them. As to the method of disposal, you should leave it in the sealed container and dispose of it with your regular household trash. ## How long will the laxative Purelax work if it expired 12/15? ## I've never known Miralax to be a liquid so your answer isn't really an answer. Looking to find out if it's still safe to take when it expired over a year ago. Thank you, ## I took some from 2014 and this 2018 and it worked just as usual. In today’s marketing craziness most expiration dates are not to keep you safe but to get y...

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Constella for constipation causing Diverticulitis

I have been on Constella for 4 days. I take it in the AM 2 hours before eating. I know it is a no, no but I have just one cup of coffee and boom...I have diarrhea. However, it is mostly water without much substance...sorry for the graphics! It lasts for a few hours and then stops completely for the day. I do drink water all day and take a thermos with me when I go out. This repeats itself exactly for the next few days while taking it. I have no feeling of having to go after the diarrhea stops. I also take Restoralx (Miralax) every evening. Constipation has been a battle for me for years and years. I am a senior now. If this pattern persists I will call my doctor. Will this diarrhea taper off? ## Does the diarrhea ever tapper off? I spoke to the doctor and he reduced the dose to every ot...

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miralax, pooping

i took a dose of miralax saturday, then another on sunday with no results along with stool softeners that my doctor gave me for post operation. someone told me about a faster acting laxative that i took sunday night and i finally had relief. the problem is it is now wednesday night and i have been going to the bathroom every 2 hours and have loose stools. when will it stop. after every meal also i have to go immediatly. ## At this point, it is just going to take time for it to process out of your body, so things return to normal. It is likely that you should have given the Miralax a longer amount of time to work, some laxatives can take 48 to 72 hours, and if they haven't worked by then, you are told to consult a doctor. The Miralax FAQ on their website even lists that it can take 1...

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Methadone and Miralax mix

I need to take my methadone and I just drank some miralax without thinking, who thinks it won't matter if I take it now? ## Hello, Based on my research from umm.edu, there are no drug interactions listed between Miralax (Polyethylene Glycol) and Methadone. So my theory is that you shouldn't experience any problems with taking the two together. However it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to still give your doctor a call for a second opinion, if you're looking for further validation. I hope this helps! ## Can I take Miralax while I'm on methadone càn someone help me ! Thank u ## Definitely. I'm on methadone but i take a double dose 2x a day. the regular dose is not for drug constipation. You may have to take it a few days for it to work.Good luck

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How long does it take for miralax to leave the gut

My 8 yro son took miralax for 10 days for his constipation. He stopped taking it 2 days ago and is still having very loose bowel movements almost hourly. How long will this continue? I'm at my wits end, his bottom is getting very sore. ## In my opinion, it would be good for him to try and consume more binding foods, such as bananas, to help slow down and regulate his bowel movements. It's difficult to say how long one can experience loose bowel movements, since everyone reacts differently to these types of medications. Was the Miralax dose taken exactly as indicated on labeling (it says 'once each day' on Miralax's webpage)? I only ask because it does sound like he had a bit too much. I know this response is a day after your post, so I do hope that he is feeling bett...

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Potty training child on Miralax

I'm just desperate to get in touch with other parents who have already gone through this or are currently. My daughter out of nowhere became constipated at 7 mths old. Testing, specialist appts., naturopaths, diet after diet and our new norm has been Miralax for almost 2 years. Half a cap every day has been her latest dose for regularity. She will soon be 4 next month and still wears diapers, because she poos in her underwear, pull up, and diaper. What she wears doesn't matter. She has 6-8 mths ago successfully and willingly without my knowledge gone to the toilet and successfully had a number 2. We've just had regression honestly since summer 2017. It is so hard to pinpoint the exact reason she refuses to number 2 on the toilet. I think it's a combination of being afrai...

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I Am A Satisfied User Or Miralax Been Taking It Over 2 Years Daily To Overcome Constipation Take With Milk In The And My Drinking Glass Become

I Am A Satisfied User Of Miralax, Been Taking It Over 2 Years Daily To Overcome Constipation. I take it With Milk In The am And My Drinking Glass Becomes coated with a white film that does not come off in the dishwasher. What can we add to the dishwater to remove the film? ## Glad to hear that Miralax is working well for you! As far as your glass goes, why don't you just try washing it by hand with some heavy duty soap and a scrub brush? Often times dishwashers aren't nearly as good as the scrubbing we can do with our hands as it is. However, if the stains from Miralax seem unavoidable, I'd simply recommend using a cheaper glass or cup that you don't care quite as much about. Has anyone else had this problem before? ## I noticed the same thing about Miralax glasses and t...

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Miralax & Heartburn

Hi, I have been taking Miralax for 4 years and never had a stomach problem. I eat the same thing pretty much everyday because I am a diabetic, and have not taken any new meds. The last few days though immediately after taking 2 tsp's with 10oz of water as usual, at the usual time in small sips, I got heart burn. Last week I chugged the whole 10oz down as usual and in the pit of my stomach I had very bad cramping, so when I started sipping it down I did not get cramping, but got the bad heartburn. ## It is possible for almost anything to cause heartburn. Other side effects may include nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, according to FDA reports. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications? ## Hi, thanks for the reply. Well, I tried chugging d...

