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BDD Says:

Doctor put me on Fortesta for low testosterone level. I'm 44 and the level was 187. Been feeling pretty low, etc. The usual symptoms. Been on it about a week now. 4 pumps a day. Couple of questions:
1. Seems to take about 3-4 hours to completely dry. That seem right?
2. Leaving a red itchy patch at application site. Alternating daily, but running out of real estate on the inner thigh so to speak, before the area heals and can handle another application. Any recommendations to relieve the red itchy patches so that I can re-apply to the area sooner? Thanks!

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David Says:


I'm not sure what the answer would be to your first question, but if you're still concerned about the red itchy patches, I would personally recommend rubbing a couple drops of lavender essential oil (perhaps diluted in a lotion) around the irritated area of skin. Lavender has many applications for wound healing and is regarded as one of the best natural options for such purposes.

I hope this advice helps!

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BDD Says:

Thanks much, will give it a try.

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Allen Says:

I would tell your doctor and ask for something else. That happened to me too. I read the paper that came with the medication and it mentions a high skin irritation. My doctor switched me to AndroGel 1.62% and I don't have any more problems. Plus it is only 2 pumps a day and no rotation of sites. I feel much better now!

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BDD Says:

Great. I see him tomorrow. Androgel quick to dry? Fortesta is taking about 2-3 hours. I may also ask about the patch, Thanks!

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Morgan Says:

I use Fortesta and pump two times for each application (4 pumps total) and it dries pretty fast - I think there's alcohol compound with the med so it should be drying almost on contact. I do get erythema lately - not sure if it's because I'm not shaking the bottle before applying or because it's a generic cheap product from my pharmacy.

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