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Finding A Pain Dr That Will Order Meds Nnear Either Youngstown Oh Or Pittsburgh Pa

Have been in chronic back pain for 20 yrs., have had back surgery; in the past 7 yrs. I have been diagnosed with fibro, severe disc degenerative disease in neck and back, arthritis, and a number of other issues. I can no longer take the injections due to decreased bone density. Over the yrs., I have been prescribed pain meds and that is the only relief I ever experience. Chronic pain is so very hard to live with, and diminishes the quality of life tremendously. It is so very sad that one cannot receive appropriate treatment anymore without being made to feel like a criminal - for those with documented health problems, it's hard to know who to turn to. I simply want to enjoy life as I used to, I can no longer even work. Does anyone know of a physician near Youngstown Oh or Pittsburgh...

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I found that taking any new drug into my system that gave me a rash or itch it was the generic brand and name brand did not have those reactions. ## I doubt that it is just because it is generic; however, perhaps each of those drugs you got hives from contain a non-active ingredient you are allergic to. I would look each one up under the name brand and compare the inactive ingredients and see what I find.

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Side Affects of Feldene

My foot doctor gave me Feldene to take for my spur on my heel. But the Pharmacy gave me the genteric brand of Piroxicam (MYLAN). I got a rash on my arms and my right leg, not on my left leg, just my left arm. When I took this pill I felt very hot. I thought I was having hot flashes. That's when I noticed a rash on my arms and right leg. Is it a reaction to this pill? Please help. My pain has subsided on my heel but the top of my foot hurts. I have stopped taking this medication. Thank you.