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Nevanac 0.1%

eve drops ## Are there any coupons to reduce my cost of Nevanac? I have been taking it for 15 months to reduce the inflamation in both eyes after Catarac surgery. I use one bottle every 20 days with drops placed in each eye three times a day. My currint cost after Medicare is $74 per bottle. ## my husband has had cataract eye surgery then in 2 weeks will have surgery on the other eye which will mean another bottle of NEVANAC. The dosage is one drop three times a day for 3 weeks He is 79 and money is scarce. We also have to buy two other drops again for the second eye. We would appreciate any help you could give us in the form of rebate or coupon for the next bottle ## The manufacturer Novartis does have a patient assistance program that might be able to help. To see what drugs are cover...

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nevanac eye drop coupons and vigamox coupons

I would like s discount because my prescriptions are over $500 ## Hello, Scooter! How are you? There is an assistance program for Nevanac, though I don't know what the qualifications are, but you can call them for more information at 800-222-8103. You can use the same number for information on Vigamox. Since they are manufactured by the same company. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including eye irritation, tearing and redness. Is there anything else I can help with?

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couponor co-pay assistance for nevanac

I have been on Nevanac for over a year. My co-pay, although high 70.00 was doable. Toady I went to pick up my meds only to find my copay, with Blue Cross is now 296.00 which I cannot afford. Could you please send me any coupons or co-pay assistance programs or I will be forced to either use a more reasonably proced product OR go off of the meds completely. I have a macular pucker/epi retinal membrane. Thank you. BTW: my normal copay for other medications is 5.00 to 10.00 with Blue Cross. ## Hi Sharyn, How are you? Just wanted to let you know that MedsChat also offers a free Rx Savings Card that can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies across the US. It reportedly helps you save anywhere from 15-75% off your prescription. You can view/print more details in the link below: Rx Savings Card So...

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Nevanac Eye Drops

I sent my form mid Sept. 2013 was approved on Oct 1 2013 then I recieved notice Oct,15 I would recieve my rebate within 4to6 weeks well none came called Alcon the run around and was told expect rebate in 4 weeks they were overloaded with requests called and e-mailed again Dec. 15 still geting run around sent e-mail and tried to chat and call but the number is no longer in service and have not rec`d e-mail or call from them, I think this is one big SCAM. I am calling my Attorny General`s office and suggest all of you do the same. the $40.00 will not break me but I understand some of you it can be devastating when all you get back is BS. Notify you Dr. also and the Phamacy it can only help. Good luck Bob W/

Nevanac Rebate Misrepresented

Dr prescribed Nevanac for post cataract operation. Was given the mail in rebate form, which I submitted for the two bottle which I purchased through Walgreens at $75 each. Submitted both receipts with the mail in rebate form and received reimbursement on only one bottle $75 less $40 patient responsibility- received a ck for $35, Have tried calling the rebate # but no live person available to talk to. looks like lots of individuals were treated in the same manner Their agreement on the rebate form is "you will received a rebate check worth your out of pocket cost that exceeds $40" Offer valid for up to 4 bottles. by my calculations I should have a check for $110 NOT $35 Any advice as to how to claim what is rightfully mine from this manufacturer?

Rebate Check From Nevanac

Sent in form and received 2 checks in return supposed to be for 40 $ for $ .00.01 error I am sure. Check 024797# 024796# Nat'l Bank of Coleraine, Mn. ## Hi Richard - thank you for writing in. Please note that we are not affiliated with the manufacturer of Nevanac, and we do not sell or distribute any products. With that said, have you tried to contact Alcon Pharmaceuticals directly? (they manufacture this product) Or were you supposed to receive a rebate from a different company? Please double check. Here is Alcon's contact page: Contact Alcon We hope this helps and wish you good health! ## On Dec. 2, 2012 I sent in my receipt in the amount of $92.00 for Nevanac that I purchased at Walmart in Torrington, Ct. This was paid out of pocket at the time and I never did re...

