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clear capsule marked g650 with tan powder inside

Oblong (Clear Capsule) Tan/beige powder G650 imprint only; no other markings ## I found it. It is a dietary fiber supplement sold by CVS and ...? for regularity ## Greetings, To add to what was previously stated the results I found stated that the pill is a fiber/laxative and is sold over the counter. Here is some additional information that I was able to source from the NIH. PRODUCT CODE 53041-650 IMPRINT: G650 INGREDIENTS PSYLLIUM HUSK 0.52 g INACTIVE INGREDIENTS CARAMEL GELATIN POLYSORBATE 80 SHELLAC BROWN IRON OXIDE LABEL AUTHOR Guardian Drug Company COLOR BROWN SIZE 20mm SHAPE CAPSULE I hope this information helps.

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blue diet pills

Looking for a dark blue capsule with MLW written on it. You take this diet pill only once a day. ## Hi Nancy, I think I may have found a possible match to your description. From what I could gather, a blue "softgel" marked with MLW is identified as a Maxiloss Slimming pill; made in China. The product label states that they are Herbal Diet Pills containing extracts from the following herbs: XianXian Cao Jobstears Artemisia Dracunculus Psyllium Husk Bamboo Shoot Lotus Leaf. The description even lists a Model Number (KZ-MZT012) that may be helpful for verifying additional product information. Lastly, I also wanted to add that the recommended dosing guidelines for this pill are shown as, 1 capsule (taken once daily) 30 minutes before or after breakfast. Hope this info helps to answe...

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Prunes and raisins are good for constipation.

Alicianna - Eat a bunch though. Also take Fiber pills. ## Hi Mikki, Prunes and raisins are excellent choices for constipation. However there are a multitude of other food options and natural supplements that may prove to be just as good or better, for the reluctant prune eater. Posted below are just a few other approaches I found for relieving constipation: Psyllium Barley/Oatmeal Beans Raw Fruits or Veggies (loaded with digestive enzymes) Raw Honey (also has powerful digestive enzymes in it's raw form) Apple Cider Vinegar Exercising regularly Probiotics (supplement) Digestive Enzymes (supplement) NOTE: Bitter-tasting foods also help stimulate the digestive tract I hope this info helps! Does anyone else have more items to add to the list?

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Laxmi Sat Isabgol Psyllium Husk

Beneift of Psyllium husk (SAT ISABGOL) Psyllium may help with weight loss control. Also see an effective appetite suppressant called Diet Rx with no side effects. Psyllium is a wonderful bulking fiber for constipation. Another benefit of psyllium husk is that it reduces fecal incontinence. Psyllium helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels. In 1998, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the use of a health claim in the labeling of foods and dietary supplements containing psyllium husk. The health claim states that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include soluble fiber per day from psyllium may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Psyllium may help maintain healthy blood pressure. Psyllium added to a traditional diet for pers...

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G651 white capsule

Contacted by local sheriff to help ID the medication. It is a white capsule with beige stripe on parting seam, was found at a crime scene. ## G651: white capsule, beige band aorund middle, black imprint G651: This may well be Rite Aid brand Natural Psyllium Fiber Laxative Plus Calcium. If so, the only directly lethal effect apparent--according to label-- might be from Choking: Taking this product without adequate amount of liquid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause choking. It can also cause allergic reactions in some, and may interfere with how some other meds work, especially if taken less than 2 hours before or after time of those meds--again according to the label.

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