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Xalatan and tooth decay

In the last six months i have been suffering with dry mouth. Bloodtests show nothing abnormal. At my last dentist visit lots of decay and i need extensive work. Second opinion agrees. The only med i have used long term about 15 yrs is XALATAN for Glaucoma. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced same. Also the generic that im forced to use by my crappy insurance comes via Puerto Rico which some areas still dont have power from last years hurricane. Xalatan or LATANAPROST is temperature sensitive. COINCIDENCE? ## The FDA doesn't report this medication as being known to cause that as a side effect. Most of its common ones are ocular, and may include increased iris pigmentation, blurred vision, itching, and redness. The dental issues may just be due to the dry mouth. What o...

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Inherent wide angle glaucoma at age 50

My (inherent) wide-angle glaucoma was diagnosed by a kind man, my Optician. His body language guarded, he searched for someone along with me, to break bad news, noting irreversible damage. I'd rapidly lost by failure to account for 30% of my adult vision. Being without all/any treatment for the Glaucoma for about twenty agonizing months. Indicating that I begin using Xalatan "one drop in each eye before bed daily." Adding "If I used more drops that it would not help my situation." I believe I disagree yet without power to convince. Factually; for whatever reason, I DO enjoy relief from pain, headache, visible swelling, (iop?) when that prescribed amount is readministered 8 or 12 hours again later (BID). I experienced marked relief; well, what and why the discussion? ...

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Xalatan Causes Hair Growth ?

Here is an interesting story. Obviously I cannot validate it too much but wanted to throw this information out there and see if anybody else has heard of it. Basically about 6 years ago an Asian coworker friend of mine was mentioning that some of her friends had gotten prescriptions for Xalatan in order to grow facial hair. I came to learn that Xalatan is primarily used to treat the eyes, not cause hair growth! The reason I mentioned that she was Asian is because she explained that many Asian men do not grow thick facial hair. But after applying Xalatan to their faces, after some time, their facial hair supposedly came in thicker. Very interesting, I thought to myself. Then I went ahead and was reading some of Xalatan's side effects. Listed are: - May permanently darken eyelashes - ...

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