Cascara Sagrada

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Frangula purshiana (cascara, cascara buckthorn, cascara sagrada, bearberry, and in the Chinook Jargon, chittem stick and chitticum stick; syn. Rhamnus purshiana) is a species of plant in the family Rhamnaceae. It is native to western North America from southern British Columbia south to central California, and eastward to northwestern Montana. The dried bark of cascara was used as a laxative in folk medicine by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Contents 1 Description 2 Range ...

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white capsule ,small ## Alguien sabe algo de estas pastillas que tienen Metiletanoamina? Son para bajar de peso, super efectivas, pero quisiera saber los efectos secundarios y por que son tan buenas? ## I have been taking Metiletanoamina with another pill that consists of Furosemida,Acido Ascorbico,Sene,Cascara Sagrada,Boldo Do Chile, Fluoxetina,Cloreto Potassio, Hidroxido de Aluminio,Metaminodiazepoxido. I have been purchasing these bottles from a lady and lost her phone number. They work wonders!! I had sooo much enery & lost 20lbs in 2 months. I want more! How can I receive them? ## I would like to try Metiletanoamina and lose 20 lbs in 2 months. Please let me know how to get them? ## Sorry, this site does not sell drugs here, we are information only site. If you have a weight pr...


long brown capsule that you take with the white capsule furosemida 10mg, acido ascorbico 10mg, sene 120mg, cascara sagrada 178mg ,boldo de chile 12mg, ## Metaminod is taken with a white capsule but what is the name of this capsule containing:furosemida 10mg, acido ascorbico 10mg, sene 120mg, cascara sagrada 178mg ,boldo de chile 12mg, ## Sorry, it is obviously not something from the US, so I have no idea what it is, or what it does.


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Cascara Sagrada
  • Liquid: 100%, 100g, 50mg/15ml
  • Tablet: 150mg, 325mg
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