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advinza 130MGL EVERY24 HRS.

was taking duragesic 2/100ugl every 2days.after failed c4/c/5 fusionPLUSI BEEN TAKING 4/30 MG.OXYCODONES THE LAST 2PLUS YEARS /OR SINCE SURGERY IN FEB OF 2002.......IT SEEMS I AM IMMINE TO MOST PAINKILLERS,,,ANY SUGGESTIONS/??????????????????PLESE TRY TO HELP ME ...SEEMS I AM FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE....THE FIGHT IS ALMOST GONE....IF NOT GONE ALREADY ## Avinza is a brand of Morphine. How is it working for you? ## Mark is correct, the active ingredient in Avinza is Morphine. Have you ever taken it, before? It did work well for me for pain, when other medications failed to help. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

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what pain medications can be prescribed along with diladud k/4 to help with pain?

my diladud is working but good enough on at least 3 days a week where i'm bed stuck., Is there another pain medication that can be added safely to help me through these days. These people have helped me a lot but sometimes i just dont know whether to speak up for myself or what to ask for,,thanks ## Hello, Bug! How are you? Of course you can talk to your doctor about the problem, no one is going to be your advocate, except for you! However, it would be a bad idea to try to ask for any specific medication, because most doctors will see that as being drug seeking behavior. It would be best to just discuss the issue with them and let them suggest a solution. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I wear a pain patch - duragesic to go with my dilaudid this way I only have to take th...

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help for severe migraine pain current medications 100 mcg Duragesic and Vicodin

I have severe migraines I am currently taking 100 mcg of Duragesic patch changed every 48 hours and 5 10mg Vicodin. I have have bad reactions to preventative medications, chiropractic antidepressants and have built up a tolerance to pain meds. My pain is so severe I can't keep my food down. Does any one know if there is a higher dosage of Duragesic/Fentynal that would help with the pain. I am miserable and so sick I don't want to get up. ## Ask your doctor for vistaril it will cut that nausa down . It is both drugs giving you the nausea but you have to eat something .. Soup.. Canned broth ## Durgesic does come in higher doses. I've heard if 250 mcg. Be aware if you get a terminally ill disease such as cancer, this is what is used to treat it. Nothing stronger. ## I have canc...

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Fentanyl patches generic Sandoz where?

I'm in Massachusetts and just lost my Blue Cross that was covering the Duragesic Jansen 100 and 25 mg patches. Now I'm on Massachusetts Health and they won't cover the brand name, which compared to the generic is a big difference in the amount of Fentanyl. For example the 100 has 16.8mg of Fentanyl per patch vs the generic only has 10.55 by mylan. The 25 only has 2.4 I believe and the brand name is 4.2. That's a big difference to me when these name brand are barely making my pain tolerable. I've been on the generic before and they are definitely not even close to the brand name. My question is, I found the generic brand Sandoz that has equivalent amount of medicine in each patch but I cant find pharmacies that carry it or that will order it for me. Like I said I'...

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No Duragesic In Los Angeles

My pharmacy and spine doctor are both very reputable. I went in as normal to get my 45 duragesic (fentanyl) patches in 50 mcg strength and was told pharmacy is out of stock and cannot order anymore! Each and every pharmacy says they have it and when I go in to get the prescription filled they say they are out. The range is Walgreens, CVS, hospital pharmacies, you name it and I have spent all day on buses to other locations. I live in SFV and Santa Monica. I called the Attorney General, the Governor, the manufacturer, DEA - no one will talk and most say they are unaware of the problem. All pharmacies tell me they are unable to order them. What is going on? I must be targeted for some reason and have asked. No one is complaining or posting any concerns. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. I AM SENIOR W...

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duragesic patch 50mg withdrawals

Been on these patches for 8 yrs doctor said he was taking me off ( cold turkey)well it's 2 and 1/2 months when does the withdrawals stop I've been diagnost now for extreme aniexty,depression,restless legs, no energy,fatigue,insomnia,no appetite,visiting the toilet more often, heart beats fast at times, headaches ,there's more but this is what I'm going thru and so many days go by and I can't take it , does anybody know how long will this last have anyone gone thru this please would like to know if this is what it is ## Hello, Bonzi! How are you feeling? Those can be withdrawal effects, according to the FDA, but they usually only last for a week, or two. Since it's been over 2 and half months, I highly doubt you're still experiencing withdrawal effects. Are yo...

