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will fentanyl show up in drug test as an opiate

Man the amount of people who have no clue what they are talking about yet spitting advice on it like they are an expert is bewildering. NO FENTANYL does not show up as an opiate on any test anywhere. In fact the only things that will show up as an opiate are morphine, codeine, and heroin and that is because heroin and morphine metabolize into morphine. Not even oxycodone or hydrocodone can be detected as an opiate they have to be specifically tested for as they metabolize differently, same with methadone, methadone has to be specifically tested for, it will not show up as anything but methadone. So unless the test you are taking is specifically testing for fentanyl then you will be fine. The question is whether or not the test you are taking is testing for fentanyl. I have yet to see a ...

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Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm trying to wean myself off the Fentanyl patch. I went from 75 micro-gms to 50 now I'm on 25. Having a problem and not sure it is related to the decrease in the med. It's been 20 days on the 25 micro-gm and I'm going crazy. I need to keep rocking, moving in any way b/c my body is very restless. Is this a symptom of withdrawal and what do I do? I cannot take it any more. ## Yes, that can be caused by withdrawal, you probably jumped down in dosage a little too fast. This med is very, very strong, 80 times stronger than Morphine and it has a half-life of 17 hours, so that means once you take off the patch, it takes 17 hours until it has dwindled to 50% off the full dose in your body, then it slows and actually takes 3 or 4 days before it is all out of your system. So if y...

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how long does fentanyl 100 mcg/hr stay in your urine

i need to know how ong fentanyl 100mcg/hr stay in your urine. how long can it be detected after taking your patch off? ## If you have a valid prescription, then it does not matter, you simply need to make them aware of it when you have the test. Fentanyl has a short half-life of only 7 hours, so it will be out of your system in approximately 48 hours. ## Been on 100 mcg patch for several yrs..no trouble except patch is only effective for 48 hrs, not 72. Have no side effects. Starting to notice I'm not getting as much relief. tried two patches and was fine and got needed relief. ## I have been chewing fentanyl patches for the past couple of weeks. after I chew this last patch how long will it take to leave my system? I have to pass pee test on january 20th. Will it show up then? ## P...

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Pain management medications

I have been with Dr galang for 5 yrs now n where I get my meds they got a new pharmacist n she is giving me probs on filling all of them. I take norco 10/325, Fentanyl 75 mcg x 15, soma 350 120 a month and temazepam 30mg x 30 a month. I also get klonapin 1 mg 2x daily. N sequel from my psychiatrist. Would you have a prob filling these? I've been on theses meds plus epidural every 6 months. As I said for the last 5 yrs I've been at the same pharmacy n never had a prob. And this one thinks she's God. My Dr is very upset. I live in ft myers and I would transfer all my scripts. I would greatly appreciate if you would help. N I've been out of my Norco for 4 days and I'm starting to get sick. Please get back to me asap. {edited for privacy}. Thank you so kindly. ## I live ...

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Fentanly patches... weaning, body heat, cuttting

I have been reading all of the posts on Fent. pain patches. I have been on 25 MG since March 2009. I was on one brand and could not get it to stay stuck after a hot flash. I am in surgically induced menopause. The pharm then switched brands, which do stick better. But I have noticed about an hour after a hot flash that I get dizzy and sick to my tummy. I also am in stage 3 kidney failure. I decided to call the number on the back Mylan box. YES, body temp. changes, such as fever or menopause, or even rise from exercise, can cause the patch to release more med than it should. ALSO, in my talking with the company I learned I should NOT be taking it with my kidney failure as it IS processed thru the kidneys. I am going to a highly respected pain doc in our area. When I told them about the k...

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How do i find a doctor that will prescribe fentanyl

I have been on Fentanyl patches 100mcg for several years now. Unfortunately it wouldn't always cover my pain and I would have to get another prescription from another doctor as a bridge to the original prescription. Due to the regulations in New York I was found out and now both doctors are threatening to cut me off. I need a pain management specialist who will understand this and will start SLOWLY taking me off of the patches, at least the current dose. I am in Westchester, County New York. Any advice? I will be in withdrawals in a day or two. ## Have you had any luck? Im in westchester county as well and while I have a script I can't get it filled for the Sandoz brand the Dr. has prescribed. ## Sorry I know this is late and I hope you found something. I was taken off my fentyn...

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Find A Doctor in San Antonio,TX

fentynayl patches - we need MDs willing to prescribe to those that suffer ## You're looking for a doctor in that area that will prescribe these and treat multiple people? I really don't think it's going to be possible to a guarantee for either one. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Most doctors are going to shy away immediately if you're asking for a certain medication, because they'll view that as drug seeking behavior. What is the issue that needs treated? ## Try Consultants in Pain, they were one of the first pain management groups in San Antonio. They will prescribe anything, if it is warranted. ## I was on 75 F patch +6 10/325 hydrocodone till the govt became tyrannical in the medical field. No where in the constitution does the govt get the power to regulate wh...

