Mono Linyah Bleeding & Constipation

Sierra Says:

After starting Mono Linyah I spot each month the week before my period. Usually only 3 days. The past 2 months I start spotting the week before my period until my period starts. And I have constipation each month up to a week, using Miralax & fleet enemas is the only thing that gets me regular. Is this related to the hormones? Also, where do these hormones come from? Man made? Plant based? Animal based?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sierra! How are you?

Both of those issues have been reported as possible side effects of oral contraceptives by the FDA. You may also experience dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms.

Have you informed your doctor? It might be that this just isn't the right one for you to take and you may need to try a different oral contraceptive.

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Sierra Says:

Thank you. I do have an appointment next month. I started taking Oral pills years ago because they helped regulate my periods and my bowels...
Can you answer what type of hormones Mono Linyay are made from? Plant, chemical, or animal? As I get older I've started having allergies. It's possible whatever these hormones are made from could be my issue.

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Rokeisha Says:

When did you start to get your period?? How long after using Mono-linyah did it started in just started to take this birth control and I'm on the white pills on my second one and I haven't started a period yet just trying to find out a little bit more information about it, like when am I supposed to start my period? When do you usually get your period on this birth control? How long does it take for you to start getting your period?

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Jaimie Says:

I've been on the Mono-linyah pill for 6 weeks and missed only one pill and took it the next day. The day after that I started bleeding like a period with really bad cramps and it's been 5 days. I've been taking my pills on time. I was just wondering how long does this bleeding last for?

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