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Miralax - pre mixing

I read somewhere that I could pre mix Miralax in the morning for Colonoscopy prep day and leave the mixture in the fridge all day so I didn't have to take time to mix when I get home from work. So I did, then I had to reschedule my procedure before I got home from work for 3 days later. Would the mixture still be good? Or do I need to buy more? ## As per the manufacturer's instructions - "Do not mix the MiraLAX earlier than the morning before your procedure." They don't go on to mention any particular reason why (which I find odd - and perhaps that information should be questioned), but for now it sounds like your best bet would be to start fresh and then follow protocol again. Additional feedback from other patients on how to prepare for the colonoscopy can also be ...

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can miralax or suboxone cause false positives for marijuiana urine drug tests

my friend just had to be drug tested for court & the urine test came back positive for THC. he does NOT smoke, so it HAS to be a false reading. the only medications he takes are suboxone (prescribed by his doctor) & miralax .. could either of these medications cause a false positive for THC in a urine test? ## If he tested positive for THC there's something he's not telling you. THC is a natural chemical and is not likely to be simulated from medicine ## I Went to The Dr. Today Just to Pick Up My Script For Percocets.. He Had An Order For Me To Go Down To The Lab For a 12 Panel Drug Screen.. Earlier In The Month I Passed 2 Kidney Stones & Had To Take More Percs Than Prescribed & Ran Out 6 Days Ago.. I Know That The Test Isn't Going to Show Any Percs In My Sys...

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Constipation and diarrhea

In my experience as nurse, I have seen many patients who were constipated and/or had diarrhea for quite a while. There are natural things that work to help. First, learn about the bowels. Did you know the colon is like another brain and keeps so many things in balance in the body? It makes serotonin...the neurotransmitter/hormone that makes you happy. When food leaves your stomach, it enters your small intestine which can be 40 feet long. While there, your pancreas secretes three enzymes to break your food down (fun fact). Have you ever seen someone vomit stool? I have. So that means the 6 to 8 feet of their colon and their long small intestine were all most likely blocked up. People can carry 40 pounds plus of stool in their intestines. Not good. Now, at the large intestine, the colon,...

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Prune juice for constipation

Hi. I've been trying to have a regular bowel movement for the past few days and I've not been able to. On Friday (5/19/17) I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't take the pain of my stomach. So since Thursday I've been having problems using the restroom and they had me take a magnesium laxative and I did and I was stuck in the restroom for an hour and it stopped for a bit and had to go again the same day; so a couple of times and I was really in pain :( Sunday early morning around 5am I had to go to the hospital again so idk what's going on. On Tuesday 5/23/17 around 8ish my boyfriend and I stopped at the store to buy prune juice because I heard that it helps for your constipation. I took a glass of 80z and I didn't know how long it takes to adjust so I t...

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Mono Linyah bleeding & constipation

After starting Mono Linyah I spot each month the week before my period. Usually only 3 days. The past 2 months I start spotting the week before my period until my period starts. And I have constipation each month up to a week, using Miralax & fleet enemas is the only thing that gets me regular. Is this related to the hormones? Also, where do these hormones come from? Man made? Plant based? Animal based? ## Hello, Sierra! How are you? Both of those issues have been reported as possible side effects of oral contraceptives by the FDA. You may also experience dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms. Have you informed your doctor? It might be that this just isn't the right one for you to take and you may need to try a different oral contraceptive. ## Thank you. I do have an appoint...

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power miralax expired 11 15 will it still be effective

Will marry lacks that expired 1115 still be effective is the individual seal powder type ## Hi Carol, From what I could gather, there are no official statements from the manufacturer concerning the expected shelf life of MiraLax. However in many cases I've investigated, the listed expiration date on medications of many types are not necessarily an accurate representation of a product's resilience to degradation overtime. Therefore I'd recommend contacting the makers of MiraLax (at 1-800-647-2529) to see if they can provide more specific details. This topic is also being discussed in the following thread here (though I'd imagine that its efficacy may also depend upon storage conditions): Discuss/can-you-use-miralax-after-the-expiration-date-254916.htm I hope this helps! #...

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my three year old is constipation

Ive been giving my son Miralax, and he went to the bathroom one time but won't go on his own. ## ashley he needs lots of water. if you only give him fiber and not enough water it sets up like concrete in your gut and not only can you not poop but when you do it is very painful, because theres not enough moisture and the poop is dry and hard.poor little guy. there are also glycerine suppositories for children,give him warm prune juice. if he doesnt like the prune juice mix it with apple juice, and i mean real juice. and lots of it. it has to be warm. no cheese this is very constipating. just a few tips hope it helps ## So dont put the prune juice in the fridge at all ?? Ive ben giving him mirlax n it seem to work but he jus want go on his own ## My son jus ate salad n i got apple jui...

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MiraLax Bowel Prep Not Working

My son was told by his GI doctor to do a clean out due to constipation & drank the whole prep 8 hrs ago & nothing has happened at all. Should I be concerned? ## I think it would be best to consult his doctor, he may be dealing with some type of instruction, if this medication didn't help. It usually doesn't take that long to work, and the FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, cramps, gas, and diarrhea. Has there been any change?

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