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Losartan and shortness of breath

I have been taking losartan for a few months and i am experiencing shortness of breath, swollen nasal passages and dry throat, it’s starting to scare me and when I wine to the doctor to ask her she said it can’t be from the losartan and have gave me an inhaler which has not helped. Anyone else have this problem? ## HI...Yes. I was on Losartan for a long time and it gave me these symptoms also. Many symptoms. You can search side effects/Losartan from several sites. I took them down from every site. Losartan damaged my kidneys, however it stopped when I got off. It gave me severe edema and throat congestion, nasal congestion, insomnia, pneumonia and ruined my gut causing food senstivities. My Dr. also didn't believe me and I told him I wouldn't take it. Found out I was...

how to stop taking losartan

I had taken losartan50/hctz 12.5 for 10 years, In recently years I suffered dry coughing and bad running nose allergy. I found out this is the side effect of losartan. Cutting the dose to half, changing to a water pill.. did not solve the problem. Over this holiday I developed bronchitis and was quite ill. I had very bad coughing, losing voice, sinus infection, nose bleeding, etc. I stopped taking Losartan to avoid further complications. I notified my doctor that I will check my blood pressure if the record is not over 140-90. I will keep the Losartan off. What else can I do? ## Hello, Muchin! How are you doing? Have your symptoms improved, yet? The FDA lists other typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and increased urination. However,...

Losartan and hoarseness

I have been taking losartan for a few months and have hoarseness and feel the need to clear my throat intermittently. It’s not everyday but feels like it’s getting worse. ## I have been given losartan combo with HTZ for several years for Blood Pressure. At age 70 voice was suddenly barely there. At 72 I see no hope of regaining voice. Run to a good ENT DOCTOR who will look at your throat and vocal chords. Determine soon reason for throat issue. Medical professionals are not quick to blame a medicine that has been perscribed for you. However at least locate possible cause & treatment before you lose voice. ## Losartan has been known to cause dry mouth, dry throat, and a cough, as possible side effects, along with nausea, dizziness, and frequent urination. Once it gets lik...

Losartan & Anxiety

Anyone have anxiety issues/panic attacks while on this med? I have started with Losartan about 2 weeks ago and have been experiencing anxiety. I take doxepin as an insomnia aid and have had to increase the dosage due to the increased insomnia and anxiety. Do this symptoms level off over time. Losartin seems to be helping my BP. ## Yes, the FDA does report anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia as being common side effects of this medication. You may also experience dizziness, headache and increased urination. Side effects are usually transient and will go away, once your body gets used to medication, but that may take about 4 to 5 weeks. If they worsen, or don't go away after that time frame, you should consult your prescriber. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks. The in...

Losartan 25 mg Switching Brands Caused Problems

After taking Solco Healthcare Losartan for many years, with no problems, I switched to another less expensive brand, Aurobindo. I soon began to notice my bp reads were significantly higher and, indeed, I too developed a cough. After 2 months of this I switched back to my Solco Losartan and, thankfully, my bp reads have once again stabilized and my coughing has ceased. In all fairness, I cannot say for certain that my cough was caused from the Aurobindo med, I only know the duration of my cough was during this time period. ## I took Aurobindo losartan 50 mg. for three to four weeks and experienced the same symptoms as you, but my cough still persists. I had tried Teva's losartan and that drug was totally ineffective. Just wanted to say "thank you" for posting that Solco's...

Magnesium with Losartan

I currently take 50 mg losartan daily. Would taking magnesium tartrate pose a risk? ## Nothing specific was found with regards to Losartan and Magnesium interacting with one-another, so it should be okay [1]. What I did read, however, is that it is not recommended to take Magnesium if you consume alcohol regularly. "Excessive ethanol (e.g., alcoholism) may result in increased urinary excretion of magnesium. Avoid high intakes of ethanol while taking magnesium salts." Source: [1] UCLA Health Drug Interactions Checker, always double check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Losartan Solco

Wall Street Journal (Saturday, January 26th) posted an article, "Warning on Drugs For Blood Pressure" Losartan, Solco Healthcare, LLC was listed. The label on my Losartan is "NDC 43547-360-09 Losartan Potassium". The label also shows "Zhejiang, China 317024" Is this batch on recall? Also, is there a Losartan manufactured in the United States? ## Is the medication listed above on recall? ## An elevated level of a certain substance suspected of being carcinogenic was found in some of them, so they were recalled. As to whether or not you received one that was involved in the recall, your pharmacy should notify you, if that was the case, alternatively, you can double check with them to be sure. Here is an FDA link to one of the recent recall letters for more informat...

