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chronic back pain relief

I have had lower back surgery L4-5 in 2001 re-injured in 2002 and an cervical fusion without disc just a graft and a plate this was done in 2009 and have had back pain ever since now and developing thorasic pain somewhere around T11 or twelve. I have been to at least 4 pain management doctors and received 10.325 hydrocodone. Since it became a schedule 2 narcotic I was taken off them and given. Tramadol 50mg they do nothing this is from my current doctor. I need something stronger. I don't abuse the medication but I am in constant pain. I took the hydrocodone for 6 years now have to struggle to even walk my dog and drive. I have never done anything like this before looking for some kind of relief. i even tried an neurospinal stimulator that did not work. I live in Texas and see no en...

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hep c and pain pils

I have Hep. C and my Dr. still prescribes to me Vicodin. Isn't this bad for my liver? What pain pill affects the liver least? Thank you for any ideas. ## Well the problem you and your doctor are going to face here is that approximately 90+% of all medications are processed through the liver. There are very, very few that aren't. When prescribing something, your doctor has to consider the risks and the benefits, there really isn't anything or a narcotic nature for pain that will be processed less through your liver. Just make sure to not abuse it and only use it as prescribed and keep all doctor's appointments. ## I have read that the reason there is concern about Vicodin is the acetaminophen they combine with the hydrocodone. This doesn't make any sense to me to beca...

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help/fake drug

I received an overseas order today of 7.5/750 vicodin es. It is white (maybe a tad off white) exact as the picture and it has the exact imprint..however it tastes like a vitamin (i bit in half) and it is a bit messy if that makes sense, looks crumbly but could be from the ride over from pakistan... is it possible that they completely duplicated the look of a Vicodin 7.5/750? its identical to the picture but im still doubting it. I have a pretty high tolerance to hydro so after taking 2 and half i only feel slight effects ...opinions? please dont judge me. ## I just got a shipment as well... they look like vicodin ES but are slightly off white and kind of smell like a vitamin... i dont know if this is just from the shipping or if they are fake! Anyway i took one and they worked... but im...

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Ultram vs Vicodin

I had both rotor cuffs removed 4 yrs ago been on 750 Vicodin would like to get off of them, will Ultram help? ## I really don't think that Ultram will help. The reason for this is because it contains the active ingredient Tramadol. While Tramadol is listed as just a centrally active analgesic, this has changed several times and been under severe debate. When it was being investigate, the developers were trying to create a medication that would work like a narcotic, but not have the side effects and the addictive nature, however, what they achieved was actually the opposite. It is nowhere near as effective as narcotic, yet can still cause the same side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation, plus it still has the propensity to cause abuse and addiction. There...

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Vicodin 750 like Xanax?

Is Vicodin 750 considered a downer like Xanax? ## No, Vicodin is the exact same chemical make up of Lortab. It is Hydrocodone and Acetaminaphen, which is a narcotic analgesic (a pain killer). I take Lortab for FMS pain, They do not make me tired, they actually make me feel upbeat, but I do not know if that is because the pain is gone or if it is because it is an opiate. Most narcotic analgesics are opiates which means they bind opiate receptors in your spinal cord so you sense pain differently, they also give some people a sense of uphoria, which is why they are habit forming. Please be careful. ## While you are stating the correct ingredients, narcotics, are in essence considered downers. Normal side efffects of narcotic pain killers are drowsiness and respiratory depression. They do n...

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