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Side effects of Artribion

I need to know the side effects of Artribion. It is a pill for arthritis and pain. ## I believe that Artribion is not manufactured in the US. Is there any description you can give me so I can locate some information about this drug? Color of the pill? Scored? Shape? Any more information will help me better in assisting you. ## The pill is manufactured in El Salvador. It is red and oval in shape. It's glossy but has no writing in it. ## my mother send me artribion it is a good medicin to the point that I had stop taking arthrotec. ## what are side effects of artribion vitaminado ## artribion ## is from el Salvador is a long skinny red pill,suppose to alleviate arthritis pain ## I would like to know the side effects of Artribion Vitaminado in English language ## I have been using artr...

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Vengesic information

arthiritus ## Using for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and works much better than anything my doctor has prescribed for me. No side affects so for, but know nothing about the drug. ## Sorry, this is not listed in the US prescription drug databases and I can't find any information on it. ## I Like to know about vengensic side efects ## I just started this medication and it works wonders ## How do you know how many milligrams the medication Vengesic has? These pills and the package has nothing on it.

meloxicam tab 15 mg

oblong pastel yellow c 80 ## Does a 15 mg meloxicam tab have a letter m with 89 under it. Yellow round tab? ## I just started taking meloxicam the last week and this is the only thing that has helped.I was using a cane and had terrible pain before i started taking it. I have no pain at all. My concern is the side effects of long term use.. I had a series of shots in my knee and it did not help at all.I like the fact that this is not a controlled substance medicine. so far i am definately sold on this medicine. ## NDC for C 80: 65862-0098 It contains 15mgs of Meloxicam, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, and swelling. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased risk of bleeding. Yes, the M 89 also contains 15mgs of M...

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mazon cream

for eczema, psoriasis- seeping, cracking, blistering skin- I personally used it from the age of 6 mos. in 1955 to 1988, then it disappeared from shelves- it was an over the counter cream and it really worked. At the age of 3 months my skin would swell, crack and seep a clear liquid- a pediatrician introduced the cream to my mother and at the time they had a bar soap, shampoo and cream-of which I used occasionally over the course of 30 years then all of a sudden it disappeared. I did have part of a jar I used sparingly and guarded with my life and I called the company that made the cream and they said that they took the recipe out of circulation. The jar is long gone- sadly and I do not know the name of the pharmaceutical company that originally made it. I now am entering menopause and m...

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Methylprednisolone tablet 4 mg

Hi I'm deb, I have been prescribed methylprednisone 4mg for plantar fasciitis in my foot.. take 5 then 4,3,2,then 1 . I've been on methadon 28yrs, I'm afraid to start this if it's going to cause withdrawals any good feedback ? All I here are bad ones ## I had the worst experience imaginable with the dose pack. It was prescribed to be for headaches caused by whiplash from being rear-ended. Now, 7 1/2 long months later, I am finally getting back to normal. It took almost three months for my heart rate and blood pressure to normalize, 5 months for the nausea, dizziness and depression to go away, but I'm still dealing with anxiety. On top of that, I became extremely sensitive to food and/or food additives, and couldn't eat anything except meat, potatoes, rice, eggs a...

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what is meloxicam 7 5 mg used for

Is this medication used for bronchitis I took X-ray and didn't have phenomenon bug I had pressured on the chest told to take it for thirty days one tablet with a glass of water but I read warning and I'm scared to take it also iwas given benson agate 200mg to take 3 times a day as needed for for cough for 7 days ## Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, fever and swelling. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Can you please post back and clarify the name of the other medication? I'm sorry, but it looks like autocorrect was having some fun with your post. ## Yes the other medication I'm taking is called Benzonatate 200MG capsules take ...

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Cartil Forte Information

for joints ## This is a supplement product and, as such, it is not actually proven to help with joint help, or are the side effect profiles studied. It contains: Glucosamine sulphate 500 mg. Chondroitin sulphate 200 mg. Essential phospholipids 100 mg. Vitamin e 100 iu and Vitamin c 2 mg. Are there any questions or comments? ## thanks. I have a problem with joints pain, i.e knees where I cannot climb stair case or even go down. sometimes pain on my shoulders feeling so tired when i wake up in the morning. I have a problems with weight and i think am obese. my height is 5'3" and i have 89kgs. kindly help. ## I have lots of pain from my back down to the legs and the nerves are painful. They are very painful. I have been using neurocare d for three months. The pain goes away and whe...