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started fentanyl 50mg 2 days ago with 15mg breakthru and pain is intolerable it safe to take 30mg roxicodone patch

I have had severe chronic nerve pain in my lower back from a botch-up surgery for 7 yrs. I was taking roxicodone 30mg with percocet 5/325 for breakthur til 2 days ago, my doc prescribed fentynl patch 50mg along with 15mg roxicodone for breakthru. having serious pain, is it safe for me to double the 15? I feel like I would be literally double-dosing but the pain is intolerable. I hope someone out there can offer me some good advice or a solution. ## Hi Juliette, Sorry to hear about your challenges with pain. Based on your description, it looks like the doc has substituted the percocet as well as 15mgs worth of roxicodone for the fentanyl patch. And this is just my theory but it seems to me that he's trying to taper you down off the roxicodone, perhaps as a way to keep your tolerance ...

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Fentanyl false positive

I have now tested positive 2 different times for Fentanyl which I have never taken. I'm prescribed Trazodone, Gabapentin, Suboxone and Bupropion. Is there any reason that this could happen, or should I be worried that I'm being drugged? ## I have also tested false-positive for Fentanyl on a mouth swab test for DCS. I also take Suboxone, Gabapentin, Remeron, Omeprazole, Cymbalta, Micronor (birth control), and Melatonin. I KNOW I haven't been exposed to this drug, what could cause this?? They are opening a DCS case and I could lose custody of my son because of this. The mouth swab took over 10 minutes too administer, and it did NOT turn blue, my mouth was so dry I couldn't get any spit to come out because I was having a panic attack. The Fentanyl showed up at 15.8 ng, whic...

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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication in Davenport/Bettendorf IA.

Hello, I am looking for a doctor In Davenport, IA or surrounding area that will prescribe pain medication. I am in chronic pain with just having and still going through a pulmonary embolism and got out of the hospital recently. It hurts me to walk up the stairs, or do my daily activities. ## I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: wellness.com/find/pain%20management%20specialist Many of the results you find (in one or both ...

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Is it okay to chew a Fentanyl 50mg pain patch?

I've been prescribed fentanyl 50mg pain patches and i was just wondering if it's okay to cut one in half an chew on it? ## IT IS NEVER OK TO MISUSE ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION, ESPECIALLY A MEDICATION LIKE FENTANYL. A VERY POWERFUL OPOID THAT CAN KILL SOMEONE. To many times patients are brought in the Emergency Rooms due to accidental overdoses and are pronounced dead. IF this medication was to be taken orally, then it would be prescribed in that manner. So many drug addicts crowd the Emergency Rooms with false pretends in order to obtain all kinds of narcotics. This only hurts the real patients who do have real pain and doctors are slow to prescribe medications and thus the true pain patient suffer. If the person who posted this comment dies due to the advise given, will your other ...

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California Fentanyl Dispensing Guidelines Problem

Hi. I'm hoping someone with experience dealing with pharmacies can help me understand something. Last month I was in the process of waiting on a Prior Authorization for my insurance for Fentanyl patches, and since I was due to fill my prescription I was dispensed 1 box of patches to pay cash for while waiting for coverage approval. Normally I get 4 boxes to last the month, and when I asked about what would happen when the PA was approved I was informed that the pharmacy couldn't dispense more than 4 boxes per month. Fair enough, I didn't want anything extra or early, I just wanted to know if we would be able to get the insurance coverage aligned with the next dispensing so I wouldn't have to continue paying for 1 box into the future. I paid for the 1 box on July 23rd, an...

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Fentanyl 7 months off after five years of using the patch

Just wanted to update and touch base with anyone wanting to stop using the patch or struggling through withdrawals. I was on the Fentanyl patch, ranging from 150 mcg to 25 mcg, for five years due to a rare debilitating, extremely painful disease called Dermatomyositis. This disease causes deep skin lesions and basically eats away the muscles of your upper arms and upper thighs and hips. It prevents you from doing anything requiring raising your arms above your shoulders, It also prevents you from walking up hills, stairs, etc. It eventually affects your lungs and swallowing. This disease crosses over with SLE and Fibromyalgia. I take 16 prescription drugs including a chemo injection and a med that is given to organ transplant patients to keep my body from rejecting itself plus the typic...

