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white capsule with yellow stripes 7767 200

white tablet VP @ ## The pill you have is Celebrex (200 mg). Celebrex is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain, painful menstruation and menstrual symptoms, and to reduce numbers of colon and rectum polyps in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis. For a more detailed description of the drug, please refer to the link below... Please post back if you have any more questions or concerns so I can further assist you. ## Hi David in your answer you said tablet so would a capsule be the same thing?

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What is Epleptin used for?

I have been prescribed Eplepton for extremely restless legs which cause insomnia. In addition my thyroid has gone from being underactive to overactive so therefore my meds were reduced. I also over a period weaned myself off one tramacet and one celebrex which I took every night for approximately three years for neck pain. I discontinued taking these two tablets as I was extremely sleepy during the day. Lastly I was prescribed urbanol for depression as well which I also weaned myself off soon after discontinuing the use of tramacet and celebrex. My question to you is this ... is it safe to take Eplepton 1 nightly, 100mg when five years ago I had a stroke and subsequently two heart episodes. I really have a dilemma currently. Thank you. ## This medication is listed as containing the acti...

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xaralto vs celebrex??

My son was diagnosed with many small blood clots in his lungs, Dr perscribed xaralta but advised him to discontinue his celebrex drug. He is suffering greatly over entire body with stiffness and pain from his head to his toes, What can he take to replace celebrex or can he go back on celebrex or is he getting reaction to the xalareto? ## How long has it been since he started the Xarelto and stopped the Celebrex? His symptoms might be due to a combination of side effects from the Xarelto, and a sudden withdrawal of the Celebrex. Given the blood clots, and the risks associated with them, it would be best that he not taking any medication that isn't approved by his doctor. Xarelto can cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding, fatigue, and joint/muscle ac...

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Celebrex and sweating

I have been sweating a lot, even in cold weather. Is this a possible side effect of Celebrex? ## Hi Debrose - do you have a fever or any cold / flu like symptoms? I was reading through the Celecoxib side effects on Medline Plus and didn't see anything specifically listing sweating or hot flashes. However, what you reported could go in line with other side effects listed. I would read through the list on that page, and definitely let your doctor know since they should factor in any other things from your medical history. For example, it says "Your blood pressure should be checked regularly during your treatment." Could the sweating relate to a change in your blood pressure? Just things to consider and get checked asap. I hope this helps and best wishes with your treatment. Pl...

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Celebrex shelf life

What is the shelf life of Celebrex capsule 200mg. The date on mine is 5/2/09. They have been kept in the original pharmacy container in a cool dark cabinet. Are they still effective? ## When regular prescription tablets and capsules are dispensed, they are required to have a one year shelf life, from the time you get your prescription filled. That means that yours actually expired on 05/02/10. This doesn't mean that they are dangerous to use, but after that date, they can start to lose potency and not be as effective. Have you spoken to your doctor? It may be advisable to just get a new prescription, if you still need to use this medication. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, stomach irritation and headache. ## Taking pills that are expired is not dangerous. They m...

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celebrex expiration date

My celebrex has been in a cool dark place dated 5/19/2004. Are they still good? ## Hello, Bill! How are you? Medications do lose effectiveness with time, even in the original factory sealed containers, most are only good for 4 to 5 years, thus it would be best to dispose of it and see your doctor, if you need a new prescription. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## hi. my celebrex expired aug 2015. is there a grace period? thanks

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What Is The Shelf Life Of Celebrex 200mg

My pills are 28 months old, I wonder if there are still good ## It is highly likely that they have lost effectiveness and aren't worth taking, by now. The expiration date is usually one year from when they are dispensed to you by your pharmacy and the original container was opened, so they have been exposed to the elements that cause degradation, such as heat, light and moisture. At 28 months old, that means they are over another year past the original expiration date. Learn more Celebrex details here. Are there any other comments or questions? ## The experation date on all perscription medication is a year after the date it's written. But most medications are still good well after that date especially if they were stored in a freezer or refrigerator. This is from a study the mi...

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Nafasol EC

aspen is the drug company, I use it for rumatoid artheritis is there dangerous side effects ## I have OA which is safer Celebrex or Nafasol ? Long term ? ## Nafasol contains Naproxen, it is used to treat pain, fever, and swelling. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding, and easy bruising. Alan, which medication has your doctor told you to take? Long term use of either one could cause liver damage, but it depends on your dosage, and what other medications you might be taking.

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celebrex and Xarelto!

I take Xarelto for AFib. Also, just started Celebrex for arthritis and Fibro pain. Is this a dangerous combination? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? The main interaction I found listed is the bleeding risk, since Celebrex can also increase the risk of blood thinning and bleeding, as side effects, according to the FDA. That doesn't mean they cannot be taken together, if your doctor has prescribed them both, but you should be aware of the risks and your doctor should carefully calculate your dosage to be careful, plus they should be monitoring your regularly, in case any problems develop. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My primary doctor prescribed xarelto for a recent deep vein thrombosis and Celebrex for my arthritis Is this a safe combination? I am worried. ## Can u take Motr...

