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Arthritis is a term often used to mean any disorder that affects joints.[2] Symptoms generally include joint pain and stiffness.[2] Other symptoms may include redness, warmth, swelling, and decreased range of motion of the affected joints.[2][3] In some types of arthritis, other organs are also affected.[6] Onset can be gradual or sudden.[5] There are over 100 types of arthritis.[4]...

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pain clinic north carolina that does not require referral

I need a pain doctor that does not have to have a referral. meds needed asap. ## I need a pain Doctor that does not need a referral. I have chronic pain and arthritis and recurring pancreatitis. ## Call 336-778-1950 ask for an appointment with Dr Campbell. since there a bit booked it will take like 2 -3 months and after they schedule you an appointment on the first visit he'll charge $180.00. after that it will be only $45.00. Show him any or all the medical documents that you have and he will give you that if that's what's good for you.. if not he'll give you something better. ## Thank u so much it helped I have appointment ## Where is this doctor located I'm in cronic pain and have been in pain management for 10 years. My doctor just retired and I'm having a re...

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is meloxicam a sulfa drug

Is meloxicam a sulfur drug? If you are allergic to sulfur can you take meloxicam? ## Hello, Suzy! How are you? Are you allergic to sulfur, or to sulfa drugs? They aren't actually the same exact things. When you are talking about being allergic to the sulfa drugs it actually refers to Sulfonamides. And no, Meloxicam isn't one of them. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My daughters tongue broke out in severe pain. Cost me more money. She is allergic to Sulpher. She then had 2 more Dr. spots and was diagnosed with yeast infection of tongue. Which now I know it was this drug. ## I’m allergic to sulfa drugs (found out with bactrim, itchy rash o...

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arthrexin and prednisone

I'm 35yrs old... for the past 4 yrs now I've been taking 1 25mg arthrexin together with 2 green panados 500mg.. but I have been getting these attacks where I become bed ridden n my hubby has 2 carry me 2 the bathroom as my feet and hands swell up n the pain is unbearable... then I took 2 prednisone with 2 arthrexin n well im not walking normally but I am managing to limp along... Can I take arthrexin n prednisone together?? If yes, what dosages?? And can i be on this intake for long term treatment? ## Shoneez, have you consulted your doctor? Arthrexin contains the active ingredient Indomethacin, which is a very potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, and it has been known to cause fluid retention that can result in the swelling you've described, as a side effect, it can also ...

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Charlote Arthritis Mexican pain pill

My wife, age 84, had arthroscopic surgery on her knee 15 years ago with little benefit. Lately she has had the rooster shots with no benefit. A few days ago she was in agony and friend gave her "Charlote Arthritis" pills from Mexico. The relief was almost instantaneous. She takes two per day and is pain free. The list ingredients are: oak, white willow, magnesium, chamomile, and one item, about 7 letters, too blurred to read. ## Where or how can I get some. I have taken them for my Lupus symptoms and it is an all day relief of pain that nothing else has been able to provide. I cannot find them anymore since the person who used to get them is no longer available. ## El Centro Super Center, Nuevo Progresso, Tamp, MX Hurry before Trump screws up everything and closes the border. ##...

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Side effects of Artribion

I need to know the side effects of Artribion. It is a pill for arthritis and pain. ## I believe that Artribion is not manufactured in the US. Is there any description you can give me so I can locate some information about this drug? Color of the pill? Scored? Shape? Any more information will help me better in assisting you. ## The pill is manufactured in El Salvador. It is red and oval in shape. It's glossy but has no writing in it. ## my mother send me artribion it is a good medicin to the point that I had stop taking arthrotec. ## what are side effects of artribion vitaminado ## artribion ## is from el Salvador is a long skinny red pill,suppose to alleviate arthritis pain ## I would like to know the side effects of Artribion Vitaminado in English language ## I have been using artr...

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C158 white round pill?

I have a small round white pill. One side is stamped with C, the other 158. The only pills I can ID like this say that they are yellow, but this is white. Can anyone identify it for me please? ## Hi mb ... Are you sure that your tablet isn't just a really light yellow? It is most likely Meloxicam 7.5 mg from Cipla (NDC 69097-158). DailyMed describes this pill as "yellow coloured, round, biconvex tablets, debossed with '158' on one side and 'C' on the other". They also say that "Meloxicam is a pale yellow solid" - so to me that could mean there's a chance it could almost appear white under certain lighting. Plus there aren't any coloring agents listed under the inactive ingredients. The inactive ingredients listed on the NDC page are: - Colloid...

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Enbrel biologic and Shingrix shingles vaccine

I have been on Enbrel for several years and wanted to know if anyone in this group has taken the new shingles vaccine Shingrix? If so what was your response? A nurse at Amgen, the maker of Enbrel said she couldn't advise about taking Shingrix while on Enbrel. The Shingrix literature says those on Immune suppressors would get a lesser shingles protective response. Shingrix is not a live vaccine and I think that is the only thing prohibited while on Enbrel. Thanks for your help. ## Hello Mark, I took a look at the manufacturers page and like you previously stated it says that you should not take any live vaccines while on the medication, however, right above that line it states that you should take all vaccines prior to starting this medication. I believe that because they went out of...

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Enbrel and Shingles

Been on Enbrel about 3 months I have an over active immune system which causes multiple issues like psoriatic arthritis and all that goes with that along with deformed joints, psoriatic skin eruptions, IBS etc. As my immune system was lowered much of the pain and stiffness, skin eruptions and IBS slowly disappeared. I was getting excited about feeling better when out of the blue I started feeling a tingling and itching in my back, then the pain came as I realized I was having a shingles attack! I immediately went to my PC and he put me on an antiviral drug. I’m about three weeks into my shingles attack now. The antiviral drug seems to have stopped the progression of the shingles and so far it has not erupted in to open sores. The pain and itching remains but I’m thankful tha...

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is decilone forte good for arthritis

Decilone forte med is good arthriths _am mario just taking my first time this medicine pain amazing my gout or arthritis attack twise a week its very disturbing i had this arthritis when i was work in abroad. Since 2005 to present its been 12 years now. Am so worry about due currently diagnose of my doktor i have diabitic since 2013 when i come back from abroad. Wanted to know what is bad side or good on this i had take also maintenance of med. For diabitis. Please give clear understanding on this matter. Thank u so much may the lord bless you. ## Can I buy Decilone Forte over the counter for my arthritis? ## Decilone Forte is listed as containing the active ingredient Dexamethasone, it is a steroid class medication that is commonly used to treat allergic reactions, immune disorders, an...

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Can coffee be drank with meloxicam?

I drink coffee and have been placed on Meloxicam and wonder if I should continue to drink coffee while on the medication? ## Hello, Larry! How are you? As long as your doctor approves, but it may cause more stomach side effects than you would have if you weren't drinking coffee. Meloxicam is classified by the FDA as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and they are well known to cause stomach irritation and possible ulcers, so the coffee could aggravate that. Other side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache and increased risk of bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I developed epiploic appendagitis the doctor gave me 2 weeks of meloxicam 15mg take one a day , it worked great but as soon as I finished 2 days later started having pain , if I get more how...

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