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Trying to get off this hell of a drug!

I have been on Effexor xr for 15 years, started at 150mg for about a year & was like a zombie, switched to 75mg where I've been for the past 14years, I've gained so much weight it is killing me, my doctor did every diagnostic - thyroid, PCOS that could possibly make me gain after eating right & running 5k a day. The scale stays the same or rises, we did a hormone evaluation & came to the conclusion that for lack of a better word my metabolism is shot, which can be a side effect of long term Effexor use. She's cut me down to 37.5mg for 2 weeks to wean me off. I am terrified of the side effects when I stop. Are there any suggestions that may make it easier? ## Effexor weaning is a very long process. I started it a year ago at a dose of 75 and the highest (after onl... ...

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Feeling high?!?

How long did it take your body to adjust to the Lyrica? Meaning, how long does it take for the "stoned out of my mind" feeling to go away? ## I've honestly never heard of this happening to anyone on Lyrica, but I suppose it really does effect each person differently. If you think it might help alleviate some symptoms, I would consider asking your doctor about lowering the dose or changing medications all together. There's no reason anyone should continue taking something that's causing more harm than good. How frequently are you taking it? ## I take 75mgs twice a day. It almost feels like I have taken demerol. ## I started taking Lyrica yesterday,for Periperal Neuropathy, 75 mg. a.m. & p.m. I also have that 'off my face' sensation. Glad it's the weeke... ...

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Bupropion SR 150 MG cutting the pill

I have been on Bupropion 150mg XL for years and am now switching to 75mg SR but cutting the 150mg SR pill (MU12) in half per my doctor's directions. Is it safe to cut the pill and take it on a daily basis? The official Mylan site says not to, but that was my doctor's directions. Would like to get other opinions before I start. ## Hello, Gary! How are you? Well, only your doctor can speak to their own rationale, but my best guess would be that since you've already been taking the higher dosage, they don't see much risk of your overdosing by cutting this tablet. Unless you're taking the whole tablet, you won't get the full 150mgs. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia and nervousness. H... ...

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can 10mg Brintellix be split?

Recently (within the last 24-hours) I was FINALLY taken off my Effexor. My blood pressure has been terribly high (189/99 yesterday) for at least two years and I always suspected it was related to my Effexor. My first day off Effexor, my blood pressure was down to 132/75. The Effexor was replaced with 10mg of Brintellix. Sweet lord.... I cannot remember the last time I was, or have ever been, so violently ill. I was sick for HOURS. I tried to replenish my fluids. I was not successful. Well, more accurately, I was able to get some fluids down but they quickly reappeared. I read the enclosed product information and 100% of the Brintellix website. I was unable to find information about splitting the tablets. I realize there is a 5mg tablet, as a dosing option. However, I'm returning bac... ...

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pic of a lortab 75 750

white oval shaped pill with watson 387 one one side ## First off, there is not 75/750 Lortab, it does not come in that high of a dosage. Second, due to copyright reasons, I cannot post a picture, but I can confirm that this is a generic for Lortab, it contains 750mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone. This is a narcotic pain reliever. Some of the most common side effects include drowsiness, nausea and constipation. ...

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help/fake drug

I received an overseas order today of 7.5/750 vicodin es. It is white (maybe a tad off white) exact as the picture and it has the exact imprint..however it tastes like a vitamin (i bit in half) and it is a bit messy if that makes sense, looks crumbly but could be from the ride over from pakistan... is it possible that they completely duplicated the look of a Vicodin 7.5/750? its identical to the picture but im still doubting it. I have a pretty high tolerance to hydro so after taking 2 and half i only feel slight effects ...opinions? please dont judge me. ## I just got a shipment as well... they look like vicodin ES but are slightly off white and kind of smell like a vitamin... i dont know if this is just from the shipping or if they are fake! Anyway i took one and they worked... but im... ...

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cymbalta 150 off to viibryd pack on 10 mg for first weeki

I have been on effexor started the ususal dose and went up to 150 for depression and anxiety, worked at first actually on the 37.5 I was vey happy euphoric I lost 12 poounds in two weeks added plus! but then I was told to double that to 75 mg and then to 150 was doing good but my anxiety creeping up. Doctor switched me to cymbalta 60 mg first 3 days cleaned house felt good then next few days I was very short tempered and angry on the third week I went back for follow up I was starting to sleep better but was tired and kind of out of it all day but anxiety coming back worse, just went back for follow up on that and blood pressure was high so now he switched me to Viibryd started taking the first week dosage of 10 mg today is third day. I am feeling ok but today the head dizziness getttin... ...

