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thyronorm overdose

A friend has taken 20 pills of thyronorm 25mcg out of hysteria.. What might be the repercussions? Please reply urgently. ## If you have reason to fear for the life and health of a loved one, you should contact your nearest emergency services or take them to the nearest emergency department, rather than posting online and waiting for an answer. And overdose of any medication is dangerous and risks death, organ damage and other serious health repercussions. High doses of the Levothyroxine in this creates the risk of seizures, strokes, heart palpitations and extremely high blood pressure. Even if she showed no ill effects, at the time she took them, she needs to see a doctor, because she could have done other damage to her body. How is she doing? ## I take 50mcg thyronorm daily. What if i ...

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thyronorm dosage

Hello, My wife had a tsh level of 7.2 in first 3 weeks of pregnancy than we started thyronorm 25 mcg we continued it and in 10 week pregnancy tsh came out to be low as 1.2 than i continued the same medicine but last 3 days back i got her tsh as 8.2 so now should i increase the dose of thyronorm to 25 mcg to 50 mcg or 100 mcg please suggest. Her delivery is due after 10 dayss only..... ## Her doctor should be making the decisions on whether or not she needs a dosage adjustment. What have they advised? Since she is pregnant, it is especially important that this be monitored and her dosage adjusted very carefully. Her doctor should be helping and this shouldn't be left up to your guesswork. No one online can make these types of decisions based on just the information in a short interne...

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Thyronorm dosage vs TSH Level

Is a 100 mcg thyronorm dosage fine with a thyroid level of 4.626? ## My present TSH level is 9.12. I am taking tyronorm tablet 75mcg daily. What should be my appropriate dose of medicine? ## Actually my tsh level is 7.02 in may, where the range is 0.30-5.5 and iam advised to take 75mg thyronorm. Now the value is 5.8. Now what dose I have to take ## Hi am having a tsh value of 35.98,how much my dose would be,previously I used 50mcg nw shud I increase my dose? ## Hi I am 32 year old lady TSH is 9.02 weight is 72 kg. With hight 5 ft. I am taking Thyronorm 100 Mcg from 4 days. Is it enough or more. Please advise me.. ## My tsh is 0.30-5.5. I am taking 50 mg thyronorm during pregnancy. Is it suitable for me? ## SIR I M 26 YEAR OLD MY TSH LEVEL IS 6.84 RECENTLY I TAKE 25 MG TAB ,CAN I TAKE CO...

wt s the oxi be tablet uses and side effects

i am swetha 45 years old i am suffering for severve tooth ache doctor prescribed 2 types tablets but no use i didnt got relief form tooth ache my neighbour my recomended abt Oxi-Be tablet i want to know the uses and there side effects of OXi-Be tablet and i have thyriod problem is there any side effects of OXi -Be brings for thyroid ## Beta carotene, selenium, copper manganese &zinc sulfate capsule Pls send its uses ## Oxi Be Capsule contains Beta-Carotene, Elemental Copper, Elemental Manganese, Selenium Dioxide and Zinc Sulphate as active ingredients.

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Swelling in legs and feet levothyroxine

I just started taking Levothyroxine 2 wks ago my legs and feet are swollen so bad by nite I can barley walk. They go down a little at nite but swell back. I am taking 25mcg and I am afraid to continue taking this med. Has any one else had this problem? ## Have you contacted your doctor? It sounds like you might be having a bad reaction to this medication and it may not be the right one for you, or may be too high of a dosage. Generally, the symptoms of a dosage being too high will start to manifest 6 days or so, after you start taking it and this type of fluid retention can be one of them and there is a chance that it could lead to congestive heart failure, if that's what's causing it and it isn't rectified. You should really contact your doctor immediately. ## I am on medic...

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Levothyroxine and Ringing in the Ears

I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after having my thyroid tested and my TSH was 5.9. I have been taking Levothyroxine since the end of June. The middle of July I started having non-stop ringing in my ears and still continues. I also have experienced severe hair loss and cannot put weight ON. Is it okay to stop taking Levo to see if the ringing in my ears stop? I really don't want to be on this medication, but don't want to cause additional issues as I'm getting married soon. Appreciate any sound advice. ## I have been on levothyroxin for a good while now.i just had a week away and forgot my pills.BUT I feel good.i don't feel as tired I have less headaches.less noise/ringing ear noises.and basically feel better without my pills I don't think my doc will be ...

