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Inconsistent Fortesta blood tests

I have used Fortesta gel for five years, two pumps per day. Blood test levels fluctuate widely, anywhere between 96 and 1465 (total testosterone) over the period. In the last six months it went from 1465 to 96. Then back up the next time. Is there an issue with the product or do some individuals react differently? My original test five years ago was 200. How much would the level change in a week if the product was discontinued? ## It is normal for it to fluctuate, based on your activity, your diet, and your own natural hormone levels, and you will never see one regular, consistent number from one check to the next. Most doctors aim for getting you within a certain normal range. Beyond that, I am sorry to say that I don't really have an answer for you. I have a friend in Canada who h...

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fortesta & androgel

Have tried both Fortesta & Androgel 1%. Fortesta caused a HORRIBLE itchy rash with peeling and the start of blisters. Switched to Androgel, and have redness that resembles sunburn all over the application site after only two uses. What specific ingredients would cause this, and is there a different gel that is better than these two?

Fortesta at Night

I've been taking Fortesta in the morning, but as I'm always rushing, sometimes I forget. I would rather take at night - helps me maintain a more reliable schedule - is that a huge problem? I know all the literature seems to indicate to take in the AM. Also, I am currently on four pumps. Is that a normal/typical dose and how many of you guys have experienced weight gain with this. Thanks, ## Hello, JT! How are you? The instructions do say to use it in the morning and it is know that our hormones can fluctuate throughout the day, so there may be good reason they tell you to use it then. Thus, I'd suggest asking your doctor, before you make the change. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything el...

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fortesta 2 times a day

Can you use fortesta 2 times a day? Such as morning and evening. ## Hello, Jim! How are you? You should only use it according to your doctor's prescribing instructions. Using too much could result in a hormone imbalance the other way and too high of a level can also cause many medical issues. When was your testosterone level last checked? ## It's been about 4 months since my last test. I can tell my level drops off significantly after 8 hrs. Another application and I feel much better. ## Of course you could split the dosage in 12hr shifts. The peak after dosing is the fourth hr w/second-fifth hr being the sweet spot. But, in doing so you lose the euphoria of the fourth hr peak which will now be half as much though twice a day. In once a day dose you start feeling the effect at o...

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Fortesta application site

4 pumps of fortesta to the inner thigh is very greasy. I was on androgel before I was switched to fortesta due to insurance other than transfer issues to other people are other application sites ok? Or will they absorb even better? I would much rather spread it on other approved gel areas so that it might dry faster. ## Hello, Mike! How are you? As far as I know, the transfer to women and children is the primary issue, but it would be best to double check that with your doctor or pharmacist. Is there anything else I can help with? ## So, if Forteo can be taken for only 2 years because of it's potential to cause Bone Cancer, has anyone been told by a Doctor as to what a Woman's supposed to do for Osteoporosis after that?!?

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Dry, itchy, red irritation

I was reading through the previous questions and I see that it is pretty common to have irritated skin after use with the gel. My first question is, I use 4 pumps every morning can I apply lotion to the application site after the gel dries? Or maybe a few hours after? Another question I have is, my prescription says to apply in the morning. But I work 3rd shift. Is it absorbed better in the AM hours? Or can I apply it after I have awoke around 10 which is my "morning" is there really any difference between application times? I talked to my pharmacist as well as my doctors NP but neither were able to give me a clear defined answer. ## Hello, Jay! How are you? The reason it's stated to apply in the morning, is because it's supposed to be done after showering or bathing. Th...

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Fortesta applied under arms

Hello! I'm soon to be switching from Axiron to Fortesta. Can the Fortesta be applied under the arms/armpits the way Axiron is? Even using the applicator that is used with Axiron? Just curious as it would seem easy to apply that way. Thank you! ## Hello, Guessto! How are you? Actually, the Fortesta instructions say that it should be applied on to the front and inner thigh. They do not specify why it is different from other products, but following their guidelines would be the best thing to do, unless your doctor approves for you to use a different place to apply it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello Verwon, Thank you so much for replying! Yes, I'm aware of where the Fortesta is supposed to be applied (front or inner thigh area). I know technically directions should...

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When applying should you rub it in until it is dry or just smear it around

I want to know what is the best way to apply fortesta because I'm getting inconsistent blood levels even though I do the same process every day. I've been rubbing the gel in until it's dried (like you would do with a lotion) but maybe it's just supposed to be spread into a smooth layer on your skin and allowed to air dry. I am applying to the inner/front thigh as specified in the directions. ## Hello, Townie! How are you? I don't know of anyone that gets consistent levels, even using these supplements. Many have even reported a good level after a month or so of use, then a sudden dip, again. However, the application instructions do say to spread it evenly and then give it a few minutes to dry, so I'm assuming you're not supposed to completely rub it in. The F...

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skin irritation

can you apply triamcinolone acetonide ointment to the red and irritated spots from the use of the gel. ## Hello, Harry! How are you? I wouldn't suggest doing so, unless your doctor has told you to. It may cause more irritation, since it contains a steroid, which is the Triamcinolone. Sometimes, it can make certain skin conditions or irritation worse. Its typical side effects may include skin redness, irritation and acne. How badly is the Fortesta irritating your skin? Have you consulted your doctor about it?

