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Trust Lady Pills

i am using trust lady pills for 8 months. however, in my last month of usage, instead of taking up only 21 beige pills, i mistakenly took 25 beige pills, which means i had an excess of 4 beige pills.. if only i had taken the 7 white pills properly, my expected menstruation should be around june 12 to 14, but until now june 15, i have no menstruation yet.. is that a usual effect of exceed intake of 4 beige pills? ## Yes, taking the active pills for a longer period of time, will delay your menstrual cycle, that is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, that is how some women use birth control to skip their menstrual cycle, at times when it would be inconvenient to have it. There is really no harm in it and you should, once again, start your cycle, after taking the white, inactive tablets ...

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I am 66 yrs, having essential hypertension since 1996. I started with Nuril2.5mg but the medicines had to be increased gradually to Amlopress, Telsar, Amlopress AT( though my pulse rate alaways been around 50-60pm). Now am taking Tide10mg, Arkamin thrice, Tozaar R5 twice, Amlopress AT, yet BP varies between 140/90 and 120/75. . I play tennis almost regularly but of late geting tired and out of breath soon. I also have an enlarged prostate 40 gm. Kindly guide me so that I can have stable BP. Regards ## Well, everyone's blood pressure fluctuates, no one ever has the same steady level. It is affected by stuff you eat and drink, activities, stress, sleep habits and many other factors. Just as an example, if I am very cold, mine can measure as high as 150/90, even with my medications and...

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