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New Duragesic patch not working

Recently the Duragesic patch I have been using has been changes from what used to look like a liquid and now is just a small flat patch. With the previous design I was able to walk and do things. Now, even though I have had the dosage increased, I am in constant pain and rarely get out of bed. I am young so this concerns me. I am trying to find out if any company still manufactures this old design. Thank you for any help. ## Duragesic contains the active ingredient Fentanyl, this is a very powerful narcotic used to treat severe, chronic pain. As to the design, it may just be that your pharmacy had a generic from a different manufacturer and their formulation just doesn't work as well for you. Have you tried asking if they still have or can get the ones from the prior manufacturer? Y...

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Need pain Dr in Dallas Texas for Duragesic patches

My Dr has moved. I am now without a Dr for my patches...I only have 4 left. Two Drs I went to do not prescribe. Please help. Thank you... ## Hello, Jeri! How are you? If you require such a strong narcotic for pain management, you'll need to see a pain management specialist and if you're going to doctors and just asking if they'll prescribe it, they'll usually see that as being drug seeking behavior and just tell you no. You need to see a new doctor and basically let your medical records speak for you. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in that area? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I went to a pain Dr. She was the worst Dr I have ever...

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Durgesic 75 fentanyl transdermal system

Does anyone know anything about this. I wear this path daily and change every three days ## Duragesic Info Click Here ## Help, After 3yrs going off the duragesic patches 250mg change every 72hrs or 3 days...withdrwal is so bad thinking of checking into a drug rehab. clinic .Has anyone ever done this on this med ? Or any others , so I know what to expect...signed Scared Skerit? ## Well this is not a med that you should just stop abruptly, especially from that high of a dose. It can be very dangerous, you need a tapering schedule to stop using this med. This med is 80 times stronger than morphine, so you are going from a tremendous amount down to nothing and not only will the withdrawals be horrific, but as I said, it can be dangerous as well. Please talk to a doctor immediately. ## I WAS...

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Stopping 12 mcg duragesic patches

My doctor has me try a 30 day supply of 12 mcgs of duragesic patches. So far, I've used six patches. I want to discontinue them and just stick with my percocet. I dont like how the duragesic make me feel and I miss being able to use my heating blanket as well. I have arthritis all over and it helps me tremendously with that and I can't use the blanket with the patch. :( If I stop using the patch will I withdrawal and will they be pretty horrible? If I have my percocet, will that help me with the withdrawal? Thank you! ## Duragesic is the most potent opiate available, so yes, stopping it may cause some withdrawal symptoms, which the FDA lists as possibly including nausea, fever, chills, diarrhea, depression, and rebound pain. The Percocet may help to stave off the worst of it. Ha...

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Narcotic pain medication filled early

I am on 100 MCG Duragesic Fentanyl Patches. I wear 1 every 48 hrs. I called my prescription insurance company to ask how early can I get a 20 day supply filled. They said that I can fill it after I have used 75% of the script. How many days early is that? ## Hello, Robin! How are you? 75% of 20 days would be 15 days, however, if you're having it filled at a regular pharmacy, since it is a controlled substance, they may not fill it that early. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Fentanyl Duragestic Patches not for Acute Pain

Fentanyl Duragesic patches R not for acute pain such as after surgery. Only for chronic long-term pain. I am in constant pain from back, neck, hip and foot injury in serious car wreck 5 years ago. I use 50 mcg patches and percocet 1000 mg for pain, but it is never totally gone, just bearable. ## I am not sure what the dosage is on your Percocet, or if it is even Percocet you are taking, because it does not come in a 1000mg tablet. The max for Percocet is 650mgs of Acetaminophen with 10mgs of Oxycodone. As to the Fentanyl, if it is not controlling your pain, then you have probably built up a tolerance to that dosage and may need to talk to your doctor about making a med adjustment. It does come in up to 75mcgs in the patches. ## Vernon, Please tell me. Maybe you will know. I am so tired ...

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pain patch overlay

It is an overlay to put over the pain patch to keep it from coming off. ## I don't remember what these are called, however, I have heard of some people also having success just using small pieces of medical tape. Have you tried asking if one of your local pharmacies carry them? ## It's called Tegaderm .... use can use any breathable waterproof cover. ## can you tell me is this safe for people who have latex allergies? i tend to have horrible rashes from the duragesic patches and they never stick always falling off.. or sticking to something esle if i use medical tape i get horrible red burns on my arm.. even worse than the duragesic patches cause. so if these films work to hold them in place and do not cause more redness and burning than medical tape i may give them a try ## You...

