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The human eye is a sensory organ, part of the sensory nervous system, that reacts to visible light and allows humans to use visual information for various purposes including seeing things, keeping balance, and maintaining circadian rhythm. The eye can be considered as a living optical device. It is approximately spherical in shape, with its outer layers, such as the outermost, white part of the eye (the sclera) and one of its inner layers (the pigmented choroid) keeping the eye essentially li...

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Choroidal Rupture Information

I would like to know more information about a choroidal rupture as well as any protocols for its treatment and recovery.

Hypotears Discontinuation

The first hypothesis is that Hypotears was so good that the medical establishment forced somehow retailers and the pharmaceutical company to discontinue the product, and the second hypothesis is that the cost to make Hypo is so outrageous that the public won't be able to afford it out of their pocket. ## I have been buying HypoTears over the internet for awhile. Suddenly the price has quadrupled, leading me to conclude that it has been discontinued. How can I find out for sure? ## Hey guys, I just wanted to post an update to those of you who may be looking for HypoTears on the internet. Apparently some retailers do still carry it. Not sure what the original price tag was before it skyrocketed, but what I'm seeing are 1oz packages of HydroTears for $24.99 and $59.96 from two diff...

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I was born without eyebrows. Would Latisse (eyelash extender) help grow hair there? ## I do not know about Latisse, but I do know about Revitalash and it helped fill in my lashes/brows. I would think it would work for your brows as well. Not to mention, it is guarenteed so if it doesn't you can return it...FYI ## Do you have any hair in that area, or just smooth skin? Whether or not anything will help is going to depend on whether or not you have the capability to grow eyebrows. Latisse is only approved to help with eye lashes, so I am not sure if it would do anything for hair in other areas. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including itchy eyes, dry eyes, eye irritation, and eye redness. Ref: Latisse Information ## I'm not a doctor but it doesn't sound lik...

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Eye issues and questions. Warning, long post

Hi everyone, This is my first post. It's going to be a long because I want to provide as much info as possible. Warning this one is long. My name is "Bob", Age mid 30's, Black American, 6'5", 350lbs-370lbs, my current blood pressure readings is 133/75 with 81 BPM. I currently take Amlodipine/Valsartan 10-160mg (sometimes 5-160mg). I also have a prior bilateral viral conjunctivitis in 2019. On the week of 6/17 to 6/23 my vision in both eyes started to become slightly blurry while eating an apple pie in my car. When I stopped, my vision would return to normal, but when I would eat something sweet again, my vision would go slightly blurry again so I assumed this vision problem was pre diabetic in nature and would go away if I worked out and reduced sugars and bad fo...

Side effects from Simbrinza.

Does anyone using these eyedrops feel like a zombie? I am lethargic, lightheaded, and so tired. Has anyone experienced these symptoms? Thanks. ## My consultant for ease of use moved me from Brinzolomide and Brinmodine (same as Simbrinza only in separate bottles) in October 2015, in January 2016 I noticed a stinging sensation in the corner of bottom eyelid. The severity increased for 3 months and caused severe scabbing along lower eyelid along with stinging and redness to skin around the eye, it is now July 2016 this has now spread to the other eye. Although the pressurers have decreased considerably, the stinging/redness is now becoming an issue of importance, so I may have to consider another eye drop. ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Those can be side effects of this medication, as reporte...

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Glucoma Drugs

i have been diagnosed with glaucoma and have had reactions to all the drops prescribed so far. Is this common? ## I am curious as to what type of reaction you had. My mother in law had a very strange reaction or episode to some drops for glaucoma. She got extreme pain in her eyes, soreness on her lids. Extreme headache. She was in distress but as of this date, we have no answers. Stopped the drops of course, no answers as to whether this drop could have caused all this. Her vision is so blurry, which is another reaction. Dr. sending for MRI of brain. Pain is not in Occipital lobe of her head. Do not understand.. ## What drops did you try, and what type of reactions did you have? Most of them can cause side effects, such as eye irritation, burning, blurry vision, and headache, which is c...

Lasik Surgery

Hi, I've been thinking about lasik for a long because I hate my contacts and don't want to wear them all the time. I visited a local treatment centre, and they informed me that I am a suitable candidate for Lasik eye surgery. In any case, I'm willing to undergo whatever operation to get rid of my spectacles; they're causing me a lot of frustration right now. Since I was a child, I've worn glasses. I only recently learned about these refractive operations. I also wish I had known about it earlier. What are your thoughts on Lasik? Thanks ## I had laser surgery twice, once for a torn retina and the second time for high pressure in my same eye. I now suffer from very bad dry eye syndrome to the point that I’m now being treated for it with moderate success. I was ne...

Rumoquin and Glaucoma

Is it okay to take Rumiqoun N.F. If you have glaucoma? ## Rumoquin NF contains Dexamethasone, Methocarbamol, and Pheylbutazone. The Dexamethasone is a steroid class medication, and it has been known to cause glaucoma in some people, since one of its side effects is increased ocular pressure, according to FDA reports. However, it can be taken by someone with glaucoma, if their doctor approves, and is monitoring them regularly, in which case the lowest possible effective dose should be used. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, sedation, mood changes, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Eye drops start with letter P

I saw an ad on TV for eye drops and don’t remember the name but it starts with the letter P. Does anyone know the full name? ## Hi George, check the list of drugs on the Vision / Eye Health category page (you have to scroll down a bit and then do to the letter P). Are any of those the drug that you were prescribed?

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Eye drops start with letter L

A steroid eye drop prescribed by my Dr. The pharmacy said it would cost 300 dollars as part of my copay. ## Hi Debbie - check the list of drugs on the Vision / Eye Health category page (you have to scroll down a bit and then do to the letter L). Are any of those the drug that you were prescribed?

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