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levothyroxine tablets

hypothyroid ## Hello, According to the National Institute of Health levothyroxine sodium tablets are indicated as a replacement therapy in primary (thyroidal), secondary (pituitary), and tertiary (hypothalamic) congenital or acquired hypothyroidism. For general informational purposes I have included below some information on this medication. This medication comes in the form of tablets, oral liquid, powder and injections. The NIH lists the following as potential adverse reactions to the medication. General: fatigue, increased appetite, weight loss, heat intolerance, fever, excessive sweating Central nervous system: headache, hyperactivity, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, emotional lability, insomnia Musculoskeletal: tremors, muscle weakness, muscle spasm Cardiovascular: palpitations...

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use Krimson 35

hai, I had irregular periods from past 3 months, and doctor suggested Krimson 35 (however doctor did a pelvic scan and also thyroid and there was not thyroid nor anything in the pelvic scan). I am taking it from past one month and after completion of the tablet for 21 days, i had my periods on the 4th day, and it was just 1-2 drops which was not normal and was only for twice in two days.. i am very much worried, should i consult another Doctor ## Krimson 35 is a hormonal based medication that's used as a contraceptive and to help regulate your hormones and it can be normal to have a very light menstrual period on it. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. Contrary to what many women think, there's really no harm in skipping once in awhile, or in having a very short, light c...

ALAnerv Supplement

4 mos ago I Undergone to RadioActive Iodine after having my lab test for tsh ft4 my doctor prescribed me to take ALAnerv cuz I told her regarding my muscle pains. she also told me that its an anti oxidant that I really need for my thyroid. I would like to know if there's any supplement that has the same effect but cheaper than ALAnerv? ## Hi I started Alanerv w Doc's prescription for my fingers numbness on my left hand since last month. Continue w 2mths as the numbness improving. But I m hvg hypoglycemic effects and breathing difficulty for 3times lately. Should I pursue ...? Also taking CQ10 100mg

Levothyroxine and working in the heat

I have been on levo for 2 1/2 years. Started at 75 for about a year and a half. I got a new dr and dose was upped to 100, then 125 for last six months. I have also been dealing with menopause, I THINK. In the last 5 months I have had trouble falling asleep, jittery, nervous energy. I have worked outdoors in the heat with no problems. Now that I look back, I have had a hard time in the heat since I started levo. A couple months ago I weaned off of cymbalta and after those withdrawals were over, I started getting naseau and migraine. Has anyone else experienced heat problems? And is there a natural med for hypothyroidism? ## Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear about your situation. According to the US National Library of Medicine, "sensitivity to heat" is listed as a serious side effect of Lev...

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Sandoz Levothyroxine

Recently filled a prescription for Levothyroxine 150 mcg and noticed a very fowl smell and ultimately a slightly different taste when taking it. One side of the pill is marked with "150" and the other side with "GG338." We questioned the pharmacist about this and they opened a new bottle that smelled the same to us, but she didn't smell anything so nothing was done. I know Levoxyl was discontinued for a while for this very problem. Is there any information out there about this Sandoz product? ## If you had a chance to read the FDA recall information, the odor it was recalled for was actually due to a problem with the absorbent canister that was packaged in the bottles, not the pills themselves. However, the odor was not found to cause any adverse health issues, or pr...

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Swelling in legs and feet levothyroxine

I just started taking Levothyroxine 2 wks ago my legs and feet are swollen so bad by nite I can barley walk. They go down a little at nite but swell back. I am taking 25mcg and I am afraid to continue taking this med. Has any one else had this problem? ## Have you contacted your doctor? It sounds like you might be having a bad reaction to this medication and it may not be the right one for you, or may be too high of a dosage. Generally, the symptoms of a dosage being too high will start to manifest 6 days or so, after you start taking it and this type of fluid retention can be one of them and there is a chance that it could lead to congestive heart failure, if that's what's causing it and it isn't rectified. You should really contact your doctor immediately. ## I am on medic...

