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Tirosint is the best!

Was on Levothyrosin,synthroid, and Armor thyroid meds over the past 7 years. The experience that I had with each one goes as follows. Levothyrosin made me feel like crap! I was tired,moody,sad,and questioned my sanity while I was on it. Weight gain! Synthroid made my skin,hair dry and brittle! It made me feel very irritated about little things. Weight fluctuation! Next, Armor I liked because I felt great! It helped me get my skin and hair back on a healthy course. Weight loss 20lbs! However, finding a doctor to write a prescription for it became too difficult when I relocated. Every doctor I asked said it may be a natural thyroid med because it comes from a pig but there is nothing natural about it! Anyway, My new doctor asked me to try Tirosint because it was in a liquid gel form and i...

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Been on Synthroid for years( 1990's) never been able to get any good results, felt like I was being poisoned every time I took it , my symptoms were horrible, recently got in to see endocrinologist that prescribed tirosint along with cytomel, 8th day now and a lot of the symptoms I was having on Synthroid are gone, but was wondering how long before I could see results from tirosint, would love some feedback:)

where can you get tirosint

I have hypothyroid. I have a food intolerence to dyes, fillers and Additives. I found information on Tirosint. It appears to be the least amount of additives. Where can you get it? ## You might want to contact an international firm such as pharmaworld.com - they are located in Switzerland and appear to be run by a credible staff.

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