Dexamethasone + Tobramycin

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Tobramycin/dexamethasone, sold under the brand name Tobradex, is a fixed-dose combination medication in the form of eye drops and eye ointment, marketed by Alcon.[1][2][3] The active ingredients are tobramycin (an antibiotic) and dexamethasone (a corticosteroid).[2] It is prescribed for the treatment of pink eye in combination with bacterial infections.[2] Contents 1 Contraindications 2 Side effects 3 Interactio...

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Dexamethasone + Tobramycin
  • Ointment: 0.1% + 0.3%
  • Suspension: 0.1% + 0.3%
  • Suspension/drops: 0.1% + 0.3%
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NDC Database Records for Dexamethasone + Tobramycin: (6 results)

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  • 21695-416 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension/ Drops by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 24208-295 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension/ Drops by Bausch & Lomb Incorporated
  • 52125-536 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension/ Drops by Remedyrepack Inc.
  • 52959-984 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension by H.j. Harkins Company, Inc.
  • 54868-6286 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension/ Drops by Physicians Total Care, Inc.
  • 61314-647 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension by Falcon Pharmaceuticals

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