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Intestinal bleeding from Simponi Aria

I just started simponi aria infusion 2 mos ago, Just got my second infusion, immediately the next day I started bleeding from rectum when going to bathroom. So is this bleeding from my recent radiation for prostrate cancer, the continuing prendison I am on or from the simponi aria itself. Can anyone that may be getting this treatment for RA get back to me. Thanks ## Hello, John! How are you doing? Please seek medical attention, that type of bleeding could be something dangerous that requires immediate treatment. Can you post back and update me on how you're doing? Are those the only medications that you're on? ## The bleeding is bright red, not a lot and stops for a couple of days and then starts again. Saw the radiation doc. Told me to take stool softener and use this supositor...

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Heart pounding in my chest and head

Since getting my first Simponi Aria infusion 3 days ago, I have been well aware of my heart beating really hard in my chest, especially when I lay down to sleep at night. It's not beating fast or rapidly but just beating hard. I lay hear and count the beats while I try to go to sleep. I have also been feeling some tightness in my chest, kind of like my heart has pressure on it. I wouldn't be concerned about it except that I was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur and mild aortic stenosis. My dad passed away last year from a massive heart attack and he had severe aortic stenosis. He had aortic valve replacement which only lasted him 3 years before he died. My RA is pretty bad and I really want this drug Simponi Aria to work for me but this heart condition is really scaring me....

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