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Enbrel and skin problems on face

I was taking pre-filled injections of Enbrel for 4 weeks and didn’t really see much difference until I switched to the click-pen on Wednesday, which, since then I have had scabs all over my face and an itching sensation like crazy. It looks horrible, like a bad case of acne and blisters and scabs. ## Those can be normal side effects of Enbrel, and it does usually take several weeks for the side effects to fully manifest. You may also experience nausea, weakness, sore throat, mood changes, and chills. How are you doing now? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications? ## How is it going now? Is it alright now? I am also planning some Enbrel inj's., and I want to ensure they will not mess with the other medications I take. I know I have to consult a medical speci...

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Enbrel out of pocket cost

Was wondering if anyone is paying out of pocket for their Enbrel? ## Enbrel has a page on their website to help people find financial assistance, if needed. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Enbrel as possibly including administration site reactions, nausea, headache, cough, and weakness. Ref: Enbrel Information Is there anything else I can help with?

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Enbrel biologic and Shingrix shingles vaccine

I have been on Enbrel for several years and wanted to know if anyone in this group has taken the new shingles vaccine Shingrix? If so what was your response? A nurse at Amgen, the maker of Enbrel said she couldn't advise about taking Shingrix while on Enbrel. The Shingrix literature says those on Immune suppressors would get a lesser shingles protective response. Shingrix is not a live vaccine and I think that is the only thing prohibited while on Enbrel. Thanks for your help. ## Hello Mark, I took a look at the manufacturers page and like you previously stated it says that you should not take any live vaccines while on the medication, however, right above that line it states that you should take all vaccines prior to starting this medication. I believe that because they went out of...

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Enbrel and Shingles

Been on Enbrel about 3 months I have an over active immune system which causes multiple issues like psoriatic arthritis and all that goes with that along with deformed joints, psoriatic skin eruptions, IBS etc. As my immune system was lowered much of the pain and stiffness, skin eruptions and IBS slowly disappeared. I was getting excited about feeling better when out of the blue I started feeling a tingling and itching in my back, then the pain came as I realized I was having a shingles attack! I immediately went to my PC and he put me on an antiviral drug. I’m about three weeks into my shingles attack now. The antiviral drug seems to have stopped the progression of the shingles and so far it has not erupted in to open sores. The pain and itching remains but I’m thankful tha...

Knee Replacement & Enbrel

Hi, 8 years ago I started taking Enbrel. I had a bad knee injury in HS and years later developed arthritis in my right knee. I do not have arthritis in any other joints. Nothing worked to take the swelling out of my knee and it was very difficult to walk. My RA doctor prescribed Enbrel and it has been amazing for me. No side effects and my knee inflammation disappeared. Overtime however my knee was deteriorating. I asked my RA doctor if a knee replacement would get me off the Enbrel. He said no. I would still need to take the shots and that my arthritis is an auto immune issue. 6 months later I went to see my RA doctor again but he was not in. The RA doctor in his place that day told me that yes, if I don't have arthritis in any other joints, a knee replacement will get rid of my ar...

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Reaction to covid-19 shot while on Enbrel

I was wondering if anyone on Enbrel has taken covid-19 shot, and had an allergic reaction? ## You can read here about which medications should be paused, when getting your COVID vaccine, and possible issues that may arise. Enbrel is listed as one that it is not necessary to stop, so it seems there haven't been any issues reported. The first COVID shot doesn't usually cause many side effects, other than a sore arm, with some possible bruising, at the administration site, but the second dose my cause nausea, headache, fever, chills, and joint/muscle aches. I received my second dose of the Moderna one, today, and so far, I've been feeling a little off, and have a headache setting in. Can anyone that's on Enbrel and received the vaccine post with their experience?

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Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I go off Enbrel?

I have been on Enbrel now for a couple of years. Will I experience withdrawal if I go off the drug? Do I have to do it gradually? ## Hello, Erena! How are you? Yes, after taking it for years, it is probably best to do a slow taper. It's not a narcotic, so it's not likely to cause severe withdrawal symptoms, but some of them can still be quite annoying. Learn more Enbrel details here. Have you discussed it with your doctor? ## I have tajen embrel for a year and my ins changed but i seem to be having withdrawal symtoms like rashes. Loose bowls and bone aches is rhis possible ## What are the withdrawal symptoms?