Can I take cb1 weight gain pills?

I was wondering if I can safely take CB1 along with prescription drugs? ## Can I take CB 1 pills even I'm taking a Blood Pressure medicine like Losartan ? ## Since it is an over the counter supplement that is not FDA approved, there have not been any studies done regarding its safety when combined with prescription medications. The main issue here is do you really need to gain weight? As in, are you underweight, right now? Since you mentioned Losartan and high blood pressure, it is very important that you know it is not safe to gain excess weight, when you have such a cardiac condition, because extra weight is very taxing on your heart and circulatory system, so it could worsen such a condition, and cause new ones to occur. The American Heart Association has some great information a...

Can Losartan and Lisinopril be taken together?

My nephrologist took me of of losartan because i take lisinopril with it and he said new studies have showed that it's not beneficial or not safe, he didn't really explain it to me but that appointment was on 7-11-14 ## Hello, Jack! How are you? Yes, they tend to increase the toxicity of each other, which can be risky, in some cases. Thus, it would be best to follow your doctor's advice. Normal side effects to Lisinopril may include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain and dry cough. Is there anything else I can help with? ## DID HE TAPER OFF LOSARTAN? ## How long does it take losartan to get out of your system, so it would be safe to start back on my lisinopril. I was having a dry cough with lisinopril, so my dr put me on losartan, but it isn't controlling my blood...

Lifezar capsule for high blood pressure

Does anyone else take Lifezar for high blood pressure? ## I used to get the generic name of Lifezar. ## This is not available in the US and I cannot find any information on it. ## I have a patient, female 47 years old taking lifesar 50mg od and neobloc 50mg bd. She is suffering from unstable blood pressure and brachycardia as per my record monitoring her pressure and Pulse rate started last dec.11,09 BP-131/59mmhg, PR-50 beats/min. taken at 11:20am, dec.12,09 BP-117/62mmhg, PR-49b/min. taken @6:10am, dec.13,09 BP-148/77mmhg taken @6am, PR-50, and today Bp-144/83mmhg, PR-55b/min. ## I have patient, female 50y.o suffering from HTN and had a history of transient Ischemic attack twice maintaining a drug called Telmisartan Hydrochlorothiazide (Pritor Plus) 40mg/12.5 OD started year 2007 up t...

Overdose on losartan

What are the effects of overdosing on losartan, multiple 100 mg tabs? ## Hello, Mick! How are you? If you know someone that took too many, they should seek emergency medical attention. That amount could cause a fatal overdose, due to the fact that it lowers both blood pressure and heart rate, so having them fall too low could cause heart and/or respiratory failure, as listed by the FDA. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. A couple of hours back my cousin took 3 losartan h tablets. What will be the consequences? Please reply back asap... The patient is age 25. ## What will happen if a person overdosed on multiple Losartan Co Unicorn 100/25 and Carloc 12.5 at one time?

what is the deference between losar h50 and losar50 tablet?

I was using losar h 50 tablets. Unfortunately my medicie by mistake changed to losar 50 is there have any problem ? What is the deference between these two tables? ## Hello, Mohamed! How are you? Losar H contains Losartan and Hydrochlorothiazide, while the Losar only contains Losartan. The combination is often used to increase lowering of blood pressure levels and you should take the one your doctor has recommended. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have same issue as described by Mohammad . So can I take Losar 50 instead of Losar H50 ## What is difference between losar h and losar 25tablet

Losartan and Tylenol

I am on blood pressure medication (Losartan) and I want to take a Tylenol for a headache. Can I take it? ## According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (umm.edu / drug interaction tool), there are no interactions listed between Losartan and Tylenol (Acetaminophen). This does not necessarily mean that no interactions exist. However, I haven't found any reason why it wouldn't be safe to take together in my own investigation. If in doubt still, I would encourage you to contact your doctor or pharmacist just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps! ## If I take loser tan can I take Tylenol for a headache ? ## Is there a drug interaction between losartan and tylenol pm? I would like to take tylenol pm for pain at night.

