I was born without eyebrows. Would Latisse (eyelash extender) help grow hair there?

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I do not know about Latisse, but I do know about Revitalash and it helped fill in my lashes/brows. I would think it would work for your brows as well. Not to mention, it is guarenteed so if it doesn't you can return it...FYI

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Do you have any hair in that area, or just smooth skin?

Whether or not anything will help is going to depend on whether or not you have the capability to grow eyebrows.

Latisse is only approved to help with eye lashes, so I am not sure if it would do anything for hair in other areas. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including itchy eyes, dry eyes, eye irritation, and eye redness.

Ref: Latisse Information

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I'm not a doctor but it doesn't sound likely. If you were born without eyebrows you may not have hair follicles there in which case no product would work. There are alternatives such as microblading or even powder brows which give a much softer look. I have very thin brows so I'm thinking of getting the powder brows done as soon as I get the nerve to have tattoos put on my face.

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