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Jetrea Experience

I am 54 years old which I am told is fairly young for this situation. I also had Lasik surgery 10 years ago and my vision was perfect for distance. I was only beginning to need reading glasses. It was very difficult to accept the changes that started occurring in my right eye especially since my vision was so great beforehand. I had surgery (vitrectomy) for a macular hole in Jan of 2014. The surgery was successful but I did develop a cataract very quickly which almost always happens after this surgery. Much to my dismay, the same situation presented in my left eye in Dec of 2014. I knew immediately what was going on so I made an appointment with my surgeon. We decided to try the injection this time since my hole was very small and he figured it was a 50/50 chance in my case. I had the i...

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Success with Jetrea? Side effects subside?

I am scheduled for Jetrea 4/30. I am wondering if your side effects have subsided and would you do it again. ## Hoping to hear from people who used Jetrea to close Macular Hole. I am wondering about lasting side effects. Do you think it was worth it? Did you need to go on to have to have surgery? Any thoughts, opinions and insights on Jetrea are appreciated. ## I have had a successful experience with Jetrea. I have just posted a brief description of my post injection recovery here and have kept a blog. I hope my comments will be of help to you. ## Thank you so much for sharing your story. I read your blog and it was extremely interesting and well done. I think it is interesting that you felt so confident to try Jetrea when you were maybe the first in the country to do so while I am so h...

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Horrible side effects

My daughter had this injection approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago and has had a horrible reaction. It started with severe pain and almost total blindness in the eye. Everything is now dark and distorted.The iris and pupil in her eye are both much smaller now than the other eye. Don't take the risk of having this injection. We don't know yet if this will be permanent. ## Hello, Sandy! How is your daughter doing? I am so sorry about what happened to her. Vision issues and pain are listed as possible side effects of it, according to the FDA. Other side effects may include intraocular pressure, intraocular hemorrhage and retinal edema. Has her doctor checked it, yet? ## How's your daughter? Has her vision improved by the Jetrea inj.?

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No reaction to Jetrea

I had an injection 5 days ago and have not had any reaction. Does this mean that the injection didn't work? ## Hello, Sue! How are you? Not necessarily, it could be that you're just not sensitive to its side effects. I am very sensitive to medications and usually end up experiencing a ton of side effects, but my mother-in-law is the complete opposite and rarely ever experiences any from any medication she tries. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including reduced vision, pain and retinal breaks. Are you still doing well?

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Yellow/dim vision after Jetrea

I had an injection in my left eye 3 weeks ago for symptomatic VMT. I experienced flashes, swirls, clouds and moving shapes constantly for almost one week. The adhesion released and I am currently having yellow tinged vision that is sharp up close, but blurry and dim farther away. My doctor said that it may improve, but patients have told him that their vision is never exactly the same. Has anyone had a similar experience with this yellowing and dim vision, and has it improved. If so, how long did it take? ## Hello, Jean! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you've experienced. Those can be normal side effects of Jetrea, as listed by the FDA, you may also experience floaters, eye pain and dry eye. However, I can't speak on personal experience, as I've never been on i...

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jetrea recovery time

it has been 7 days since my Jetrea injection. Vision is still distorted in left eye. how long should it be before vision clears up. all light shows and floating clouds have been gone for days. never experienced any pain. Impatient for vision to clear up. Yep - to patience!

good success with Jetrea

Three months after a vitrectomy in my left eye for treatment of a macular hole, I developed vitreal traction in my right eye. After much consideration I did agree to the Jetrea inj when vision started to worsen. I had the inj before a macular hole in the right eye developed. After near blindness within 24 hours of the inj and a three day light show, things greatly improved. Five days after the inj the OCT test showed the traction had released. Three months later I have nearly 20/20 vision in the eye. I am very thankful that it worked for me. ## Awesome! I am so glad that it worked for you! Did you experience any of the other side effects that the FDA lists, such as heavy tearing, eye pain and dry eyes? Has Jetrea worked for anyone else? ## No, I did not experience excessive tearing or p...

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Jetrea patient success

I had an IV of Jetrea 1 month ago. I was an 'ideal candidate' as the hole in my left eye was a stqge 2 hole, small, fairly recent, there was still traction and so the doctors gave me a 70% likelihood of success. One day after the IV the scan showed that the lid had come down and closed the hole but the hole was bigger. I had three days of light shows and then very grey sight thorough my left eye. Initially my eyesight was worse but over the month it has gradually improved. The hole is gradually closing and I will not need surgery. I have much improved eyesight now through my left eye. For me this medication has been a great success and I feel very fortunate to have had it. I have even blogged about my experience. The doctors who treated me were very cautious as I was the first p...

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jetrea injection to close macular hole

Had jetrea injection yesterday.I guess what I am experiencing is vitreous floaters. They started big time by around 4pm and 24 hours later are still going strong. They are present whether the eye is open or closed and interferes with good eye. My vision in that eye is pretty much nonexistent between the movement and the negative film appreance of objects that can occasionally be seen between floaters. My doctor said they are the result of the vitreous detaching. Does anyone know how long they will last? ## Hello, Katy! How are you? No, I'm sorry, but there's no way to give any sort of time frame, it can vary from person to person. Several other people have posted about experiencing this, as well. Have they improved, at all? ## Yes, they were gone by day 4. Went to Dr. today. Sai...

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Jetrea injection

what is the medicine in it that makes the movements in your eye after the injection ## Betty, it would be best to consult your doctor to be certain, but I think you may just be feeling it doing its job in your eye. What precisely are you feeling?

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how long do jetrea floaters last after IV

post jetrea my floaters are too many and obstructing my vision. ## Hello, Miba! Have things improved any? I'd suggest consulting the doctor that administered it. They'd be best qualified to advise you and let you know if what you're experiencing is normal, or not. The drug information does say that if you experience this, you should inform your doctor immediately.

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Have Jetrea injection Wednesday - my entire eye is red - have floaters - with bright green lines all over both eye close and open, decreased vision - only see grey shadow - this is day 2 post injection is it normal. ## Hi kakimom, Based on my research, vitreous floaters are listed among the most commonly reported adverse effects of Jetrea injection. Shown below are other potentially serious side effects that you should be aware of while taking this medication: conjunctival hemorrhage, eye pain, photopsia, blurred vision, macular hole, reduced visual acuity, visual impairment, and retinal edema. Although this may explain some of the symptoms you've been experiencing, it would probably be best to contact your doctor as soon as possible so you can prevent this from occurring any more t...

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Jetrea: Bad Reaction

Anyone else having light shows appear in both eyes, maybe an ocular migraine after the Jetrea inj.? I'm worried and I can't see good at all. Thanks for any feedback! ## So less than a week later, the "show" finally went away. Unfortunately for me the Jetrea not only took away the adhesions, but also the flap that the Dr was hoping would lie flat back down and cover the macula.That didnot happen. I now have to have macular hole surgery... ## Did you have your surgery? Having Jetrea inj. tomorrow for a macular hole. Hoping hole will close without surgery. Dr. said sometimes Jetrea will close it. ## I had the inj. on 3/6/13 and still had to have surgery on 3/19 :( still healing...have fluid...not driving fully yet...night and rain issues... good luck! ## Hello Kay and Kathy...

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