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Duragesic Fentora

I have been on Duragesic and Fentora plus a few other meds for years for chronic pain. I had a 6 level fusion from T12-L1 to L5-S1. Unfortunately my rods came loose. The insurance company approved the surgery to repair them right away, however, as my bad luck would have it, this was right at the time Schwartznegger passed his workers comp reforms. The insurance attorney used this as a reason to cancel the approval and drag hi feet for the next almost 2 years... During this time I fused at a 90 degree angle (yes that is bent all the way over). Although the surgery to correct the problem was successful, my muscles were not very cooperative about letting me stand up straight. About 6 weeks after my second surgery I started having nerve problems for some unknown reason. My skin from my knee to

duragesic patch

I need company names & ph #'s for those who offer a Patient Assistance Program {financial help!} for the Duragesic and/or Fentanyl Patch, 50mcg. PLEASE HELP! ## Hi, Lisa! If you don't have any prescription coverage, you may want to try the Together Rx Access program to see if you can get assistance through them, you can reach them by calling 800-444-4106. Learn more Duragesic details here. Does anyone else know of any programs? ## I get my Duragesic patches from the manufauQq+8?cturing company Jannassens I receive 15 100 mcgs a month. Thank God for them as the cost exceeds $2000 a month. They approved me for 1 year even though I have Wellcare a medicare advantage plan I'm not sure what there criteria is but I was in the donut hole when I was approved. Good Luck getting y...

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Need help finding pain dr in Dallas Texas as soon as possible before I run out of Duragesic Patches HELP I have Humana ins

Need pain Dr in Dallas,Texas ASAP FOR Duragesic Patches and oxycontin.. Been on 14 yrs.......Almost out of patches........Thank you. Jerri.. {edited for privacy} ## Did u get an answer to ur question? Bc I hav the same one. Especially about the oxy. Please any name of docs, good docs. Thanks ## Mel and Jerri, did either of you find a doctor? I need one in the DFW area ASAP! ## Ya oxys bad my gpa is still on that stuff i thought it was coke at first but he takes his in powder form and ive never heard of it coming that way till i saw him taking it he puts it in a capsule. Okay so has anyone ever heard of that? Like its a white powder and not gonna lie i tried some of it on my tongue and within 3 mins i felt amazing lol but ya fyi that was the only time i took that cause bad news right off...

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Duragesic patches. Need Dr.

My Dr has moved I am without Dr for my patches...I only have 4 left. Two Drs I went to do not prescribe . please help. Thank you....Jeri ## I need to find a Dr. in FL. who will prescribe my Duragesic fentalyn patches. West Palm Beach, Martin County or St. Lucie County FL.

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Alternatives To Duragesic

What other medications are out there to treat chronic pain other that duragesic and other traditional opiates?? Anything new?? ## Hi Jenny, What chronic pain medications do you already have experience with? The reason why I ask is because I could create a list of medications for you to review, but you may have already tried them or researched them- so it wouldn't really be "new" information. I just want to narrow things down, so I can answer your question as accurately as possible. Please post back! ## I have tried Lortab, Lidoderm patches and Volteren Gel. I have also used Naprelean. I have had nerve block injections also. Cortisone of course. That is about the extent, along with physical therapy which made things worse. I'm currently weaning off the patch, by my own ch...

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Help I have no insurance is there a program to hel

Duragesic [atch help with cost ## Duragesic Patch Help. I have no insurance and have found programs for most of my other meds either free or for a small cost. Does any one know of a program to helpwith the cost of the patches. Thanks in advance for any herp/ Desperate. ## I am not sure if they have a program or not, to find out you need to contact the manufacturer of the name brand version and they will be able to let you know. ## talk to doctor about methadone it's very cheap and the patch(fentanyl) is in the codeine family ## Johnson & Johnson (manufacturers of Fentanyl duragesic patches) have a patient assistance program. Contact them, they will send you card for free patches with prescription from your dr ## is there any help i can get to pay for oxycontin my husband is 68 a...

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Duragesic Patches

A time releasing patch for pain/.525mg .wprm fpr 72 hours. Does this have coedine in it? ## No, no codeine, though it is a narcotic from a related opiate family. Duragesic is actually the name of the drug. This is actually 80 times stronger than morphine, and these patches cannot be used more frequently than every 48 hours at the prescribed dosage. They are generic for Fentanyl patches. Fentanyl Info Click Here ## These patches were prescribed by my doctor for all over body arthritis pain and fibromyalgia, since there are no arthritis drugs on market I can take. I was on vioxx and Bextra for years, but no longer. I also take Mobic, 2 Darvocets per day, but the patches cause severe itching, which is why I am asking about the codiene content. I had to remove the patch. Are you sure they a...

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