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Meloxicam and alcohol safety

I am a regular drinker, but have only taken meloxicam one time ten hours ago. I normally consume 8 to 10 drinks. Can I drink alcohol ten hours after taking meloxicam? ## That is far too much to be consuming regularly, doing so will take its toll on your stomach, and liver, eventually. Please consider lowering your alcohol consumption. As to drinking after taking Meloxicam, I am sorry, but there is no specific safe window that I can quote you. Combining them could result in liver damage, liver failure, stomach irritation, and stomach ulceration, according to FDA warnings. Are you taking any other medications?

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False Positive Meloxicam

I tested positive for THC and i was prescribed Meloxicam for neck/shoulder pain. Will this trigger a false positive? Also, prior I had been taking Ibuprofen 800 mg, Aleve, Tyenol, and Advil. ## I have taken a drug test and it showed positive for thc and coke. I don't use drugs but I have taken meloxicam. ## I tested false positive for Meloxicam on my test yesterday. Can anyone else help with real advice? I have read that it being a methyl type drug can make it show up. Why? How? etc... What can be done after the test to clear me of illicit drug use? ## I have also. We need to be prescribed something else or it will keep doing the false positive and if your a commercial driver they will pull your certifications. Crazy as it us. ## Such a problem does exist but I lost my job and was l...

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How long does it take meloxicam to get out of your system?

I've been taking 15 mg of Meloxicam once a day for about 2 weeks for bursitis. I'm also taking Tylenol approximately 2200 mg per day for pain. I've begun experiencing extreme dizziness just today when getting out of bed. I've notified my Dr. I didn't think and took today's dose of Meloxicam already. Is there anything I can do to help clear this medication out of my system? ## Hello Nana, Unfortunately I don't think there is anything you can do to metabolize the meloxicam any quicker without taking a different type of drug. There are no listed interactions with meloxicam and food or over the counter drugs that would increase the metabolism of your medication. A side note I wanted to let you know is that according to the National Institute of Health, dizziness ...

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Blue Pill Reg No 79437 Ssa Iv

diclofenaco75mg, metocarbamol200mg, dexametasona o.75mg what is in this pill, what will it do,how many can you take for pain, and will it harm you. ## This is Rumoquin N.F. available OTC in Mexico. Arthritis and back pain (muscle relaxant). Best just google it. ## Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to alleviate pain, fever, and swelling. Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxant that is used to alleviate the pain associated with strains, sprains, and spasms. Dexamethasone is a steroid class medication that is used to treat swelling, allergic reactions, and immune disorders. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, mood changes, acne, dry mouth, stomach irritation, drowsiness, and increased risk of b...

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Enbrel biologic and Shingrix shingles vaccine

I have been on Enbrel for several years and wanted to know if anyone in this group has taken the new shingles vaccine Shingrix? If so what was your response? A nurse at Amgen, the maker of Enbrel said she couldn't advise about taking Shingrix while on Enbrel. The Shingrix literature says those on Immune suppressors would get a lesser shingles protective response. Shingrix is not a live vaccine and I think that is the only thing prohibited while on Enbrel. Thanks for your help. ## Hello Mark, I took a look at the manufacturers page and like you previously stated it says that you should not take any live vaccines while on the medication, however, right above that line it states that you should take all vaccines prior to starting this medication. I believe that because they went out of...

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Etoricoxib, Immunosin and Mebaal

Can I take etoricoxib 60 mg even if I am taking immunosin 500mg and mebaal 1500 mg? Etoricoxib is for my painful wrist and immunosin for my immune system because I have no sense of smell; that is why the doctor also prescribed mebaal.

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Side effects for Artribion

I need to know the side effects of Artribion. It is a pill for arthritis and pain. ## I believe that Artribion is not manufactured in the US. Is there any description you can give me so I can locate some information about this drug? Color of the pill? Scored? Shape? Any more information will help me better in assisting you. ## The pill is manufactured in El Salvador. It is red and oval in shape. It's glossy but has no writing in it. ## my mother send me artribion it is a good medicin to the point that I had stop taking arthrotec. ## what are side effects of artribion vitaminado ## artribion ## is from el Salvador is a long skinny red pill,suppose to alleviate arthritis pain ## I would like to know the side effects of Artribion Vitaminado in English language ## I have been using artr...