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Pain on enbrel getting worse

I've been on Enbrel for a number of months now and have found it useful but my joint pain is getting worse and returning to levels of pain I had before using it. I am on 50ml autoinjection 1x weekly and was wondering if others have had the same problem and if they increased their injections to 2x weekly or not? ## Hello Cas, It could possibly be that your condition is worsening or that you are simply forming a tolerance to the medication. This sort of thing is hard enough for medical professionals to properly diagnose and far harder for those of us on the internet who wish to help you, I suggest that you schedule a visit with your primary care doctor and discuss this matter with them as they will be best equipped to help you manage the situation properly. Best of luck. ## Thank you ...

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Fasting the day before Enbrel

Has anyone tried fasting on the day before taking Enbrel? I heard it works for Methotrexate but I was wondering if it worked to lessen the nausea after injecting Enbrel? ## Hello Mary, I've looked all over but I can't seem to find anywhere that supports this idea, not even from forums dedicated to discussing Enbrel. I was able to find a forum on the "livingwithpsoriaticarthritis" organization website that discusses the matter of nausea but most users state that this only happens for the first few shots and subsides within a few hours. In regards to your specific question of fasting before the injection I would advise you discuss this matter with your doctor first to ensure that it is safe and will have no negative effects on you. If your doctor gives you the go ahead I s...

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Weight Loss from Enbrel

Since starting Enbrel 2 years ago for PA I have lost 24 pounds. The doc claims he has never had a patient react that way. It has helped my neck and psoriasis somewhat. I've had other tests done for the weight loss... thyroid, blood, colonoscopy. ..nothing shows. Weight loss is great if you know why, but I don't. Not happy. ## Weight loss is listed by the FDA as a possible side effect of Enbrel. You may also experience nausea, headache, hair loss and stomach pain. They list it as being incidence unknown, which means that it has been proven to be caused in some people by this medication, but exact statistics on how often it happens are not available. Are you on any other medications? ## Sometimes you just lose weight because you feel better so you’re moving more

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Trying to find information about this drug, it is used for arthritis. ## The correct spelling of this medication is ENBREL (active ingredient Etanercept). It has U.S. F.D.A. approval to treat rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, plaque psoriasis and ankylosing spondylitis.

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Side Effects Of Enbrel

I have been on enbrel now for weeks with dreadful side effects this week. I feel so ill. I slept for three days, have painful legs and a sore throat..... ## I have been taking Enbrel for three weeks and although my RA has reduced significantly the side effects are rough. I a, sick to my stomach, I'm crying at the drop of a hat and I have no energy, just to name a few. ## I'm sorry that you've both been having such problems. Are either of you feeling better, yet? These are listed among the possible side effects provided by the FDA. You may also experience bladder pain, blurred vision, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Can anyone else that's been on this chime in with their experiences? ## Dr. decided to give Enbel another try. I'm still having difficulties with site inject...

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How long did Enbrel take to start working for Ankylosing Spondilitis back Pain?

Hi there I need some help. How long did Enbrel take to start working for you for Ankylosing Spondilitis back Pain? Really appreciate your help. Thanks ## It took me about 3-4 weeks for it to fully work. But, I was told it varies. usually 2-6 weeks. It has taken away the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. You should however study all that you can about this medicine & always do your best to maintain a clean lifestyle due to enbrels suppression of your immune system. Simply put if something or someone looks dirty or seems sick, distance yourself. I have been on Enbrel for about 4 yrs. & have same medical issue. Feel free to post back if you have any other questions. ## I took enbrel but got very bad side effects I took for a s I was on it for 1 year

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Enbrel Side Effect?

Have any of you Enbrel users experienced persistant muscle pain involving the entire leg? This pain is of the level that interrupts sleep. ## does not sound like side effect but sounds like you should see a nurologist I had nerve problems along with RA and what a diffrence to find that out always thought it was the RA but I had two things wrong then I was put on diffrent meds. feel like a new women. feel free to email me! ## Thanks for your input Donna - It took several specialists, and more than a few tests to determine that I too had a problem other than the arthritis! I did eventually end up witha Neurologist - and the problem was pin-pointed. Seems we have similar stories as I too feel like a new person - so glad it wasn't more Arthritis to deal with and especially glad in was i...

