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I am living in chennai/india; so pl. tell me the fruits available here ## I am having to major problem - one is i am ap patent of BRVO secondary to macular edima during last 5 years have taken nearly 20 macugen injection in as intravertiaol injection. on the ohter i hav a old spinal problem wher my L4 & L5 and L and S1 is diffused. having PIVD for long back 15 nyears. I become type ii diabetic. At present I am takeing - Neugaba M, Eltrodar, Cardaece, Atorva, Cetapin glemar, and pantocid, flexora D. What are the danger of taking so many tablets. My toes and right legs gives always dul pain and numbness in to toes. polssible solution ## Hello there, I live in New Delhi, India. My mother has also been prescribed Liv cet 5 along with lots of other medication. She seems to be having simi...

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