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What is the side effect with this drug besides the fact that it is addicting?

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I was recently prescribed this medication for a spinal cord condition and I haven't taken it yet. I'm afraid to. If it's not a narcotic medication, why so many warnings and why is it addicting?

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I don't know about the narcotic of it, but I DO know my husband has been taking it for a couple years for his back pain. He didn't seem to be addicted, but it didn't help his pain much for starters anyway. Secondly, he was taking 150mg at one time, which you shouldn't take over 100mg at a time. Then, because he has a history of hepatitis (the one that goes away, don't remember which one that is A,B,C,D or E). Anyway, he had to stop taking it because it caused spots on his liver, and sores on his arms and face. But as I said, he had a start on liver damage anyway. Just be sure to ween yourself off of it if you do decide to take it, or you'll get tremors, hot/cold sweats, etc.
Good Luck!

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I have been taking Tramadol/Ultram for 2 years. I have noticed that I suffer from severe short-term memory loss. Ill be right in the middle of a conver sation and can't remember what I was saying. It has progressively gotten worse. To the point that I have tried to get off of it. I have seen a Neurologist and have a abnormal brain function on my left side.

One thing I truly loved about tramadol was that it gave me extra energy and a emotional uplift. I am confused. My friend has been suffering severe headaches too. Has anyone else suffered from these side effects??? Pls let me know. Im having a MRI on my brain next week.

Claudia Dudek

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Yep, my husband did the loss of brain function also! I thought he was developing Alzheimer's or something.

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Wow Geri...I thought I was going crazy...pre-menstrual....something weird. Wouldn't it be interesting if that is what has caused the abnormal EEG?? Althogh I want to not be abnormal for this reason. I don't want to be mis-diagnosed...esp with a brain issue.

I stopped taking it and became very depressed. I did it over a few weeks...lately ....the last 5 days Ive been taking it and am not sure if that's cool. After a break the symptoms are little.


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It very well could be. I'm not a doctor, but I have my suspicions about the liver damage, why not brain tissue damage also? I would suggest you continue to ween yourself off of it, and see what you scan shows! We could be ON to something here.

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dont know bout long term effects but definately helps my back pain....nice little buzz too!!!!!

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I loved the buzz too!!! It wears off though sorry to say. 2 years later it isn't working like it used to most times. I used to get a high energy and a increased sense of well-being.

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I was just put on Tramadol because i was in a car accident. But they also put me on hydroxyzine pamoate 25mg capsules they are a greenish blueish. If anyone can tell me why i am taking this with tramadol and what is in this, please. But i did notice that i couldn't remember anything that i was forgetting all kinds of stuff that i never do and also had alot alot of energy ( my house has never been cleaner ) thats also was weird for me. But i am afraid after i look over everyones coments. my doctor has put me on this for three months is that to long will i be ok when i go off of it or am i in for it? see now i forgot what else i was going to ask!

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Hey Megan:

Pharmacists are great at given you the low down on medications and why they may of been diagnosed. Likely some anti-inflamatory or something. You can look it up on this site1!!!

Withdrawl isn't horrible. Just do it slow. It's not to be stopped automatically...it says that on your read-out from the pharmacy.

So, ck with your pharmacist and maybe ck here. I wouldn't worry about a bad withdrawl. Just do it slow. I've been on over 2 years so that's alot different than 3 months. isn't the energy boost great??!!!!


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oh i love it , its what i always needed to get up and about i can get everything done in one day

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Well, that's actually the problem. I need to get off it, but, have gotten attached to what it does for me. I'm talking with my Psychiatrist tommarrow. I need an Upper... I take meds for Anxiety and PTSD..sleep help etc. Didn't sleep all night for 2 years!! He helped alot. Now I sleep probably 5 days out of 7!!!!
Have you noticed that you can't sleep during the day on Tramadol? I have. Im on disability. I don't take the Tramadol if I know I'm needing a nap during the day.


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wthat are the side effects both mild and servear

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zoloft what are the side effects of this mild and serviear

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gabapentin what are the side effects of this mild and serveae i am takeing all three i have listed

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plus one amitriptyline also need to know the side effects mild and servear

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For all you questions about these medications .... ck here!!! That's what this site is about. Ck it all. Also, your pharmicist can be your best bed as well.

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I'm not sure about the other meds your taking, I don't recognize the description. BUT, I DO know, that if you take Tramedol with tylenol, it increases the affects. But I would be VERY careful when doing this, because YOU CAN OVERDOSE EASILY!