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Durgesic 75 fentanyl transdermal system

Does anyone know anything about this. I wear this path daily and change every three days ## Duragesic Info Click Here ## Help, After 3yrs going off the duragesic patches 250mg change every 72hrs or 3 days...withdrwal is so bad thinking of checking into a drug rehab. clinic .Has anyone ever done this on this med ? Or any others , so I know what to expect...signed Scared Skerit? ## Well this is not a med that you should just stop abruptly, especially from that high of a dose. It can be very dangerous, you need a tapering schedule to stop using this med. This med is 80 times stronger than morphine, so you are going from a tremendous amount down to nothing and not only will the withdrawals be horrific, but as I said, it can be dangerous as well. Please talk to a doctor immediately. ## I WAS... ...

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went off thyroid meds feeling really sick

I stopped taking my thyroid meds two weeks ago cause dont have the money for them o was on 75 mg levothrox i feel shakey tired aggitated angry chest hurts throat sore. Amd feel large very tired my blood pressure is also high could it be from this its only been two weeks . ## Hello, Krostie! How are you? Yes, those symptoms could be from going off of the medication, as well as the fact that your thyroid is now left to be out of control. You may also experience nausea, chills and diarrhea, as listed by the FDA. How high is your blood pressure? That could be dangerous, so you need to see a doctor to have it checked it out and rectify this situation. ## I was on the same med and i was so sick and kept blaming it on other things until i did lots of research and found out that that is common.... ...

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Losartan Potassium Cost

Where can I find help for the cost of this drug, since I do not have insurance? I need to take it twice a day. The cost is $100...overwhelming cost as I am on a small pension. Thanks! ## Have you considered looking into Rx drug discount cards? Many of them allow you to save 'up to' 75% off your prescription. I think it would be worth while to give it a shot, just to see how much you can save: RX Discount Card Also, certain manufacturers offer some sort of patient assistance program. If you know the manufacturer of your tablets, I would suggest contacting them to inquire about this service. I hope this helps! ## Depending upon the strength of the tablets you are taking, another option under all circumstances is to get it in a higher strength and score the tablet in half. I take a... ...

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prozac (fluoxetine) effects

I've been on fluoxetine for 6 months, starting off on 20mg and now on 60mg for my ocd. I also take seroquel 75mg daily spread out. Recently i have started to feel really high, like coming up on "xtc". I went to the doctors and they referred it to be SAD seasonal affective disorder, but i feel like its to do with the medication. I feel very spaced, clenched jaw constantly, dizzy and blurred vision. I'm just wondering if anyone else has felt similar? ## I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your medications. I am on 80mg prozac and 300mg seroquel a day. I was taking 25mg seroquel twice daily and the 300mg at night but I found that the prozac was all I needed during the day and stopped taking the 25mg during the day but kept my nightly 300mg of seroquel. The 25mg d... ...

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How many hydrcodone 5/325 are equal to hydrocodone 7.5/750

I have had RA since I was nine. I've been on EVERY RA medication you can think of . I've had hips replaced and revised as well as knee replacements and spine surgery. It's been tough but I'm a fighter. There is such a stigma for pain meds and I do understand why, it's just some of us use these medications as a way to actually live a semi normal productive life, and NOT for a "high" Anyway because of such a stigma I'm trying to wean off some of my pain meds but it's hard. QUESTION:...I am usually given the 7.5/750 pills but a doctor on call for my rheumatologist this week gave me the 5/325. IS THERE A BIG DIFFERENCE? The 5/325 (he didn't feel right giving me what my real dr. generally prescribes me)pill is small, white, oval, has the number 126 on ... ...

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doxepin for pain

I read that not many people use doxepin...I have roaming body pain after a few hours of sleep...Because of an ele., burn of 13,800 volts back in 1991...I have tried to slowly get off the pill...but with in 2 or 3 weeks my night time pain is with me all night...Dose any of you use this pill for the same reason...pain...I have used as high as 150 mg ... but have been on 75mg for 10 years now... ## Doxepin is typically a sleep aid, I have been on as high a dose as 300 mg a day. Pain is better controlled by gabapentin or some of the newer drugs like lyrica or cymbalta. I know about pain as I have fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, a screwed up knee and nueroma in my feet. You seriously need to speak with your doctor or a pharmacist. Pain can be overcome with the right meds. ...

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couponor co-pay assistance for nevanac

I have been on Nevanac for over a year. My co-pay, although high 70.00 was doable. Toady I went to pick up my meds only to find my copay, with Blue Cross is now 296.00 which I cannot afford. Could you please send me any coupons or co-pay assistance programs or I will be forced to either use a more reasonably proced product OR go off of the meds completely. I have a macular pucker/epi retinal membrane. Thank you. BTW: my normal copay for other medications is 5.00 to 10.00 with Blue Cross. ## Hi Sharyn, How are you? Just wanted to let you know that MedsChat also offers a free Rx Savings Card that can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies across the US. It reportedly helps you save anywhere from 15-75% off your prescription. You can view/print more details in the link below: Rx Savings Card So... ...

