Linzess And Strange Dreams

Kris Says:

Has anyone had any realistic, but odd dreams upon just drifting off to sleep? I just started the 290mcg. Took it 2 days in the AM...nothing, just more bloating but it did help some with the pain. However after reading up some, and considering my work schedule, I thought I should switch to a bedtime dose. WELL...Its working now! But thats ok! I think most of us agree after suffering with being back up for years, hey, whats a lil diarrhea. Problem is, I awoke...well tried to..from a most horrific dream, right upon drifting off. Im usually not a vivid dreamer. Anyone else have this AT ALL?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kris! How are you?

Yes, others have reported having this happen, while taking Linzess and it's actually fairly common with most medications, since they often have a direct effect on brain chemicals.

If the dreams continue and start disrupting your sleep, you should consult your physician, they may have some solution that could help, such as taking it several hours before bed, rather than right at bedtime.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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chini Says:

Yes I have and they are creepy. I am stopping using it, because it really hasn't helped my constipation very much anyway.

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chini Says:

I take quite a few pills and I do not have the dreams with those pills. Atenolol, plavix, levothyroxine, amitriptilyne, zetia, tricor. I did have it happen with a very strong cortisone cream once. I don't remember the name, but it was one they don't give it out very often. I stopped using that too when the horrible dreams came.

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Tamara Says:

Yes, I'm having HORRIBLE, vivid nightmares since using Linzess. When I finally get back to sleep they start right where they left off when I was scared awake, the other night it started where it left off four times. I quit taking it today to see if that is why I'm gaming the nightmare.
My gastroenterologist told me it works best if you take it in the morning, wait 30 to 60 minutes then eat. It seems to work better that way than taking it at night for me.

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Elizabeth Says:

I'm having the same issue. My disease has been reduced from 145mcg in the morning to 72mcg which I take at night. I take it at night so that if I'm going to have diarrhea, it should be before I need to leave the house; but now I have some strange dreams. I've been the type to sleep without feeling that I had any dream, but now I have strange dreams. They seem quite realistic though they're strange ( not related to anything I think I'd do in real life). I'm at the crossroads of finally having a medication that's helping the issue but accepting the strange and weird deals.

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Ad Says:

Since I have been taking Linzess I have been having horrifying dreams mostly about death or people that have passed away it feels so real that they are back

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