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You know the first week that i started tramadol that i did get a hight energy kick, week three not so much now still forget alot i feel so stupid sometimes but i did ask the doctor about my headachs that i get from the tramadol and he said that it is a side effect and you can take motrin.. And does any one get really moody at night or when it wheres off?

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I didn't know that adding Tylenol increases effect. I know that for folks with liver issues extra tylenol isn't good. Ultram/Tramadol is based with ibuprophen. Ultracet is based with tylenol. I know bc I cant take a tylenol based medication. I would imagine that enhancing with tylenol isn't that smart.
I was off for a few weeks and boy did I feel depressed. My head doc has me taking an antidepressant called Zoloft. Trying to mimic the sense of well-being I get from Ultram/Tramado.

So, I feel stuck btwn a rock and a hard place. Will keep you all updated.

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Re: Happy AF (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

I first used Tramadol when it wasn’t considered a controlled substance. Used for joint pain. When they changed its status I quit using it as I didn’t have the time to go in and get screened each time I needed to renew the RX. Don’t remember stopping it being an issue. For the last year I was taking it after 2 major back surgeries. Refused to take Oxycontin due its side effects, addictiveness and causing constipation. Requested Tramadol instead. Tired of not being able to drive and was recovering from my surgeries so I chose, with my pain Drs. agreement to discontinue it. We did so gradually and switched to CBD gummies. Glad to be rid of it. Think it could become addictive because you want to increase it to recover faster but also need to increase the amount to continue its effectiveness. A bad sign. Am I free of surgery effects, no, but will survive. I think the manufacturers have changed and likely changed its effectiveness. Recommend working with pain management Drs to help anyone work out pain issues. I didn’t notice any particular side effects, but think the fact that it helped with my pain overrode noticing them. So, glad I made the change.

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It gave my mom really low blood sugar. She was a type two diabetic and her blood sugar would just drop out of nowhere to the point where she would get shaky and pale and sweaty. It made me feel like I was going to have a seizure I hated it I always felt shaky.

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Re: nenene (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

This is what upsets me when people over use this medicine. I been using it for 5yrs and I take 2 pills a day that just 50mg in Morning and 50mg late afternoon. Morning and late afternoon with 100mg in one day. With a 600mg of ibuprofen. I am a nurse. I was given vico but didn't like it cause that I did feel you wanted more u felt some mellow way. I couldn't work feeling high. Tramadol work for me as I mentioned. I will not abuse it as this other person mentioned. In fact I had a surgery and I had stopped taking Tramadol for months did get sick. I got back on due to my back and knee. It seems to work for me in that amount of MG.

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Re: Claudia Dudek (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I been on tramadol on and off for over 5yrs. My memory is fine. I am 52 yrs old. I am a nurse. As u said it give me an uplift and a little energy. I take it for my back pain and knee. It helps with and ibrophen. Every medication has a addictive component in it. For its and even blood pressure. As soon as u stop taking it your blood pressure goes up. Tramadol is made with man made opioid small amount but still addictive. It messes with your mental thoughts and your pain levels. I use it so I do relate to what u saying but my memory is fine medication does differently on every one.

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Every medication either for pain, ptsd, depression, and many more conditions are made with addiction oriented chemical compounds in it. It's not only for pain medication. Tramadol has been on the market since 96 but now it's controlled. The more these young kids start exploring into medication getting high or using it for anything other than what it needs to be used for, the government will control it. Tramadol is the weakest strength of opioid out there. But as with everything u may abuse it to get the high u want. You be fine. Vicodin and that other hard stuff is very addictive. So do as you feel works for u. But do know this, most medication out there have something in it that makes you to depend on it. Blood pressure pills are the same s***. U don't drink it and your blood pressure rises, so you need to drink the pill to control it.

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my dad was prescribed tramadol .he ended up in hospital on a detox programme.

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Why have the postings died a year and a half ago? I am taking a small dose, 50 mg 1-3 times a day. It's supposed to be for headaches and break through pain not covered by the oxycontin time release I take. I haven't found any problems yet but have only been taking it for 3 months. What is the dosage associated with the headaches?
The problem with generics is that the FDA allows them to reach a bioavailability of 80% of the brand drug. The manufacturer can hit a level between that and 100%, but guess what is more profitable?
I've been having some depressive feelings lately but had charged those off to life events. Has anyone had trouble at such a low dose like mine?

