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Gentilax Tablets

IM LOOKING FOR THIS LAXITIVE CALLED GENTILAX IN IRVING TEXAS I KNOW ITS FROM MEXICO BUT I'M ASSUMING IT'S HERE TOO. ## Actually, it isn't regularly available here in the U.S. anymore. Gentilax contains the active ingredient Phenolphthalein and it is being removed from the market in over the counter products due to the fact that it has been found to be carcinogenic. Learn more Phenolphthalein details here. However, there are many available that are safer to use and really, the best one of all is just to increase your fiber intake, via your diet or the use of supplements. What others have you tried? ## Trying to locate a store in San Diego California that sells this laxative as it is the only laxative that I find work for my situation. ## Theres a store by my house here in Chi...

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Gentilax Laxative

can i take gentilax if im pregnant for consipation? ## Hi miriam, According to a clinical trial posted on PubMed, "phenolphthalein treatment in pregnant women associates with a higher risk for Hirschsprung's disease in their children, but this finding is only a signal which needs confirmation or rejection in other studies." NOTE: this drug is labeled under Pregnancy "Category C" meaning - Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks. With all that said, I would probably consider some (natural) dietary options for treating constipation as opposed to any prescription medications. Just to p...

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when to take gentilax

Can I take gentilax in the morning? ## Hi Maria, From what I could gather, Gentilax contains the active ingredient Phenolphthalein. Apparently there is no specified time frame that one should be taking this medication. So it sounds like you can just use it as needed. A recommended oral dose is 1 to 2 tablets, however its effects are said to be cumulative by increasing or decreasing the amount you take. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Phenolphthalein Details I hope this helps! ## Maria: The active ingredient of Gentilax is phenolphthalein. It usually produces a bowel movement in 6 to 8 hours. So if you were to take a dosage at say, for example, 8 am in the morning you could be having a bowel movement as soon as 2 pm or more likely around 4 pm in the afternoon. ## I tak...

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Can Gentilax cause cancer?

Hello lovely people! Can Gentilax cause cancer? Ive been taken these lax every night for the past 4 yrs. Never had an issue with them, they work amazing. But am scared that in the future it can hurt me in some way. Like cologne cancer or mess up my intestines. ## No, it cannot cause cancer. Phenolphthalein has been used in laxatives for over 100 years without problems. See this: Quote from the article: "phenolphthalein was used as a laxative ingredient for more than 100 years with absolutely no indication of increased cancer risk among users." ## Today I went to my doctor and he told me it has an ingredient that’s causes cancer that’s why I was searching to see if I had any info on this. Because I love that pill...

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Unknown poison pill

A friend took a pill from a guy and he said it was a "painkiller". The pill was white with numbers on it and when she put it in her mouth and it touched her saliva, it turned red. She threw the rest in the toilet and they also turned red when they touched the water... Later on that day she fainted and was sent to the hospital where they made her puke most of it out but still not sure if it's out of her bloodstream..does anyone know what it might be??? ## Dear Katherine, Sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. I suppose there's no way of knowing for sure what it is without a chemical analysis of some sort. There may also be no way of knowing if this chemical is what caused her to fall ill or if it was something else in the tablet's composition. However, my r...

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Pill for constipation

I have a tiny odd green color tablet, one side has a half mark and the other side has the letters SENTILAX on it. I was given this at a mexico pharmacy for constipation. ## Did you perhaps mean to say "Gentilax" as opposed to Sentilax? Gentilax is a laxative drug manufactured in Mexico; used to treat constipation. It is said to contain 60mgs of Phenolphthalein; a homeopathic agent. The oral recommended dose is one to two laxative tablets, but its capacity is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount. I hope this information helps! ## Gentilax is definitely a laxative tablet. It does indeed have a line on the back of it that you can use to cut the tablet in half. This is useful if you need to take a dosage of a tablet and a half of it instead of two tablets.

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Y-Lax (Phenolphthalein) Drug Information

I want to know if Y-Lax produced by Bakson has any side effects? How long can it be taken? Does it become addictive for people above 70 yrs of age? ## Although most homeopathic preparations tend to have little to no side effects, I did find info stating that "the symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Phenolphthalein are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated symptomatically, these include Abdominal cramps, Skin RashX, Eruptions, Colic, Erythema multiforme, Epidermal necrolysis." "The signs and symptoms that are produced after the acute overdosage of Phenolphthalein include Diarrhea, Pulmonary edema, Hypoglycemia, Pancreatitis." Regarding your concerns about addiction, this is not an addictive medication. Also, due to the nature of this ...

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PURCHASE ## Where can I buy this drug for constipation? ## Sorry, this site does not sell drugs here, this is an information only site. ## bought gentilax but now i'm scared to take it. side effects? ## I need to buy Gentilax please tell me how I can order ## very constipated ## Buy them in mexico. ## where can I buy gentilax it really helps ## only in mexico? ## hispanic flea markets. "REMEDIOS" ## Hello,This reply may be a bit late.I purchased Gentilax Phenolphthalein tablets online,without a doctors prescription,from Farmacia del Nino Mexico,a few weeks ago,$6.37 for 50 tablets postage $15 to my address in the UK.This highly effective laxative can be bought in the UK,US and Canada presciption only. best regards david n. ## Where can I find or order Gentilax? ## I've s...

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gentilax laxative recently taking it

I take gentilax recently but I'm scared of reading all this reviews about the carcinogenic effect that this homeopathic pill has. Can someone explain me a little bit more of this? should i still take it? BEST ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE. ## Replying to lopes isabel: In the 1990's scientists overdosed laboratory rats giving them dosages of phenolphthalein hundreds and thousands of times higher than what a human would normally take. In my opinion, this slanted the findings of their tests. Just look in the past times that since phenolphthalein was first used as a laxative in 1906, millions upon millions of people have taken it over the years and they've been perfectly fine. I've had many friends and family members who used phenolpthalein laxatives regularly back in the days when i...

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