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levothyroxine made by sandoz - strange smell

When I had my prescription for levothyroxine 75 refilled recently I immediately noticed a strange smell. Can you please tell me what it is? ## Hello, Joyce! How are you? What are the markings on them? The excipients in tablets can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Can you please post back and clarify? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, hair loss, and weight changes. ## I noticed the same strange odor. I returned 2 bottles Sandoz Lavothyroxin because the pills in the bottles smelled. Does anyone know why?

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Levothyroxine Sod / Losing excess weight

Ive been taking levothyroxine sod 0.125 for a long time now and managed to keep a stable weight. However, I am trying to drop more with cardio, weight training and a strict diet. My diet is much like a body builders diet by staying trim and lean. I have dropped 30 pounds in 6 months but i cannot go any further. A lot of it has to do with my diet... I am trying to find almost the perfect diet to help me succeed in losing more weight with Hypothyroidism. Is there anyone out there who has this knowledge? ## Have you consulted your doctor? They would be the best person to advise you on how to do it in a safe and healthy manner. Weight issues are a very common problem from both this medication and thyroid disorders. You may find it helpful to keep a food diary for several weeks, that way you...

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taking levothyroxine every other day

I have been on levothyroxine for 15 years. I skipped a day and felt much better. Can i start taking it every other day? I am on 75mg. ## Hello, Cathy! How are you? When is the last time your levels were checked? Depending on their levels, some people do skip days of this medication, or alternate doses to maintain the ideal levels, however, you should check with your doctor, before doing so. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes and hair loss. ## Hi thank you for replying. I have had my levels checked Jan 2016. I get them checked every year. It just seems like when I skip a day and do every other day i feel so much better... I called my Dr. and he said as long as my levels stay good i can do that. So now I need to make a ...

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Defcort 6 mg

when do we use defcort 6mg and what are its side effects? ## Is it useful for a respiratory infection? ## I found some information that says this contains a steroid, but I am not really finding much else. Can you tell me what country you obtained this in? ## i had breathing problem and weakness with small work load is defcort6 twicw a day is alright ## its role in bells palsy. dose and drug interaction ## I'm suffering from cellulitis and i have been prescribed defcort 6 ## My doctor has prescribed DEFCORT-6mg for my skin rash problem. Is it safe to take? For what purpose is it prescribed? I am having Thyroid problems as well. Are there any side effects? ## I have been experiencing knee pain for the last six months, so my doctor prescribed Defcort 6mg and when I take this medicine I...

Thyronorm 50 mcg is for hyperthyroidism?

I have hyperthyroidism and I had 3 bottles of thyronorm 50 mcg prescribed by my doctor. I have gained 7kg in 1year. Now my weight is 57kg. Before that I had 50 kg weight for 5 years constantly. Thyronorm 50 mcg is for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism? ## It can actually be used to treat both and weight gain is a normal symptom of these medical conditions, according to the NIH. The medication side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and hair loss. Are you on any other medications? Is this your only diagnosed medical condition? ## i am suffering from hypothyroidism , due to which i have gained 10 kgs my TSH level is 50.10 , So the doctor has prescribed thyronorm 50mgc will this help me in losing weight , and bring the TSH level normal . my ...

M2 Tone Tablet Side Effect

I take m2tone (2 tabs twice daily), but i have been suffering from non-stop periods during the past month. is it a side effect? i stopped taking the tab out of fear. doctors sent me in for laproscopy & suggested a hormonal tab by the name of gonablok 200; two tabs daily for 2 months. After this bleeding I stopped the tab. I do not know if both tabs cause any problems. before it i took more hormonal injections for my pregnancy, but had no results. Also i stopped gonablok 200. May i continue m2tone tabs now? ## I have been taking m-2tone for 2weeks now and my period has bin continuous for about 2weeks and a 2 days now.although d drug was prescribed to me cos of pcos,wot could possibly be the cause?do I need to stop now? ## i have been taking M 2tone for 2month now and my last period i...

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Levoxyl and Warnings Of Different Thyroid Medications Ingredients!

Hashimotos thyroiditis patients beware of the fillers and Crospovidone/Povidones in your thyroid medications! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis over 20 years ago and I took Levoxy that whole time and did great on that brand of medication. Levoxyl was taken off the market as everyone knows back in 2013 and that was the start of my throid hell! I was switched to Levothyroxine by Lannett- Walgreens brand. I had a very bad allergic reaction due to the iodine and acacia in the pill. Then I switched to levothyroxine by mylan- Target Store brand and I had another bad allergic reaction due to the Crospovidone and Povidones (non organic iodine) in the pill. Finally I discovered Levoxy is back on the market again so I rushed out to change my medicine back to levoxyl. Come to find out so...