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nevanac rebate

I have had to buy two bottles of Nevanac with two different prescriptions at an out-of-pocket cost to me of $20 for the two. I can't find anywhere on your rebate coupon if the rebate only pertains to one prescription. Please let me know if I qualify for the rebate by combining the two. The total cost per bottle that I have to pay is $30.00 Thank you in advance for the information. ## Hi, Ann! How are you? This website does not manufacture any medications, nor is it affiliated with any manufacturer, it is an information only website. Alcon Pharmaceuticals manufactures Nevanac, so I'd suggest contacting them with your question, you can call them toll free at 800-862-5266. Learn more Nevanac details here. Are there any other questions or concerns?

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nevanac coupon

nevanac coupon ## I just started using Nevanac eyedrops along with another eyedrop for a prblem in my left eye which has had 4 surgeries (and is now permanently dilated) - I am on Medicare - but the cost of this medicine was $85.00. This is money which I really cannot afford to spend so the pharmacy suggested I check for a coupon to lower the price. Please help me. ## I was prescribed this and another eye drop to clear hopefully clear up a problem that I now have in my left eye which has already had 4 surgeries for macular degeneration and is now blurry (with both a contact lens and a contact for vision) and is also permanently dilated. The prescription has 3 refills on it....and at $85 a bottle I am really worried. I had to charge the first bottle because I need to have it to save the ...

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Coupon For Nevanac

need a coupon for nevanac for walmart or walgreens ## The manufacturer has an assistance program for Nevanac, for patients that don't have prescription coverage. You can contact them to apply by calling 800-222-8103 Can you please post back and let us know if you get approved? ## I just had cataract surgery and am taking nevanac. I understand you have a rebate program. As I paid a great deal for this drug may I please have a rebate form. I live at 4460 Grafton Av N,Oakdale MN 55128.

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is there any printable coupons for nevanac vigamox

Nevanac 0.1% and Vigamox 0.5% ## WOULD LIKE A COUPON TO HELP PAY FOR VIGAMOX ## coupon for Vigamox ## where do I find a printable coupon for Nevanac & Vigamox eye drops -- one that has a specific $ amount? ## I am having cataract surgery and have two scripts for Vigamox and Nevanac I will be using for weeks and weeks. My drug copay on each is $100 for each prescription. Are there coupons that will help lower my copay? ## please... need coupon for vigamox

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Nevanac Eye Drop Coupons

my prescription medical policy will not cover any of the cost of Nevanac, is there a substitute available that is cheaper? I am on Medicare,also. Thank you. ## Are there a coupons for Nevanac and Vigamox eye drops? These are very expensive, and I do not have drug coverage. I have had to postpone my cataract surgery until I can afford the medication. Thank you for any help you can send my way. ## I'm using Diclofenac in place of Nevanac... My doctor said it's okay and soo much cheaper. ## The manufacturer or Nevanac, Alcon, does have an assistance program available for people that do not have prescription drug coverage. It is called Alcon Cares and you can contact them for more information and an application at 800-222-8103. They also provide assistance for Vigamox. However, if y...

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Nevanac Coupons

the eye drop is really expensive and i really need it my doctor said that this is the most effective for the condition that i have. so please help ## The manufacturer of Nevanac, Alcon, Inc. does have a patient assistance program that you can apply for to get assistance with this eye medication. You do have to meet certain criteria and I don't have all the details on it, but you can call them at 800-222-8103. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Nevanac red eyes

I was prescribed Nevanac by my doctor after anti allergy medications like Zaditor/Patanol couldn't fully get rid of the redness. Though the first day I used it, my eyes got redder and stayed red for the whole day. My eyes became dry too. That's quite counter-productive, seeing as I was prescribed them in the first place to reduce redness. Anyone have any experience with this medicine? What did you think? Also just wondering, is Nevanac a vasoconstrictor?

How many days are in one bottle taking it 3 times

How many days are in one bottle taking 3 times a day ## 90 ## Actually it depends on how many pills are in the bottle you are talking about, whatever amount your doctor wrote on your prescription, divided by 3. Some insurance plans allow a 90 day supply, some only a 30, so it really depends on how many are in the bottle you have and none of us can guess at that. If you look over the paperwork from your pharmacy from when you got your prescription, it will have a line on there that says Days Supply: and then a number and that will answer your question, or you can just ask your pharmacist if you can't locate the information on your own. I do see that Carol posted a response, but that is not necessarily correct, just because she received a 90day supply at once, doesn't mean everyon...

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