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Losartan and osteoarthritis

I've been taking Losartan for mild hypertension. I also have terrible arthritis in my hips, knees, toes and back. I was fit before, apart from mild hypertension. I could have walked a marathon this time last year. I asked the doctor could it be Losartan, as I loved walking and now am not able to walk much at all. ## What types of symptoms are you experiencing? Can you please post back and clarify? Do you think it is causing the arthritis, or was it something you already had that you think it might be making worse? I hope my question aren't offensive, I am just trying to get to the root of the problem. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Losartan as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased urination, gout, hypotension, diarrhea, and anorexia. ## I definitely believe ...

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Beline Capsules

I have ankylosing spondylitis and have been taking Beline capsules for nine months with remarkable results. I am largely pain free with an all round feel good benefit. Even a very long standing skin rash has disappeared. When I stop taking them the pain returns quite noticeably. Nonetheless I have strong reservations about herbal medications and intend to consult with my Rheumatologist shortly. Pity!!! ## My wife started Beline Capsules recently for her arthritis with remarkable almost instantaneous relief. I ordered them from the UK and it took forever for them to get to Colorado. Where do you get yours? I share your concern about possible interactions with other drugs and possible negative consequences. ## It's good to hear that they are successfully helping some people. As to pur...

duexis alternative

I have severe bone spurs on my heels and I have been on Duexis for a few years, cutting the dosage to two pills daily from the recommended three. I have recently experienced shortness of breath and cardial infarction symptoms, which I will be getting checked. I recently, because of an annoying rebate program through Horizon Pharma, switched over to ibuprofen and famotidine tabs in an 800/20 mg combination. I read just today that nsaids are now connected to cardial infarction in persons with high propensity (myself). Is it okay for me to reduce the mg of the ibuprofen intake (maintaining the 20mg famotidine) and by how much? ## Hello Matthew, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation. Ibuprofen is used to treat pain, inflammation and reduce fevers. Unfortunately I am not certai...

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ic piroxicam 20 mg

NP20 ## Piroxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, used to treat pain and swelling. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Read more: Do you have any questions? ## how long does it take to relieve the pain in my foot been on it for a week ## can piroxocam be used after experation date 2016 ?

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epleptin problems

Hi there. I have been diagnosed with degeneration in L5,6,7 discs. I gave been put on 100mg epileptic 3 times a day and 120mg arcoxia(1 week only). I am retaining a lot of water and gaining weight. I am desperately trying to lose weight anyway to help my back. What could be causing it and what could I take instead? Are lyrica and epkeptin the same side effects? ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. The Epileptin can cause weight gain as a side effect and water retention, but the water retention is not very common. However, the Arcoxia can also cause fluid retention, as listed by the FDA. Other possible side effects may include nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Yes, Lyrica is in the same class of med...

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plain white oblong pill no imprint

I just happened to buy a bottle of cheap vitamins. Glucosamine to be exact. It is an oblong pill with no markings or scoring. Hope this helps. ## Hi how big is it? Can you measure it please, Thank you ## Hello Nick, Thank you for sharing the information with the community. Just for your information vitamins and supplements do not have to be marked with an imprint like controlled medications do and thus there are bound to be many brands and types of supplements and vitamins that are white oblong pills with no imprint. In fact I have seen certain brands that use one color and shape for all of their vitamins and I can remember myself thinking, but how do they know if they accidentally switched the pills? Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to share this information.

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yellowish oval pill with 15 on one side

Found this pill under my couch oval yellowish pill with 15 on one side what is it ## Hello, Nick! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Lupin Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 15mgs of Meloxicam. The FDA classifies this medication as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What is the name of the drug with the imprint 127 on one side and I on the other

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Meloxicam long term use

I have been taking meloxicam 15 mg once per day for RA for more than six years now. I would like to know whether it is safe to use the drug for such a long duration? I can not stop this drug in my present condition. Is there any data available on this subject? Thanks in advance. ## Hi, Joy! Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so yes there may be some issues caused by long term use, such as stomach ulceration, edema, hypertension, congestive heart failure and liver damage. Is your doctor monitoring you regularly? Usually regular exams and blood tests are the best way to keep an eye on things and head off any problems, before they have a chance to get serious. Learn more Meloxicam details here. ## I have been on Meloxicam for nearly 12 years, refilled by several doctors which I...

