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Synthroid and Levothyroxine tablets taste just like SUGAR! 16 REPLIES
name brand vs. generic 12 REPLIES
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vision and balance problems

I have taken eltroxin for many years. In May of 2010, my doctor changed my meds to synthroid. since early June, I have experienced vision problems with blurring,double vision,broken lines,etc. One optometrist i saw said he thought it was systemic and noted that thyroid problems are notorious for causing vision problems. i had my blood work done and numbers were realy high(75) so my doctor increased the synthroid meds to .125mg . I have dizziness and poor balance especially when changing planes,i.e. from sitting to standing. i can't trust my ability to walk alone across any empty space,mall hallway,etc.I had also experienced nausea ,always in the forenoon. my doctor thinks it is not the synthroid but the thyroid numbers being so high. Could this be the synthroid? ## I am having the s...

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Side effects of thyronorm 50mcg

What are the side effects of Thyronorm 50mcg if a person takes an excess dose? ## Taking too much can make the usual side effects more severe, it could make someone very sick and in a real excessive amount, it could cause death. The normal side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and insomnia. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## i had my bypass 9 months back and i take thyranom 100mg as i have hypothyroid.My question is why is my weight gaining so much and when should i take my meal after taking this pill and i get lot of weakness please help me ## Amina, as I said, weight gain is a normal side effect, it can happen because of your Thyroid condition, as well as from the medication itself. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? The same applies to the weakne...

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Synthroid and Levothyroxine tablets taste just like SUGAR!

I took levothyroxine tablets for over 2 years then stopped. Why did I stop? Because they did absolutely nothing for me -- I kept gaining weight and continued to have all the same symptoms I had prior to taking them. BUT, the most important reason I stopped taking them was because I chewed a tablet (out of mere curiosity) and it tasted just like SUGAR! Oh so sweet. why do they make a tablet taste like sugar when the instructions are to swallow it whole and NOT suck or chew it? (because they don't want you to discover it tastes like sugar). I believe that Levothyroxine and Synthroid (& most likely all other medication like these) are just SUGAR and that we are all being greatly DECEIVED. I recently went to my GP and she urged me to go back on Levothyroxine for my underac...

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Synthroid and yellow tongue

My tongue is always yellow. It's not my oral hygiene. I have been on Synthroid for years. Could it be the cause? ## Hello, Donia! How are you? Is the only medication you take regularly? I didn't find anything specifically listed about Synthroid/Levothyroxine causing this, but there are so many things that can, including foods, beverages, and oral care items that it's hard to be sure. Ref: Medline Plus Synthroid Is there anything that you eat, or drink every day that might be causing it? Have you spoken to your doctor, or dentist about it? ## I have same problem, I want to stop my medicine, it has been 5 days I am not taking, instead I am taking 2 drops of Lugol’s Idoine in the mornings.

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combitic global caplet tiroy-100

I just received a refill for what is supposed to be a generic for Synthroid in blister packs. The generic name on the packet is l-thyroxine sodium and looks like the name brand is Tiroy-100 and indicates it is manufactured by Combitic Global Caplet. The pill itself is small pale orange round shaped. There are no markings on the pill. I went to their website, which is very low rent looking, to look for a photo of their pills to make sure it was authentic and l-thyroxine sodium, Tiroy-100, or thyroid meds do not turn up as being manufactured by this company. Does anyone know if what I received is a good brand? Now I'm afraid to take them. ## No answer for you, but I ordered 200mg and just received it. Have you taken it? If so, how do you feel? ## has anyone used albendazole tablets IP...

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Synthroid menstrual changes side effect

Hi, ever since I started taking synthroid my cycle got much longer and reproductive hormones tests did not come great (low FSH, low LH, high oestradiol, high prolactin). TSH and T4 is ok though so my doctor is happy with dose (and I'm waiting for referral to endo). I can't find anywhere if it's a side effect that goes away by itself as body adjusts or is there something really wrong. Feeling anxious but my wait to see endo could be a while. Anyone knows anything? They only say that hair falling out is a temporary thing (luckily don't have that!) But nothing about other side effects... ## Yes, menstrual, and hormonal, irregularities are a reported side effect of Synthroid, along with nausea, diarrhea, muscle weakness, and insomnia. So, things should improve, once your bod...

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levothyroxin tab

I am allergic to the dye in the 112mcg Synthroid tablets. Does anyone know of a 112mcg that is white??? Levothyroxine ? I am now taking 2 pills on 5 days and 3 pills on 2 days. 50mcg each. ## I am allergic to the dye as well, and should be on 112 mcg. too. I like your idea of 2 pills (white..50 mcg.) for 5 days, and 3 pills for 2 days. So glad you posted your idea. Splitting the pills just doesn't work. If any Manufactures are reading this, please refrain from putting dyes in meds!!! Serious side effects can result, and the dyes make it difficult for some of us to take the proper dosage amounts that are prescribed. ## Your pharmacy should be able to provide you with a dye free option, though they may have to order a supply in for you, so it is best to make sure to alert them to the ...