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Celebrex Contraindications and Safety

I just need to wonder if celebrex is ok to take if I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, heart murmur, allergic to sulfa medications will be ok for me to take without further hurting my existing problems. I also have a Hiatel Hernia and Reflux syndrome. Do you reccomend me to take this? My Dr. says it is up to him and to take it, even if it is not helping my pain. I am on 100mg's a day. Thank you. ## No, reading your list of health problems I almost thought I must have originally posted it. If your doctor prescribe it for you then he/she already knows all your health issues. You don't state how long you've been on this med but if longer than 3 days and it's not helping then I would demand a change or go to another doctor. ## I am taking celebrex 200mg for 2 days but I feel chest...

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Celebrex fibromyalgia

Has anyone had a side effect with Celebrex that makes u feel more anxious and spasms in your back. I have only been on this med for four days and I can't tolerate what I'm feeling, any suggestions would be helpful ## It just might not be the right medication for you. Most medications have been known to cause the opposite of their intended effects in small percentage of the people that take them. Learn more Celebrex details here. You might want to check and see what your other options are for treatment. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Thank you for your response, it just so happens that I was taken off Celebrex due to the side affects and am now on Ultram and I feel human again, I appreciate the help and support that you've given me ## I have been taking Celebre...

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celebrex / bleeding etc.

I am on Celebrex for my knee arthritis . It works well but is causing me to get nosebleeds often .Any solutions to this problem ? ## What dosage are you taking? The FDA does warn that it can increase the risk of bleeding, as well causing other side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain. Are you on any other medications? How severe are the nosebleeds?

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Celebrex Drug Information

Does anyone know if this pill makes you drowsy? ## no, I take 400mg of Celebrex a day for over a year now and it doesn't make me at all drowsy. ## I took a 400 mg last night before bedtime... it was my first time taking it. It gave me so much energy I could not get to sleep! So I would have to say... no it does not make you drowsy. ## How long does Celebrex take to work for severe back pain? Does it need to build up? I've been on it 2 days with no change. ## Has anybody had any of these symptoms with Celebrex... heart palpitations, pounding, tachycardia or nervousness?

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celebrex and zinc

In want to know if the effectiveness of the celebrex I take will be effected by the zinc I took for my cold ## Can I take zinc tablets while taking celebrex ## I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but it is always best to double check to be sure. Celebrex may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach irritation, and increased risk of bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Celebrex vs Celecoxib (Mylan 7150)

How close to the effects of Celebrex is Celecoxib (Mylan 7150)? So far I have not found any generics that come close to mimicking the original drug, Celebrex. ## I think that the effects of Celecoxib are nothing like Celebrex. Celecoxib is like taking a strong aspirin. Celebrex has a much nicer effect! ## It contains the same active ingredient, which is 200mgs of Celcoxib, it is used to treat pain, and swelling. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Celebrex 100 mg headache and "drugged" feeling

I took my first 100 mg Celebrex for arthritis on disk at 4 pm and while it took pain away right away,I felt headache and spacey - kind of like drugged and laid on the couch rest of day. It took until 10am next day to feel more like myself. Is this normal? I don't want to take again tonight since we are going out and don't want to feel spacey! i would prefer to try a 50 mg or cut pill but pharmacist says it doesn't come in 50mg and can't be cut. Is this a normal side effect? ## Yes, those can be normal side effects of this medication. You may also experience nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth, and mood changes. And there is a 50mg capsule available, but your pharmacist can't give it to you, unless your doctor prescribes it. However, the side effects should go away, with ti...

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Ciplar vs Celebrex

Is 'Ciplar 421' the generic for Celebrex? I recently started taking this brand and am not familiar with it. I had just noticed this on the capsule. I take it for arthritis. ## Yes, Cipla USA lists this capsule as containing 200mgs of Celecoxib, which is a generic for Celebrex. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Does Celebrex Stop Working After A Month

When I had my prescription filled the pharmacist mentioned that at some point I may feel like it's not working anymore - She said that it would be a mistake to stop taking it. Does that mean it will kick in again after some time? ## Our bodies do tend to get used to anything we take over a long period of time, according to NIH reports, but there is no specific time frame that can be applied. it can vary from person to person. And no, it will usually not start working, again, unless you take a break from it, and try something else for awhile, in the meantime. How is it working for you, so far? Has there been any change?

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Depression & celebrex

I have been on Celebrex for just over 6 months now. My Rheumatologist has had a heck of a time figuring out what exactly is wrong with me. So here it goes: for the longest time now I have been having flares, my muscles all stiffen up & spasm, which makes it hard to move. Joints hurt, but only because of the stiffness. I do not get restorative sleep and end up with depression quite badly. Energy level-zero. Heart race when I walk up the stairs (BTW Im 31 & weigh 135 & am 5'7' so its not related to my physical fitness). So Im stuck with this on again off again cycle that just about kills me. Suicide has been a big thought. So here's the kicker, being on the Celebrex has stopped all of the fatigue & mental issues. I have gone off and gone back on quite a few tim...

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Celebrex: "Code no hr drugs 325 osp h"

I ordered this drug under the name of Celebrex from a Canadian pharmacy and it was available over the counter. When I look at other Canadian pharmacies it says you need a prescription for all of them. What is this product? ## Hi pat - can you please clarify what is meant by the title you used "Code no hr drugs 325 osp h" ? Is this what is actually written on your medication label? Can you please say exactly what the label says if that is not the case? Some drugs are considered over the counter in other countries, whereas other pharmacies may have a similar drug which requires a prescription. Can you please share as many details as you can about the drug in question? ## That is what is on the packaging that it came in. It was packaged 10 to a package as they are small. That is th...

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