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Over the counter Medicine help to get motions

Hi, Am 53 years old Merry weighted 80KG. lives in US. Am a diabetic Type-II patient. I do not have regular stool outs some time it takes 3 to 5 days to get it out(but very little). So, Please suggest me over the counter medicine to get stool out regularly. Thanks in advance, Merry. ## Hello, Merry! How are you doing? Are you on any medications for your diabetes? What types of foods do you eat and how much liquid do you take in each day? Have you consulted you doctor? Before resorting to a medication, it is best to have this checked out and discover what's causing it. As solution may be as simple as adding more fiber to our diet or more liquids. ## Hello Verwon, Thanks for asking. Am taking Diabetic medication "Glycinorm M-80" twice daily. I take Rice, Wheat and curries and 2...

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Orange Capsule found

I have just found a pale orange capsule. It looks as if some of the lettering has either faded or worn away. What I can make out the letters are MUC. On the other side is 376. The capsule has white powder in it. Really worried as I've checked our medicine box and nothing like it is in there. Please help. Many thanks ## Is it possible one of the Metamucil products, which are used as fiber supplements, or to remedy constipation? Learn more dietary fiber details here. They do have some capsules that resemble this on the market. ## What kind of capsule is orange with chinese writhing on it

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fc 119 capsule

it is a clear capsule with fc 119 in green ## I had a friend who visited and she dropped a capsul out of her jacket that was yellowish with green writing FC119 on it... I'm interested in knowing what it is... ## This is just an over the counter fiber supplement, a generic or store brand of Metamucil. Learn more Metamucil details here. Fiber is essential to our health and aids in having regular, normal bowel movements. Are there any questions or comments?

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Metamucil Singles manufacture

It is obvious that Metamucil has stopped producing the sugar free Singles Packets, it is sold out world wide and hasn't been made in 9 months, but they still promote it. They also say a legal - marketing statement about it that never changes. Why won't they say it is not being made? Was there something wrong with the product? ## I really don't know anything about it, since it isn't a prescription product. That means they aren't required to report anything on it to the FDA, such as if they decide to stop manufacturing it or etc. Have you tried contacting the company to ask? There is a website with a contact form at Learn more Metamucil details here.

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Fc 119 is generic metamucil

generic metamucil capsules ## Just to confirm, the capsule in description marked FC 119 is identified as generic Psyllium Fiber (0.52 g); which is an OTC dietary supplement used primarily as a laxative. You can view a photo of the pill by running a google images search for "pill fc119". Learn More: Psyllium Details I hope this helps!

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white capsule marked rp128

trying to ID white capsule with a brown band around the middle marked RP128. Anyone know what drug this is? ## White capsule marked RP 128 with a brown band around the middle. I think it is probably Metamucil ## I found the same pill in a container of Fiber Tabs. I googled and found it to be Psyllium fiber, Calcium Carbonate. It is a dietary supplement, laxative that can be bought OTC

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