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Is Meloxicam Gluten Free

I have been taking meloxicam for 1 1/2 weeks and I am experiencing celiac symptoms. I would like to know if meloxicam is gluten free ## Meloxicam is actually a generic medication, the name brand for it would be Mobic and, since it is a generic, it is manufactured by several different companies. Thus, I can't tell you anything about the inactive ingredients without more information from you, such as the markings on the tablet, or the name of the manufacturer. Can you please post back with this information? ## I would like to know if gluten is in my meloxicam. It's an oblong light yellow pill with a 15 stamped on it. I'm expericening floating, constipation, and stomach pains. ## Is taking muscle relaxers 500mg and meloxicams 7.5mg and buspirone 10mgs okay to take all in the mo...

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Is orcerin gm a steroid?

I am adviced by my ortho to take orcerin gm for 2 yrs for my osteoarthritis. Is it safe? I am already overweight. Will it make me gain more weight? Are there any side effects? Is it a steroid? ## Orcerin-GM contains Diacerein, Glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). The only actual medication in this is the Diacerein, the other two products are supplements that are believed to help with joint pain and mobility. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and diarrhea. As to any effect on your weight, I am sorry, but the information we have on this is very limited. Have you asked your doctor? ## I am 59 and Dr. has prescribed orcerin gm, 2 tabs daily for forty days for my left knee and joint pain. Please advise me whether it has any side effects. Will it cure my disease perm...

Is Diprospan A Pain Reliever For Ostereoarthritis

intense pain from ostereoarthritis at the knees,shoulders,hips,fingures,wristsankles ## Diprospan is a type of steroid, it is often used to help with pain and inflammation caused by arthritic conditions. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and lowered immunity. Read more: Are there any coments or questions? ## liggaam pyn erg orals dink dit is ostereo beste pyn verligter pyn ondraaglik

Meloxicam long term use

I have been taking meloxicam 15 mg once per day for RA for more than six years now. I would like to know whether it is safe to use the drug for such a long duration? I can not stop this drug in my present condition. Is there any data available on this subject? Thanks in advance. ## Hi, Joy! Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so yes there may be some issues caused by long term use, such as stomach ulceration, edema, hypertension, congestive heart failure and liver damage. Is your doctor monitoring you regularly? Usually regular exams and blood tests are the best way to keep an eye on things and head off any problems, before they have a chance to get serious. Learn more Meloxicam details here. ## I have been on Meloxicam for nearly 12 years, refilled by several doctors which I...

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what is the side effect of decilone forte

What are the side effects of decilone forte if you just take it just for 2 days? ## I have an arthritis ,is it good for me to take Decilone forte?for how many days will i take this medicine?what is the good side and bad side of this medicinefor for me? ## pinag kaibahan ng decilone tablet sa decilone forte, need ko ng sagot. ## This is a steroid class medication, so it's typical side effects may possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain, fluid retention and acne. Has this medication been prescribed for you? ## OK LNG bang uminum ng dicilone forte at declopinac pag my rayuma at atritiss... At OK LNG DN bang pagsbayin inumin. ## How to take a decilone forte....?after or before eating??? ## I have my knee swelling for more than 2 weeks now.I cant walk straight because...

Where can i buy Artridol?

I need to know where to buy it? ## Can people still order Artidol or is it not available anymore? ## I would like to be able to help you out, but there's a lot of mixed information online about this medication. Each reference stating it to be something different than what the last one said it was. Apparently the ingredients are different depending on who or where you get it from; although each brand of this has the same purpose for helping your joints and arthritis, etc. What I found out was, If the medication is manufactured by Merck; then it contains: Phenylpropyl Salicylate + Hydroxymethoxu Ethyl Benzoate Additionally, a post here on this site states that Artridol contains the active ingredient Glucosamine, which is a supplement claimed to help with joint health. Another post on ...