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Armor 60 Mg Vs Synthroid 0 112 Mug

I have been on synthroid for approx 11 years. Some of my symptoms never went away. Cold hands &feet, losing (it does grow back, but I have a million baby hairs on my head) hair, etc. I read somewhere that changing from a strictly T4 (Synthroid) to a T3T4 (Armour) thyroid medicine would help. My doctor gave me the new medicine Armour 1 GR (60mg). I was on synthroid 0.112MG). Did my doc give me too high a dose of the new amrour medicine? I want my symptoms to go away but I don't want to overdose. Help! ## I was on Synthroid 0.112mg and the Dr. put me on Armour Thyroid 3GR. which is 180mg. I would say that your dose is closer to the equivelant of Synthroid then mine. I don't know what my last TSH, T4 levels were so I hope thats why he gave me such a high dose... All I know is I...

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What does 100 MCG mean vs 0.1 MG?

I ran out of synthroid. It shows 0.1MG. I got a temporary bottle that shows 100MCG. Are they the same? ## Hi Lucille, Conversion tools verify that 100mcg (micrograms) is actually equal to 0.1mg (milligrams), so you should have nothing to worry about as far as taking the correct dosage is concerned. If you were given the temporary bottle by another pharmacy, that could explain why they used a different measurement than you were used to seeing. I hope this helps! ## Do you have to eat when taking leverothryroxin? 0.1 mg ## Hi. I am taking methylcobalamin 500 MG inj. every two weeks, but when you convert mg to mcg you get very high numbers. I am concerned that I am talking too much. Please help! Thank you ## You need to have an empty stomach. The best is to take it 1/2 before you begin you...

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thyroid meds and high blood pressure

My drug store has switched my thyroid manufacturer from Mylan to Lanne. Since taking the same dosage of 88 mcg, my blood pressure has gone up considerably and I don't normally have high blood pressure. I have some of the older ones and have taken them for the last 3 days and my bp is back to normal. Is this just a coincidence or should I talk to the drug store? I also feel jittery in the neck area. I had the radio active iodine treatment 3 years ago. I feel like my thyroid is out of wack again. I don't have an appointment with my endocrinologist for 3 more months. ## I have been taking a 125mg synthroid and have gain extremely weight! I have to be cleared to have surgery but i think my levels off do you think i will Be cleared? Since i have gain so much weight does this mean my ...

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Synthroid sweet taste

Idk where to start and after taking my morning synthroid 0.075mcg it's so sweet. I get my prescription filled via mail-order at OptumRX. I have been using them for a year and a half since I changed insurance. This is when I started noticing the sweet taste. I'm thinking they are sugar pills or placebos. My weight just keeps slowing going up up up! And I CAN'T get it off. I am Diabetic with HBP and I have tried to get my dr to increase my synthroid but she won't. So this morning (which I know was wrong) I ended up taking a total of 4. I'm telling you it's some form of sugar! I see this same question over and over but it's like the question is NOT properly answered! What's going on with our meds? The pharmaceutical companies already make a killing on prices...

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Synthroid (Levothyroxine)

I'm taking 137 mgs right now but when my thyroid was down the Dr. gave me a different mg level, but I can't remember if this is what it was, but it sure gave me energy and I lost weight, but then he changed it and said that I'm where I should be and if I continued it I would get osteoarthritis as the dr said that I'm right on the borderline. I wish I could remember the mgs, because I felt so good and didn't have any problems on that mg level and I ask him if I could go back on it and he said no. Thank You Linda ## Well, there is, of course, no way for us to know for sure, what that dosage was, but I am betting you just hit a dosage that worked better for you than your current one. Whether it was a higher or lower dosage, our bodies do sometimes do better with a certa...

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thyroxine sodium tablets 100 mg instead of synthroid 75 mcg

My wife is taking Thyroxin Sodium 100 mg for thyroid manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline India. Now I am in Canada and was taking the same with the consultation of the Doctor. Now the test is done and the thyroid is low. Now the doctor recommended Synthroid 75 mcg. My question is that whether I can take Throxin sodium instead of synthroid. ## Hi Subhash, Based on my research, Synthroid contains Levothyroxine; which is a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine is the natural hormone that is secreted by the thyroid gland. I can understand why you prefer the Thyroxine since it's not synthetic, but if your doctor suggested that you take the Synthroid (75 mcg) I'm sure he/she's just trying to do what's in your best interest. Nonetheless, if you like how the ...