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levothyroxine for mood disorders

I was recently prescribed an ultra high dose (300mcg and climbing) by my psychologist for a mood disorder. I guess this is a relatively new treatment. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, stories or warnings about this? ## What is the mood disorder? I've never heard of this, but I will ask my psychologist why a person would take it, next time I see him. ## High doses have been used to treat some cases of Bipolar Disorder. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and hair loss. How are you doing on it? Has it helped? ## This is a medication for Hypothyroid disorder (Underactiv thyroid). It seems strange to prescribe this for a mood-disorder. 300mcg (microgram) of Levothyroxine will put your heart and whole body in...

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Stopping period

Hi i am 29 years old and have problem of PCOS and thyroid from past many years. From past 6 months i was taking krimson 32 and everything was fine. But in December i stopped it. My periods started from 1 dec and ended on 6 dec. But on 14 dec again my periods started. I am taking trapic mf to stop them. Is this okay or what should i do to stop them. ## Hello, Anu! How are you? Has there been any change? If you abruptly stop taking a hormonal contraceptive like this, then it is normal to have irregular bleeding, according to NIH reports, and it may take a few months for your body to balance things back out and return to normal. Other withdrawal effects may include nausea, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. Has your medical provider told you to take the Trapic MF?

using expired Levothyroxine

I had been on the same levothyroxine prescription for about 25 years. In the last 3 years my medication has had to be readjusted 3 times. Now I am back on a lower dose and wanted to know if I can still use the previous, leftover supply that has expired about 1-2 years ago? ## Hello, Laurene! How are you? Medications tend to lose effectiveness over time and since treating a thyroid disorder is so touchy, it would be best to dispose of the expired ones and obtain a new supply. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, hair loss and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you for your feedback on using expired levothyroxine., ## What effects would I feel if taking expired thyroxine ## whats the side effects i...

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Thyronorm dosage vs TSH Level

Is a 100 mcg thyronorm dosage fine with a thyroid level of 4.626? ## My present TSH level is 9.12. I am taking tyronorm tablet 75mcg daily. What should be my appropriate dose of medicine? ## Actually my tsh level is 7.02 in may, where the range is 0.30-5.5 and iam advised to take 75mg thyronorm. Now the value is 5.8. Now what dose I have to take ## Hi am having a tsh value of 35.98,how much my dose would be,previously I used 50mcg nw shud I increase my dose? ## Hi I am 32 year old lady TSH is 9.02 weight is 72 kg. With hight 5 ft. I am taking Thyronorm 100 Mcg from 4 days. Is it enough or more. Please advise me.. ## My tsh is 0.30-5.5. I am taking 50 mg thyronorm during pregnancy. Is it suitable for me? ## SIR I M 26 YEAR OLD MY TSH LEVEL IS 6.84 RECENTLY I TAKE 25 MG TAB ,CAN I TAKE CO...

What is a light blue oval pill with an M on one side and L 11 on the other?

It was in with my Levoxyl pill container. Is is a generic pill? ## blue oval pill that has a M on the front, and a L and another letter on the back ## It is Levothyroxin 150 MCG (which is another generic for the same meds) I find levothyroxine works better than L-thyroxine- same shape, a bit darker blue - I think different strengths have different numbers on them. ## Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I found a Levothyroxine Sodium 0.15 MG Oral Tablet that matches your description exactly. It is most commonly used to treat hypothyroidism, enlarged thyroid gland, and thyroid cancer. Below I will link a picture and some additional information on this pill that I sourced from the National Institute of Health. (NDC 0378-1815) Ingredients: Levothyroxine Sodium Inactive Ingredient...

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rules of stop taking of thyronorm

My wife has Hypo Thyroid, since from 6 years and I have started taking my medicine ELTROXIN 100 since 5 years and TAB THYRONORM 100 from 1 year. Now I want to stop taking these medicine . please tell me how can I stop medicine ? ## There is no cure for this condition, so the medication should be continued, as long as your doctor instructs you to do so. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, mood changes, and hair loss. Why do you want to stop it? ## Hi im 50 yrs old taking thyronorm for the last 15 yrs i want to stop it.what should i do?

Thyronorm 50 mcg is for hyperthyroidism?