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angelique hair loss

My hair is falling out but the handful. . I am on a lot of medication for ankalosing Spondylitis including Enbrel and methotrexate. . I started the Enbrel and the Angelique at about the same time and don't know what is causing this sudden hair loss. . It's a huge amount of hair so I am very confused concerned ## It might be due to the Methotrexate, the NIH does list hair loss as a possible side effect of it, along with nausea, loss of libido, nausea, and dehydration. However, it is not listed for either of the others. You may want to check with your doctor to be sure, you might need to switch to a different medication. Are these the only medications you take? ## hello. iv been taking metho and etanercept for r/a for 6yrs now and im glad to say at 56 i still have a full head of h...

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sure click 50 mg supposed to sting?

I have take two 50mg sure click shots. I used the directions and gave the shots in my lower stomach. I have never felt a sting or anything. No bleeding,, no itching. I have plaque psoriasis and it is all over my tummy but I give the shot about two inches from my belly button with no pain. It clicks and turns yellow after a bit and I never feel any left over meds from the shot but I keep hearing about the stings and now I questioning if I've given it to myself right! Any advice or info I need would be great...since I'm really new to this and I'm not sick from it either.I actually feel better and seem to walk easier with my psoriatic arthritis in my knees. ## Hello, Gerri! How are you? Pain tolerance levels vary from person to person, so it is okay if you don't feel a stin...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Enbrel (Etacept 25mg)

Hello I am from India. My wife (52 years old) is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis from last 12 years. Recently we consulted with doc. he told us about Enbrel (Etacept 25mg inj.) and suggested to take Etacept 25mg twice a week for 3 month. My main concern is it is very very expensive in India even though I can afford 24 dosses (for 3 months).Doctor told us after 3 month you dont need these treatment. I want to know its really true?? The result of Etacept 25mg will life long?? Or it used just to make temporary relief?? After reading above discussion I come to know peoples are using this for year n year. Which is economically not possible in my case. Please help me to decide whether to start this treatment or not. ## So I understood you have to take Enbrel for a long time, when not for ...

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Nausea fatigue irritation at site

After my injection last night I woke up. Extremely nauseated. And have been so very tired. I have been on enbrel for a few months now and have not experienced this nausea. Any thoughts? Thank you. ## Hello, Barbara! How are you? I'm sorry about what you experienced. Those can be side effects of this medication and it is always possible to experience them, at some point, even if you didn't have them at first. Sometimes, it just takes awhile for our bodies to react to something, your body may have changed slightly, or there may have been other factors that contributed, such as being overheated, too much activity, taking some other medication… it's hard to say. The FDA lists other possible side effects as including dizziness, headache, cough and anorexia. It would be best...

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Painful Injection

I was on Enbrel ten years ago with pleasant results. Then Humana Insurance stopped paying for it and I went on Methretrexate for several years. As I aged it seemed my rheumatoid arthritis got worse so doctor put me on Remicade which I had to obtain financial assistance for. Five years of wonderful help on disease, my funding ended and doctor put me back on Enbrel with new insurance company. Enbrel had a program that helped me financially and I received my first shipment last Friday. Followed directions for new version of giving a needle. I had no trouble with old system of physically injecting needle myself. This tubular, self contained needle and medicine required concentrated action on my part and I did all the directions said. When it came to pressing the purple tab on top, my arthri...

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Enbrel induced- Optic Neuritis

Enbrel induced- Optic Neuritis-Hi everyone, I am 29 years old and took Enbrel for 2 1/2 year (from 2010-2013). I had to discontinue use because I developed optic neuritis. IN the past 15 months my vision has worsened. My latest eye scan showed that I have lost 25% vision in my right eye and 10% vision in my left, IN 1 YEAR, due to the Enbrel induced ON. Please get your eyes checked if you are taking a biologic!!! Most biologics are associated with ON. Symptoms start as dull to sharp eye pain, vision changes, and head aches. Very important!!! The vision loss I have experienced in permanent but if you catch it early on it can be reversible. -------Much Love-----Elisabeth ## Hi, I am 52 years old,have had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 12 yrs old. Been on multiple medications ov...

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