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Levothyroxine and fainting

I was a perfectly healthy 14 year old until I grew very tired and went to see a doctor. We got blood work done & my tsh level was 150 (very bad) so my endocrine put me on 88mcg of levo. Im a little over a month into taking it and I've become very short of breath, having trouble excersising and today I fainted. I felt really nauseous and within 1 minute I passed out. Has anyone else experienced this?? I don't think it's normal but I'm curious if or how they fixed it. thanks ## I've been on 100mcg once daily and never experienced any side effects at all that I've noticed except sweating profusely so if I was you I'd consult your doctor or pharmacist and explain to them what you're experiencing an let them know if it's anything to do with the levo or...

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side effects of thyroup 50

I use thyroup50 and thyroup12.75 is there any problems this medicine recommended by a physician ## My mom is thyroid 17.43 Medicine thyroup 25 mg half medicine & Prolomet xl 25 mg tablets 1 daily pls for advise

Gestin Tablet 5 mg 3rice a day

Hello doctor I'm 28 years old in my 13th week of 1st pregnancy. My doc has advised me to take gestin 5 mg tablets thrice a day. I was taking hcg5000 injections before twice a week. I just wanted to know the reason for high dose of gestin and any side effects I should expect. And just borderline thyroid. Rest I'm healthy. ## Hello Dr...i having Gestin tab twice in a day ...But i have severe pain in my stomach. My pregnency is not confirmed yet...Is this the sign of non pregenancy..please suggest ## I am not a doctor, but this is a hormonal supplement that contains a form of Progesterone, which is vital to a woman's overall health, her ability to become pregnant, and to carry a baby to full term. Thus, if your doctor has instructed you to take it, you should do so. The NIH lis...

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Thyronorm - Dosage, Weakness, Low sodium

A woman relative, around 60 yr of age, taking 100 mcg thyronorm as prescribed by Dr. She has fatty infiltration of liver, small stones in gall bladder, complains of nagging pain on the right lower side (between pelvic region and Liver) suffers from terrible weakness, especially in the morning hours (before breakfast) and is anxious about not getting cured from her condition. Question is how to adjust the quantity of thyronorm (dose in mcgs)? When is it best taken to see that thyroxine is available when needed by the body? Does thyronorm affect sodium metabolism to reduce its blood levels to cause weakness? ## I was prescribed 75 mcg thyronorm per day. i have been taking it for past 20 minths. now myTSH levels are less than minimum levels since 1 year. I started pain in my both the arms ...

eltroxin50 mcg now can i take thyronorm

I m 6 months pregnant dr advice me to take eltrocxin 50mcg but in market yhis is not available they gave me thyronorm 50 mcg can i advice me should i take this or it is save for my tsh is 9.6 ## I came from u.s.a here and i was taking levothyroxine 100 mcg there,my medicine is finished, can i take thyronorn here ## Yes, they both contain the same active ingredients and are equivalent. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, hair loss, weight changes, and mood changes. Is there anything else I can help with?

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combitic global caplet tiroy-100

I just received a refill for what is supposed to be a generic for Synthroid in blister packs. The generic name on the packet is l-thyroxine sodium and looks like the name brand is Tiroy-100 and indicates it is manufactured by Combitic Global Caplet. The pill itself is small pale orange round shaped. There are no markings on the pill. I went to their website, which is very low rent looking, to look for a photo of their pills to make sure it was authentic and l-thyroxine sodium, Tiroy-100, or thyroid meds do not turn up as being manufactured by this company. Does anyone know if what I received is a good brand? Now I'm afraid to take them. ## No answer for you, but I ordered 200mg and just received it. Have you taken it? If so, how do you feel? ## has anyone used albendazole tablets IP...

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Thyroxine Sodium Tablets Ip Effect pregnancy ?

am using thyroxine sodium tablets ip 59 grm from last 2 months, as per Dr. instruction, i want to know because of this pregnancy got effect? any problem for pregnancy? ## am taking thyroxine sodium tablets ip 25mg(THYRONORM), as per Doctor advice, my report when i took thyroid test 1. Free T3(serum/clia)= 2.35pg/ml. II. free T4(serum/clia)= 1.12ng/dl. III. TSH 3 RD GEN (serum/CLIA)= 5.04mIU/mL. now im 12 weeks pregnant. Please advice me is it good taking while of my friends got a miscarriage and she felt it was because of taking this worried please advice... thank you. waiting for reply, regards Mrs. Sheela ## According to NIH reports, it is actually far more risky to not take the tablets, while you are pregnant. It is very important to stabilize your thyroi...


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