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Hydroco/apap 7.5/500

Just wondering if this was a typo..7.5/500? All I can find is 7.5/650 and 750. I know it is generic Vicodin but am worried about the directions saying take 1 or 2 when the previous script was for 5-500 and only was directed as take 1... I do not want to take more than before...5-500 was more than enough,.. Need to know if I should break in half..... ## Can you provide the imprint from the tablets? Including all letters, numbers, and/or logos? Then I can double check the dosage for you and the normal dose taken. It is made in that dosage, however, if your doctor did not mention changing your dosage, I would recommend calling their office to check, or checking with your pharmacist. It is not severely higher than the 7.5, but your doctor or pharmacy may have made a mistake. ## about hydroc... ...

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So much for Fortesta

Well after one month on Fortesta, Endo decided they would cancel their savings card, without telling anyone... After co-pay the cost is $155, just too much to spend. Going back on injections... Looked like it might work OK but not cool of them cancelling their card and nobody finding out until they go to refill and hear the extremely high cost. I would imagine a lot of people will be making a switch. ## Hi David R, Are you referring to Endo's patient assistance program or is there a specific drug savings coupon that the manufacturer used to provide? Curious because this site also offers a drug savings card that can help cut costs by up to 15% - 75% off your Rx, potentially giving you a significant discount. You can view more details about it on the following page: Rx Savings Card Ju... ...

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Spironolactone for acne

Hiya, I have had severe acne since about 9 years old (I know, started early) and it has been a constant battle. I have had every antibiotic and treatments under the sun and the only one that seemed to do anything was Roaccutane which I was on for nearly 2 years. Of course, 6 months after coming off, my acne came back and so my dermatologist suggested trying Spironolactone as he didn't feel comfortable with me being on Roaccutane any longer. I started off with 25mg for about 3 months and then increased this to 50mg and now I'm on 75mg and I'm still really struggling with my acne!! It's been about 6 months now and I had high hopes and now I'm close to giving up. I'm also really worried about the side effects, especially long term. About 2 months ago I ended up in h... ...

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vicodin 7 5 750 or norco 75 325

Norco 750 white with pink dots ## Prescription drugs that contain Acetaminphen are not allowed to have more than 325 mg of Acetaminphen now. ## @Michelle, Post #1 is correct. Acetaminophen is capped out at 325mg now-a-days. So the old Vicodin's with 750mg of Acetaminophen are no longer being made. However you can still get the 7.5mg dose of Hydrocodone. I wouldn't want such high amounts of Acetaminophen in my tablets anyways though since the risk of liver damage is always there. Makes me wonder why they still bother putting Acetaminophen in medications, seeing that it offers very little benefits vs risks. Did you also have any specific questions regarding these pills? I noticed that your thread title/description are pretty vague, but thought I'd offer a second opinion none-t... ...

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I am I fentanyl patch 25 every 2 days and norco10/325 4times a day the pain control is not strong enough

I have my appointment with pain management tomorrow. I am on fentanyl patch 25 every 48 hours and norco 10/325 four times a day it isn't working and my quality of life stinks any suggestions what I could be switched to. Since it has to be done when I see him. ## I need help finding a stronger or different medicine for my pain management . Fentanyl patch 25 every 48 hours and norco 10/325 four times a day it wears off to fast and I can't enjoy my life ## I would be surprised if your pain doc. didn't put you a higher patch. The 25mg is just a starting dosage to see how you tolerate the drug. I was on a 25. every 72 hrs. plus narco's as needed, then upped 50mg every 72hrs. Now am on 75mg. every 72 hrs. plus narco's as needed and get good pain relief from that plus twice... ...

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Synthroid allergy-lips swollen and chapped

I had thyroid taken out in May of this year. Started taing generic version of synthroid-75mcg. I had no problems. Went in July to endo doc and tsh levels were 23 so she raised to 100mcg. Has my RAi-100miC-with no problems in mid July. Started getting chapped lips end of August. Endo doc attributed to not at correct TSH levels. Levels still high at 6 so medicine raised to 125mcg. I had 100mcg left so for 3 weeks took M-F 100mcg x 1 and then Sat and Sun took 100mcg x 2. Still having issues w lips so tried zinc oxide and hydrocortisone w some success. Went off medicine for 4 days and lips went back to normal. So seems like allergic reaction. Since still having problems tried generic non dye pill and that did not work. I then did round of 6 day pack of prednisone and was on name brand Tiros... ...

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