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Vitreomacular adhesion (VMA) is a human medical condition where the vitreous gel (or simply vitreous, AKA vitreous humour) of the human eye adheres to the retina in an abnormally strong manner. As the eye ages, it is common for the vitreous to separate from the retina. But if this separation is not complete, i.e. there is still an adhesion, this can create pulling forces on the retina that may result in subsequent loss or distortion of vision. The adhesion in of itself is not dangerous, but t...

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whats thats alive is in the medicine?

I feel that the movement that is in my eye after the jetrea injection has a live parasite which they didn't tell me. I did hear someone say, I wouldn't say that it was live. ## Hello, Betty! How are you doing? No, there is no parasite or anything in it. However, if you are having an odd sensation in your eye, you should consult your doctor to have it checked out. Are there any other questions or concerns?


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  • Injection: 2.5mg/ml
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