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using fentanyl patches after they get wet

People are talking on a site about sucking on F patches.if I lose one in the shower its no longer good after being wet.how can the patch b wet and then used effectively? ## Well, that is the fact of relevance here, they aren't using them appropriately and effectively. Sucking on them is abusing them, they are trying to get all of the narcotic out to get high, rather than using it as designed by letting it slowly release to alleviate their pain. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been on 20mcg of Butrans patches for about 4 months now and there not helping with my pai...

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2017 discussion fentynal wothdrawl

I'm 69 years old and have been on 50 Fentanyl patch for about a year. I've gone down to 37 and having stomach cramps headache's anxiety and will soon be on 25. I'm scared the anxiety is awful. I have no family and I'm wondering if anybody else out there is suffering the same thing? ## Fentanyl is a very potent opiate, so any tapering should be done on a very slow schedule. How fast have you been doing it? Is your doctor setting up the tapering schedule for you? Since it is so potent, it is normal to experience some withdrawal symptoms, when tapering, or stopping it. They may include nausea, headache, rebound pain, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, diarrhea, and more. Ref: Opiate Withdrawal Information

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Putting Patches Over Tattoos

I've used just about every area on both my arm for patch placement except over a tattoo on my right arm. The tattoo is over 30 years old but it was done with a lot ink saturation. Can the patch be applied directly over this? I've never put one there because I thought it might inhibit the medicine from penetrating. Any help is greatly appreciated. This is my second post. ## Yes, you can place it over your tatts. My arms are sleeves and I am on 100 every 48 hours for chronic pancreatitis. ## has anyone tryed the new sandoz 75mcg transderm patch. just got them. And have been haveing bad stomach problems?? ## Yes you can put a patch over a tattoo I had one on my lower abbs and had no problem,but should alternate where you put it every time,arm upper backside,but not on the waist. ##...

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Hospitalized for 50 days on painkillers and need advice

I was hospitalized when I couldn't walk and found it was a MRSA infection that spread to my heart, lungs and both hips. I am still here leaving in five days. I must use a walker because it's too painful to walk. I was on IV Dilaudid up to 2mg per hour, weaned down to 2 mg every 3-4 hours; then three weeks ago they switched to 37.5 mcg Fentanyl every 72 hrs and 20mg Oxycodone a day. I'm going home in five days and no longer have a family doctor... Is the hospital going to send me home on something or am I going to suffer till I get a doctor at home? Will there be withdrawals? It's been 50 days of painkillers supervised. ## Hi, I hope you get to feeling better soon, that being said, you better start asking every doctor you come in contact with and ask them these questions,...

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Taking Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen after 25mcg Fentanyl patch

Can I still take hydrocod/acetam 7.5-325 mg if I put on a 25mcg fentanyl patch 2 hrs ago? I'm still in horrible pain from ruptured disk on a nerve. ## Hi Katie, sorry to hear about your pain. No, you should not take a medication containing Hydrocodone or any other opioids with your Fentanyl patch, as they could result in an overdose. What could end up happening is severe central nervous system (CNS) depression which could result in difficulty breathing, coma, or worse. Best wishes with your pain management. Please let your doctor know if the 25mcg patch is not helping enough. ## That would depend on your opiod tolerance.... I used to be on 75mcg Fyn patch & was also on 6-10/325 hydrocodone a day b4 the gov issues. I had no problems with them BUT I was on an ever increasing climb...

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Fentanyl Transdermal Patches

I've been using the 100mcg/hr of Fentanyl Patches and I've been using them for a long time. They stick well and they last almost 3 days and I'm prescribed every 2 days, so I get extra relief by putting the new one on @48 hrs with the first one stil on; and I take 100mg of roxicodone, but the pain still is killing me and I've looked on the internet at the Patch by Par drugs, has anyone used this brand and would you give me a critique on them; how long do they last? do they stay on well?? I get my script of 9 boxes Monday and I need to make a decision. thanks, lakebum ## HI, Can anyone tell me all the manufactures of Fentanyl with the resovoir gel? Was using actavis and it bearly last 45 hrs. ## You really don't want to use the patch by Par. Its just like a sticky adhe...

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Taking Fentanyl patches has Significant Consequences

Before you begin taking Fentanyl patches (commonly called Duragesic Patches as well as a host of other manufacturers names) you need to be aware of the following Pro's and Con's. I speak about this with vast experience as I have taken these patches since they were introduced commercially in the U.S. and for a very long time, my dose level was 500 mcg's every 48 hours. Pro's 1. The patch is very effective at providing relief from serious chronic pain. 2. The distribution method or supply method of the patch is extremely consistent and predictable if you follow the instructions exactly as written. 3. The patch is a near perfect delivery system for avoiding the medicine effectiveness "falling off". Taken as prescribed, it is by far the most reliable, convenient and ...

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