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As a pharmacist I would just like to say a few words here. Tramadol went through a lot of scrutiny when it came out, because many wanted to make it a controlled substance because the tramadol seemed to have addictive qualities. Unfortunately, it did not become a scheduled medication. In other countries it is. I have dealt with so many people who have become true addicts from using this drug. Many have not used any of the street drugs or morphine, oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone or the like, only acetaminophen or aspirin. They were shocked at how the Tramadol made them feel. It made them euphoric, lots of energy, on top othe world, confident, and didnt need much sleep. It does catch up to you after a while. You can get headaches badly, the insomnia and loss of appetite can destroy your body and then the need for stronger doses of the tramadol can damage your liver. However, tylenol and tramadol have no effect on each other. there is a form of tramadol called Ultracet that has a low 325mg of acetaminophen and 37.5 mg of tramadol. One can still add a 500mg tablet of acetaminophen and not go over. Just dont go over 4000mg a day. To the person who is taking 800mg of tramadol....THIS IS DOUBLE THE LIMIT, 400MG IS ABSOLUTELY THE LIMIT UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO SEVERE DAMAGE TO YOUR LIVER. I agree though, ween yourself off or get professional help because one does experience lots of side effects of the withdrawal. It is awful to watch good people or any people go through the withdrawal. Most had no clue that the tramadol could be addictive and they chose that drug purposely because it was not a narcotic. How misleading our drugs can be huh?

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I have been on Tramadol for approximately three years now. The medication was prescribed to me for long-term use by the Veteran's Hospital. I initially started taking 200 - 400 mgs daily, but over time my daily dosage has increased to between 400 - 800 mgs.

When on Tramadol, I often experience not only a physical, but also an emotional high, marked by a greater sense of well-being and happiness. It also seems to increase my energy levels. Conversely, when I'm off this medication, I tend to become depressed, drowsy (often sleeping 12 - 16 hours per day), irritable, moody, and terribly unpleasant. Physical withdrawal symptoms include uncontrollable shaking and hot/cold flashes, coupled with excruciating pain.

While on this drug, I notice that my appetite seems to lessen and at times, I experience difficulty sleeping. I believe Tramadol can be addictive for some individuals. I say this because I know other users do not experience the same effects as I do. Interestingly, the way my body reacts is somewhat paradoxical: substances that would ordinarily induce lethargy or sleep, tend to invigorate me, and vice versa.

I believe that this unusual response has something to do with how the drug interacts with my Central Nervous System (CNS). Having always suffered from severe depression, and being plagued by post-traumatic symptoms from the war, I've found that I've become heavily reliant on this medication. It sufficiently addresses both my physical and mental health issues.

Despite my awareness of side effects and potential addiction, I've concluded that I'll likely use Tramadol for the remainder of my life. After all, in my personal experience, the benefits far outweigh any negative implications. I've experimented with a range of other narcotics, both legal and illegal, including H, LSD, PCP, speed, opium, Oxycontin, Morphine, Lortab, and others. Yet, none of these substances provided relief or had any noteworthy effect, even in overdose quantities. This is why I was, and remain, so surprised at how effective Tramadol is for me!

I'm aware that there's ongoing legislative discussion with the FDA about potentially changing the regulation status of Tramadol, due to reported abuse by patients. I'm not sure when this change may be implemented, but I'm fairly certain that it will eventually occur.

Interestingly, I've found that non-generic Tramadol is more effective for me than its generic counterpart. Consuming it with coffee also seems to enhance its effects. I've read in this forum that some people find taking it with Tylenol produces a similar result.

Ultimately, each person's CNS is different, and what may amplify the effects of the drug can also vary. I'm currently conducting a research study on the plant from which Tramadol is derived and examining what man-made modifications are performed to produce this drug. Once completed, I will post my findings in this forum.

As a basic principle, if the negative effects of a drug outweigh its benefits, consider that an addiction. In such circumstances, potential solutions could be to independently quit using the drug or seek help. It's crucial to be open about the reality of your situation because it can be easy to fall into denial, believing that the benefits are greater than they actually are.

Knowing if something is causing you problems is often a simple matter of introspection. Stay safe and aware.

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I started taking Tramadol about a month ago. Strange feelings from that drug. Yes, the energy boost was good. There is a tingly unexplainable feeling with it also. I had a steroid shot in the hip area for a pinched nerve. I was given the medicine about 2 weeks before the shot. Suddenly I began to have sweats, hot flashes up to 6 days a day. I am menopausal, but had not had any hot flashes like those. In fact I was proud of the fact that my hot flashes where minimal. Got really hot at work and had to walk away from my desk took me about 1/2 hour to get myself together. Called my doctor and she said that the drug could cause this kind of problem. I stopped taking it for 48 hours and I feel very depressed and angry. I want to start taking them again because I was finely able to move around and had started losing weight, as much as 5 lbs in the first week. I am sitting with the bottle in front of me right now. My back and leg are hurting and I am debating.

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