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small round yellow pill with flint onone side and 100 on the other

Small round pill with flint 100 on it ## This is Synthroid 0.1mg. It is used for people who have problems with their thyroid. ## Yes i take that dose myself, i actually take 2 doses between 1mg and 88mg. My thyroid doctor is trying to get me on the right dose right now for my tsh level. I want to be on 1mg, cause i feel my body works better with that dose but he feels that is too high for me. Because i had cancer in my thyroid before it was removed and my tsh is still high but that is his opinion against mine, its doctors against patients as usual. ## This is correct, the tablet is manufactured by Knoll Pharmaceutical Company and they list it as containing 100mcgs of Synthroid, which is used to treat thyroid disorders. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea,...

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Is Synthroid ever short-term?

I am about to start on Synthroid, and was wondering if anyone ever went off it once they went on -- would your symptoms be the same as they were before, just not better as they (hopefully) were on Synthroid? I'm leery of having to be on medication for the rest of my life ... wondering if it's worth it to just put up with the symptoms unless they get intolerable. ## My wife was on Synthroid for 6 years. We were frustrated with the lack of improvement of hypothyroid symptoms. We did not like the side effects like heart palpitations. We tried Armour and now Nature Thyroid and have seen a reduction in hypothyroid symptoms. Synthroid is not an exact match to thyroid hormone and will not help people who have conditions that inhibit the bodies ability to convert T4 to T3 the active ver...

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Synthroid side effects

Is itching a side effect of taking Synthroid? My number is 9 (normal range .40 - 5.50) How much should I be taking? Thank You ## I just got put on Synthroid. Are there any possible side effects with my Thyroid? I am on 25 mcg. ## Yes, that can be a side effect, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. You should take the dosage that has been prescribed for you. Are there any other questions?

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What prescription drugs contain sulfur?

I have blisters on my tongue. I know that I am allergic to the atom sulfur as well as sulfa drugs. Do synthroid or trazodone contain sulfur? ## There are far too many to possibly list them all here. Synthroid, however, contains Levothyroxine and neither it, nor the Trazodone are sulfur based, to my knowledge, but you should check with your pharmacist to be sure, since I don't know what all the inactive ingredients may be. Are your doctor and pharmacist aware of your allergy? Can you post back with more information, such as the company that makes the Trazodone that you take, so I can check it for you? ## Does anyone know if I can use hydrocodone7.5 for break through pain. I am taking Oxycodone HCL 15mg for pain management but it's not holding my pain? ## Do the following meds con...

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Levothyroxine Synthroid

This drug has cauued me many of problems I have been put on different mg. several times and it does the same thing after a long period of time on this drug you develope several different things to your body like hair loss,headaches,dizzy,slured speach,puffy eyes,sleep disorders,Equilibrium loss,change of mind from always being tired out and sleeping to many hours this medication has done more harm to me than any good ## I take levothyroxine synthroid as well. I have had many of the side effects mentioned by others, which are also characteristic of hypothyroidism. Now, my pituitary gland (TSH level .006) has almost shut down. My doctor lowered my dosage of thyroid med but still is too low. I am going through more blood tests to determine how my pituitary gland is working overall. My T3 a...

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Drug allergy skin rash

I have been suffering from a drug allergy reaction for 5 months. This has been confirmed by skin biopsies. I have discontinued all my meds except Synthroid and I am still breaking out with skin rashes. I was switched to the dye free .5 tablet - I take 2 1/2 tablets . I want to discontinue the Synthroid for a few months to test if I am allergic to it. My doctor says no, do not discontinue and he will not switch me to a natural thyroid hormone. He does not want to believe that I can be allergic to this med. I called several other doctors and they said they do not prescribe natural thyroid hormone. What can I do? I need to know if I am allergic to this. Can I stop it for a while? What else can I take that is not Levothyroxine? Please help. ## The only sure way to know if synthroid is causi...

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English medication name to Spanish

I'm trying to find out what the Spanish names are for the medication I take. Will be moving the Central America and need to know the Spanish names for all the medications I take. ## What medications are they? Without knowing that, I really can't help you. However, if you can post back with more details, I'll gladly do some research and see what I can find to help. :-) ## Could you tell me the equivilent tablet to rosuva in spain ## Synthroid, Pravastatin, hydrochlorothiazide, Premarin, verapamil HCL Er, lorazepam, Trazodona. Thank you for any help you can give me.. ## @Lynn, I wasn't able to locate a spanish name for all of your medications, but what I did find is posted below: Synthroid (Spanish name: Eutirox) Pravastatin (Mexican Brand Names: Astin; Brakhor; Brufincol;...

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