Losartan 100mg by mfg lupin

I was taking losartan 100mg by Zydus z18, Walgreens changed to losartan 100 mg p23 lu and I got a headache, face red and very lightheaded and my head feels very heavy. Is this normal? Also I was taking blood thinners, drug store change mfg from Indians was taking from sun mfg and my vision was blurry and now I am not taking it per my Dr. Tank you for any information! ## Hi Mary, Sorry to hear about your experience with this different manufacturer of Losartan. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following symptoms are listed as possible side effects of Losartan: -severe or sudden headache -swelling or puffiness of the face -lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting -redness or other discoloration of the skin Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0045059/#DDIC601603.si...

losartan k hctz 100 25mg causing leg and foot pain weakness

I am prescribed (2) tabs 25mg carvedilol, (1) tab amlodipine besyl 5mg,(1) tab potassium chloride 8meq sr, and (1) tab losartan k/hctz 100-25mg a day for HBP. I have been on this for past 8 years. I have severe leg/foot weakness and pain. I do not have diabetes but my family Doctor said it is probably neuropathy from unknown cause. This started since the onset of the meds. I also have poor balance. My pressure is under control but the effects are bad. Could the losartan be a major cause as I've heard a lot of negative issues with this med. ## According to NIH, the following symptoms are listed as known side effects of Losartan: -weakness or heaviness of the legs -unsteadiness or awkwardness -muscle pain or stiffness -numbness or tingling in the feet Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhe...

Losartan and heart rate?

Just started on Losartan , previously was on lisinopril that didnt do anything to lower BP. After 3 days on Losartan I noticed my resting heart rate in now 100+… previously was 65 to 70 on any given day.. I was told it could take 2 to 3 weeks for Losartan to fully be in my system to see a change. Will my heart rate get lower once the med takes effect or is something wrong? ## Hello, Dom! How are you? The higher heart rate could be due to stopping the Lisinopril, if you stopped abruptly and switched to the Losartan, it may have caused a rebound effect that can include elevated heart rate and elevated blood pressure. However, it is always best to check with your doctor to be sure. If the Losartan works for you, you should eventually see an improvement in your heart rate. My heart ra...

what if i take a double dose of losartan

Hi, I have just taken another Losartan 100mg tablet that lowers blood pressure...No no no, down the hatch it has gone...Now I am worried although trying best not worry...The reason why I had accidently took the table was because having picked up the wrong box, it should have been an Atorvastatin 20mg tablet...This is the first time I have accidently done this.... I do feel really stupid for having not read the packet carefully ## Have to take a DMV test, is it ok to double up on my medication, which would be 200 mg of losartan & 10 mg of Norvasc at the same time ## Hi Luke, Sorry to hear about the mishap with double dosing. I realize you posted this about two weeks ago on the 1st of May and am curious to know how you're feeling at this point in time? Did you end up experiencing ...

Constant coughing

My mom had a change of b/p medication to losartan 100/25 hctz. After 2 weeks of taking it she developed a wet and dry cough with the need of clearing her throat. No sputum would come out. The cough gets worst at night when she is lying down. Can't sleep at night for the past 3 nights due to cough. She also has hoarseness with no throat pain. Has taken expectorant/ dexometropan over the counter medication but did nothing. Do u think it could be b/p medication or another underlying medical peoblem? ## Are you sure that wasn't Lisinopril? I've been taking Losarten prescrbed by my cardiologist for years with no side effects. Then my prephrenologist took me off the losarten and prescribed Lisinopril . I immediately develop a dry cough. Couldn't shake it off. Told my kidney Do...

Accidental double dose of Losartan & Amlodipine

Hi. I took one dose of Losartan 100 mg & Amlodipine 5 mg at 8am & again the same dose I took by mistake at 8 pm. Will I be ok? ## In most cases, an occasional extra dose of this class of medications isn't really harmful, though it is best to double check with your doctor, or pharmacist. The FDA warns that the increased dosage could cause you to experience more severe side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. How are you doing? Did you experience any adverse effects? ## Hi. I take 10mg of amlodipine in the morning at 8am and i've just taken another one by mistake at 9pm. Should I be worried that i've taken 2 in one day? ## Took 5mg amlodipine in the am and couldn't remember if I had taken it so I took 10mg at 11, abou...

what if i take a double dose of losartan 50 mg

What if I took 50mg of losartan and 2 hours later accidentally took it again? What can happen? ## Hi Daisy, Sorry to hear about the mishap. In my opinion I think it would be best to notify your prescribing doctor (or poison control) of what happened so that they may be able to assist you in the event of adverse reactions, extreme hypotension, etc. If this happened to me I would also probably be monitoring my blood pressure levels frequently over the next couple days to get a better idea of how my body is responding. How are you feeling? ## I accidentally took 250 mg tablets of losartan 50mg. Will I be okay? ## Can you take two Losartan 50 mg tablets at the same time or should you take it in the morning and then at night? ## I took 50 mg losartan at 11:30 am then accidentally took anothe...


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