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I give 120 mg of depomedrol 80 but I juse cpt code j1030 x3 and enter the ndc number for the j1030 in reality i gave the entire injection from the 80 vial - does it matter that I can not use the ndc number from the 80mg vial what is this used to track for it will be entered different to match the 40mg vial ## I'm sorry, but I am not familiar with entering such things for billing. What I'd suggest is talking to someone that would know, such as someone that works for the insurance company or the department that's being billed. Does anyone else know?

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j code depomedrol

When a physician gives 120mg of depomedrol does it get billed as: - J1030 (40 mg depomedrol) x 3 -J1040 (80mg depomedrol) X 1 and J1030 (40mg depomedrol) X1 ## I cannot possibly tell you, most of these codes are internal tracking codes that are individual to the hospital or doctor's office.

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anti-inflamatory injection ## Depromdral and Maracaine ## The active ingredient in Depo-Medrol is Methylprednisolone, used to treat swelling, inflammation and allergic reactions. Marcaine contains the active ingredient Bupivacaine and is a local anesthetic agent. Were these prescribed by your doctor? ## I just rec'd a shot of depromedral for my RA really acting up,, and want to know how long this might last?

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For Pain Management

My physician has suggested using this steroid in conjunction with my marcaine injections into my paravertebral lumber nerves. Any thoughts? ## Run as fast as u can! after being given this drug for a short period I developed avascular necrosis of both hips. I also have bowel and bladder disfunction as well as neurological issues. Please read all lit. on this subject, and dont believe it is safe. also drug is known to cause a condition that causes the spine to rot. do not take any steroids in epidural or caudel form near your spine. they r not fda approved meaning steroids for use near the spine.

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