I have hyperthyroidism and I had 3 bottles of thyronorm 50 mcg prescribed by my doctor. I have gained 7kg in 1year. Now my weight is 57kg. Before that I had 50 kg weight for 5 years constantly. Thyronorm 50 mcg is for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism? ## It can actually be used to treat both and weight gain is a normal symptom of these medical conditions, according to the NIH. The medication side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and hair loss. Are you on any other medications? Is this your only diagnosed medical condition? ## i am suffering from hypothyroidism , due to which i have gained 10 kgs my TSH level is 50.10 , So the doctor has prescribed thyronorm 50mgc will this help me in losing weight , and bring the TSH level normal . my ...

overdose of thyronorm

Ths was .512 after delivery with 75mg thyronorm. Later started taking 75 and 100 alternative days. Aft 20days kind of rashes and iching was seen on my skin. Is this because of over dosage. If so wat is my dosage now ## I have hypothyroidism since 2012 I'm taking thyronorm tab 50mg daily any problem will come in future

Levothyroxine side effects

I was recently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I have been taking levothyroxine for almost two weeks. For the last four or five days I have had a weird feeling. It is hard to explain. I don't really feel dizzy but I get a strange feeling in my head. I guess you would describe it as a head rush. Has anyone else had this feeling and will it go away as my body adjusts to the levothyroxine? ## yes i would get that every morning after i took my pills and drank coffee. I think its inmortant to eat a little over an hour after to avoid the dizziness. It does go away though. ## Levothyroxine Info and Side effects Click Here ## my pharmactist changed my thyroid pills because my insurance doesn't cover my other ones. I am cold all the time again and i am dizzy. I came home from work...

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drop in TSH

Hi my tsh was 5.83 about 2 months ago. I was prescribed eltroxin 50 mg and ebexid tablets that has 25 mg of thyroid. Now after 2 months my TSH has dropped to 0.76. Is it a normal drop? Can the high TSH tested earlier could be because of some reason other than thyroid? Pls help. ## My TSH was 5.83 and I was prescribed electroxin 75. I have finished the 3 month course. What shall I do. Ihave not met the doctor again and not taking any medicine.

Methimazole or Propylthiouracil for hyperthyroidism

Which pill is better for hyperthyroidism, methimazole or propylthiouracil? One is a 10mg and the other is 50mg, so which one is the best to take? ## Which medication has your doctor recommended for you? It really depends on what type of thyroid condition is being treated. The FDA lists typical side effects of them both as possibly including nausea, dizziness, weight changes, hair loss, and mood changes. Are you on any other medications?

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Carbimazole and Levothroxine

Hi there. Why has my doctor prescribed both Carbimazole and Levothroxine to be taken on the same day? ## How were your thyroid levels? Sometimes, multiple medications might be prescribed to help lower levels as fast, and as safely as possibly. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, mood changes, and hair loss.

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Synthroid sweet taste

Idk where to start and after taking my morning synthroid 0.075mcg it's so sweet. I get my prescription filled via mail-order at OptumRX. I have been using them for a year and a half since I changed insurance. This is when I started noticing the sweet taste. I'm thinking they are sugar pills or placebos. My weight just keeps slowing going up up up! And I CAN'T get it off. I am Diabetic with HBP and I have tried to get my dr to increase my synthroid but she won't. So this morning (which I know was wrong) I ended up taking a total of 4. I'm telling you it's some form of sugar! I see this same question over and over but it's like the question is NOT properly answered! What's going on with our meds? The pharmaceutical companies already make a killing on prices...

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Hoarseness Side Effects?

I was diagnoised with hypothyroidism last December and was put on Levothyroxine (75mcg). Overall I have been feeling better and have more energy. But unlike most other people with underactive thyroids I was not overweight and since going on Levothyroxine have lost 10 pounds and am continuing to lose weight. I also have developed hoarseness which gets worse as the day goes on. Question-the weight loss is a common side effect of the medication-but has anyone heard of hoarseness? My thyroid levels were tested a few weeks ago and are now normal. ## Yes, I have noticed sore throat and hoarseness also on generic levothyroxine 75mcg. I finally tried not taking it for a couple of days and the sore throat and hoarseness went away. Started taking it again and voila, the sore throat and hoarseness...

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