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So much for Fortesta

Well after one month on Fortesta, Endo decided they would cancel their savings card, without telling anyone... After co-pay the cost is $155, just too much to spend. Going back on injections... Looked like it might work OK but not cool of them cancelling their card and nobody finding out until they go to refill and hear the extremely high cost. I would imagine a lot of people will be making a switch. ## Hi David R, Are you referring to Endo's patient assistance program or is there a specific drug savings coupon that the manufacturer used to provide? Curious because this site also offers a drug savings card that can help cut costs by up to 15% - 75% off your Rx, potentially giving you a significant discount. You can view more details about it on the following page: Rx Savings Card Ju...

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I put it on 7:00 a.m. and shower in the evening at 7:00 p.m. How long are you to keep it on to get the full benefit of the daily dose. I use 2 pumps each leg. 40mg. Thanks!!! ## Hello, Harry! How are you? Yes, once you apply it and the area dries is really all the time it takes for you to absorb it, so a long time span isn't required at all. Thus, 12 hours from your shower should be perfectly fine. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Fortesta questions

Hello Doctor put me on Fortesta for low testosterone level. I'm 44 and the level was 187. Been feeling pretty low, etc. The usual symptoms. Been on it about a week now. 4 pumps a day. Couple of questions: 1. Seems to take about 3-4 hours to completely dry. That seem right? 2. Leaving a red itchy patch at application site. Alternating daily, but running out of real estate on the inner thigh so to speak, before the area heals and can handle another application. Any recommendations to relieve the red itchy patches so that I can re-apply to the area sooner? Thanks! ## Hi BDD, I'm not sure what the answer would be to your first question, but if you're still concerned about the red itchy patches, I would personally recommend rubbing a couple drops of lavender essential oil (perhap...

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Another Fortesta application site question

Is the main concern with application site the issue of transfer to other surfaces/people/pets etc? I'm having to switch to Foresta from Androgel, and my preferred site for Androgel was the chest/abdomen area, which worked well (verified by blood levels). Fortesta seems to take longer to dry and is irritating my thigh a little, and if transfer is the only issue, I'd like to try it on the chest; I can manage the transfer issue. ## Hello, Brad! How are you? That risk is the only reason they list, but you should double check with your doctor, in case there may be some other issue at play. Learn more Fortesta details here. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Fortesta Card

My Fortesta card makes my total 106. Now I was told that the pharmacy when they run through my insurance and then apply my discount card that is why it's 106 but if I didn't have insurance then it would be more. Is this true because everything i read is that the card is used cause they don't have insurance. ## Hello, Jason! How are you? The card doesn't replace insurance, per se, it just provides a discount, so yes, you'd pay more if you didn't have insurance. By stacking the card and your insurance, you are saving more money than someone that would only be using one or the other. Learn more Fortesta details here. Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Shoulder chest

What happens if you apply it to your chest shoulder area. ## It is absorbed better in certain areas and some areas leave it exposed to women or children that you may be around. Thus, manufacturers usually try to instruct you to apply it to areas where the maximum amount of the dosage is absorbed and where it can be more easily covered to prevent exposing other people. Learn more Fortesta details here. Are there any other questions or concerns?

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After fortesta dry

After fortesta dry, is it safe to tough and how long can it be left on before washing the area ## It should be left for at least 2 hours, before washing the area or swimming. And no, in general you just shouldn't touch the area, since you may transfer some of the hormone to other surfaces or other people. Learn more Fortesta details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## no, you answer my question.

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BEWARE. Using the Fortesta card does not mean you get the full amount of discount of 12 uses/24 uses. They have changed to cost on the discount twice even though my card says 12 uses. Cost me $109 the second time and even though it said 12 uses, they changed it and it cost $399. My insurance does not cover it and does not apply to deductable..

Application Site

Why can't Fortesta be applied to the shoulders and arms like Androgel? Is there a specific reason for applying it to the inner thighs? ## Hi, Jim! From what I've found on the FDA's information sheet, it appears that it's so powerful that when women and children have inadvertently come into contact with even trace amounts from someone else being treated with it, it has created problems, such as early puberty, hormonal imbalance and unexpected hair growth in women and etc. Thus, it's strictly recommended that it be applied to the thighs, where it will be covered by clothing. You can learn more Fortesta details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks for the reply. I've been on AndorGel for seven years and was just switched over because of insurance ...

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Fortesta Gel

Is real FORTESTA Gel (testosterone) available online? ## Fortesta gel (testosterone) in and of itself happens to be a prescription medication, so you'd ultimately have to get it through your doctor or some other legitimate online pharmacy that requires a prescription. There are tons of other OTC testosterone supplements on the market though, that may end up working just as well in the long run. If interested, I'd recommend checking out your local health food store or Vitamin Shoppe / GNC to get an idea of what they have to offer. I hope this helps! ## Thanks David, that was a great answer ... jnlv6868

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Fortesta applied to genitals

The Question About Applying Fortesta to Genitals Says Some Serious Effects My question is what are those serious effects? ## I haven't been able to find anything specific, other than that most warnings specifically say not to apply it to any part of the body that may come into contact with the scrotum. Learn more Fortesta details here. That means there are a few possible reasons, it may cause severe irritation of the skin there or since the skin tends to be very thin in that area, it may cause too much of the medication to be absorbed. There are other possibilities as well, but far too many to list. It's really just best to follow the instructions and heed th warnings for you own safety. Are there any other questions or comments?

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