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No signs of psoriasis but...

I do not have any skin signs of psoriasis but I do have swollen joints. Does anyone else take this drug for this symptom alone without the psoriasis? ## I have same. Hands were very swollen and painful. It helped a lot with that. ## Yes, this medication is used to treat both skin psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis, it can also be used for other immune disorders. The typical side effects of Otezla may include nausea, headache, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Have you started it, yet, Bonnie? If so, has it helped? Is there anyone else on this medication that can share their experiences?

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Indometacina Metocarbomol Betametasona

I would like to know of any side effects from taking Artridol made by Rimsa ## Indomethacin is strong nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxant and the Betamethasone is a steroid class medication, this is used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## will it take away pain of arthrist. ## Padezco de espondilolistesis , es una hernia lumbar L5 - S1 , que me ocasiona dolor ciático en la pierna izquierda. Tengo un año , me recetaron Indometacina , existirá otro para este tratamiento ? ## Yes it helps a lot! To me it’s a miracle. I’ve been suffering for 2 years and nothing has helped. This is so helpful!

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Cosentyx and weight gain

Anybody taking Cosentyx experienced weight gain? ## Hello, John! How are you? As reported by the FDA, it is usually known to cause weight loss, as a side effect. You may also experience nausea, fever, headache and stuffy nose. Can anyone else that's been on it chime in with their experiences? ## Cosentyx gives me a full feeling with very little food and feels like it takes longer to digest. I am only on my 4th week of use. I am overweight and this is a positive, for now. ## 8 month user & over weight. Yes, Cosentyx causes weight loss. Less of an appetite, little food and you feel full. And...difficulty swallowing, indigestion, lethargy and hair loss. ## I'm getting ready to start this medicine. I was just reading a forum where everyone said they gained 20lbs plus. But to hea...

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can you take other pain medications wiht this perscription? ## can you take indomethacin and percocet? ## It is not generally advised, Indomethacin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and Percocet contains Acetaminophen, which is also a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, thus combining the two is not necessary and could be dangerous, as you could overdose. You can read more about Indomethacin here: and Percocet: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I am in AGONY! When I started taking indomethacin it worked like a charm!!! But now if I take one for a migraine it immediately gets worse, even with ice over my eyes while sleeping. When I wake up it feels like I have been hit in the face with a brick!!!!! I dont want to take this anymore... Any remedies or suggestions????

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doctors who are willing to prescribe oxy for fibromyalgia and arthritis

I have severe fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am in severe pain most of the time with no relief. ## Hello, Sherri! How are you? If you require such a medication for the long-term ongoing treatment of pain, you'll need to see a pain management specialist, due to the new directives set forth by the DEA last year. Most general practitioners aren't going to want to take the risk of prescribing it. Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone? If so, that might be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. What is your general location? This information might en...

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will meloxicam show up on a drug test

Will meloxicam 15 mg show up on a drug test? Thank you ## only the drugs a drug test is testing for can show up - eg marijuana, cocaine. it is unlikely a drug like Meloxicam, used for arthritis, would show. however, if it is being abused, the side effects may signal an alarm to someone that something is not right. ## No, it will not. Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. ## Anybody gaining weight from taking this Mobic 15mg? ## I have a drug test for the military in about two weeks, I take my boyfriends meloxicam for my back at work because I am a server and I never sit down really unless its dead shift. Will it show up on a military blood drug test? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE! ## All I've ever know it showing up for is benzodiazepine once in a while ## It can show up depen...

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Piroxicam drug information

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug ## hi i would like to know if piroxicam tablets cause a blistering affect while in the sun. reason why im asking is ive been taking these tablets for a few months and ive been come out in blisters ive not spent a long time in the sun only spells of minuites pegging washing out etc. its never hapened before my lower arms have got blisters like spots on them so thought i would check if it was a side affect of the tablets im due to be going on my holidays soon so i would like to know so i know i have to take other medication and would like to know what can provent this happening to me im not a sun lover so i dont spent time in it if i can help it.. i would be very greatful if you could help me........... many thanks ## Pfizer are doing 20mg w...

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