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meloxicam migrain side effects?

Just started meloxicam for arthitis. Have history of cancer, crohns desease, fybromyalgia and side effects from steroids being migrains. My doctor felt this would be a good med for my arthitis. Has anyone had history of migrains with this. I had a migrain issue that lasted for 11 days can this be from this? It has been helping with inflamation. Which is a big plus. I'm hoping this is a fluke but i m nervous abut starting up on it again? I do have a history of migrains prior to this med. Just wondering if this trigerd it? What other side effect should I watch for? ## Yes, given meloxicam 7.5mil back in June of 2009 when I had pain in the neck and had a headache. This week doctor gave me a 15mil for back pain not realizing it was meloxicam I had one of the worst migranes. And yes, I h...

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Synap Forte & Normison for Knee Pain - Osteoarthritis

I have been prescribed Synap Forte for a botched knee op and have been told I need a need replacement but am too young. I must manage my pain through pain killers - hence dr prescribing Synap Forte and Normison. I have a heart murmur and ADD. My pharmacist suggested I ask my GP to prescribe an alternative to Synap as this medicatation is dangerous for both my symptoms. What would you suggest I take. ## i would advice to seek advice for systemic Enzymes ( Revozyme Forte) ## Synap Forte contains Caffeine, Dextropropoxyphene, Diphenhydramine, and Paracetamol, thus in this case, I have to agree with your pharmacist. The Caffeine can aggravate your ADD, according to NIH studies, plus in most countries, Dextropropoxyphene has been pulled from the marked due to the rik it creates of dangerous ...

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(mexican herbal) Tratamiento para Artritis... light purple pill 1/2" diameter

Mexican herbal pills for artritis/ingredients - Ajo, Guesima, raiz dela China, Tlachichimol ..seems to work on my hand pain. Any info on ingredients or side effects? ## I am thinking thay they contain Contison because it works like magic but i have gain 5 kg in 1 month ## Please tell me where you purchased these arthritis tablets (purple). Name and address of the homeopathic pharmacy, please. ## My husband has a friend with arthritis too and he gave me the bottle, he lives in Mexico City, let me ask and i'll let you know. ## I'm sorry, but I can't find anything specific listed under this name, because what it really translates to is treatment for arthritis and that brings up a ton of search results and various treatment options. Has anyone else discovered what these tablets ...

Mobic side effects

Has anyone had hair loss after taking Mobic? ## I've been losing tons of hair the past month and just read this. My hairdresser said it's probably either stress or all the meds I'm on for an arthritic condition. I started taking Mobic at the end of February and am now wondering, because of your e-mail, if that is the culprit for all this hair loss. Have you found a definitive answer to the hair loss question yet? ## I started Mobic 3 months ago and am losing lots of hair each day. Mobic works great but will be bald soon if I cannot stop this. Any suggestions? ## I ended up being taken off Mobic because of drop in blood count and slow gastro bleed (had been taking Feldene for about nine months prior), so I can't take any anti-inflammatories anymore...not even OTC Motrin. ...

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keto baclo cyclo flurb lido

I'm cleaning out my medicine cabinet and came across this old RX (cream). It doesn't say what it is for. Can ypu tell me what this RX is used for? ## Hi Suzanne, Based on my research, I believe the abbreviations you mentioned are supposed to correspond with the following list of medications: Ketoprofen (Keto), Baclofen (Baclo), Cyclobenzprine (Cyclo), and Lidocaine (Lido) Apparently the cream itself is meant to be used for inflammation and pain. However, I am unsure of what "Flurb" is supposed to stand for. Do you have any other clues as to what this particular ingredient may be? ## Flurbiprofen is a NSAID that has been available since 1988. It is rarely prescribed in oral form as it has been known to cause spikes or fluctuations in blood pressure and reduces the effecti...

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