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Cholesterol (from the Ancient Greek chole- (bile) and stereos (solid), followed by the chemical suffix -ol for an alcohol) is an organic molecule. It is a sterol (or modified steroid),[3] a type of lipid.[1] Cholesterol is biosynthesized by all animal cells and is an essential structural component of animal cell membranes. It is a yellowish crystalline solid. Cholesterol also serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of steroid hormones, bile acid[4&am...

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Lipitor and Grapefruit Safe?

## It's true. You should not ingest grapefruit while taking Liptor, as it could increase the active ingredient's concentration in your bloodstream to unsafe levels. This applies to multiple statins including Lipitor (atorvastatin), Mevacor (lovastatin), and Zocor (simvastatin). ## I was told by a friend that you should not ingest grapefrit or grapefruit juice while on Lipitor. Any word on this? ## FYI any medication that reacts with grapefruit will also react with CBD oil. The CBD oil does the same thing as grapefruit.

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Round Yellow Pill RX 597

I have a round yellowish pill, about 9 mm in diameter, with the imprint RX 597. What could this be? ## This was Pravastatin 40 mg from the now defunct Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals (NDC 63304-0597). Pravastatin is used to lower cholesterol. Source ## The identification that Jaki provided is correct. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Pravastatin as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and joint/muscle aches. Ref: Medline Plus Pravastatin Is there anything I can help with?

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Daflon Drug Interactions

Hello. I would like to know if taking Daflon drug for a certain time as a cure, could interact with the medicines that I am taking which are: Lipitor-Concor-Omnic-Tritace-Aspirin? Regards ## I am taking daflon 500 mg twice daily. Can I take aspirin 100mg once daily along with it? I have pain in my leg and I'm afraid of blood clots. ## Can I take Daflon and still consume medical cannabis?

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Crosuva 20 side effects

I have been prescribed Crosuva 20 (also known as Rosuvastatin). Anyone have side effects with this med? ## Medications in the Statin class, such as Rosuvastatin, are very well known to cause side effects in many people that take them. As a matter of fact, many have had to stop taking them due to the severity of them. The FDA lists the side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and joint/muscle pain. Have you started taking it, yet?

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Has anyone been harmed by using pravastatin? ## I recently had a 2nd MI and was put on Crestor in hospital, sent home w/script for Pravastatin 80 mgs. I am 6 days post starting this statin and for 4 days have had severe lower back pain and lower abdominal pain severe enough to go to ER as well as taking a half tab of Vicodin to ease the pain enough to partially function. There were only 2 new meds added to my normal regime since 4/15/10. I am getting this severe pain within 3 hours of the once a day dosage so am inclined to think it is caused by the statin. Have not been able to tolerate any form of statins for well over 10 years but my doctor was insistant while in the hopsital. Am close to stopping this med and will discuss with my family doctor today. Anyone else have or had this sit...

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clear capsule with white powder

its a thin, clear capsule, white powder, no imprint, nothing to tell me what medication it is. ## Clear capsule appears white from powder inside no imprint ## Sorry, if there is no imprint, there is no way to positively identify it, unless you would have it lab tested. ## Possibly Niacin, Vitamin B-3, one of a few unmarked white capsules. It's used by the body as a co-enzyme for energy metabolism. Supposedly helps nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. Used widely for drug detoxifications, increased metabolism... ## people r starting to bring 30 mg oxycodone up from florida in a capsule form with no imprint. they r being made right in the pharmacy.. if u found one in your teens room.. have them take a test... stop it early b4 it becomes a major problem. drugs kill ## Just f...

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Trilipix Dr

My husband has been on Trilipix DR for approx 6 months. About a month ago,he experienced a sudden temporary memory loss that lasted several hours. He was the hospital overnight and a battery of test all proved normal. His chlorestrol was elevated and the hospital Dr increased the Trilipix Dr to 135 mg. He developed severe headaches and extreme fatigue. We called the Dr and he decreased the med but symptoms continued. He finally stopped the Trilipix completely .After reading reviews from several sites, I now believe the memory loss may have been a build up of Trilipix in his system. Has anyone on this site had this type of side effect? ## I have been on Tripilix for five days now. I don't have the headache but I notice I keep getting a painful, stiff neck. Also, I have not slept at a...

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Atorvastatin Gluten Free

I have celiac disease and want to know if Atorvastatin is gluten free. Thanks ## The composition of inactive ingredients can really depend upon each manufacturer of Atorvastatin. Some may or may not contain any gluten, but if you know the marking or imprint on your tablet, I can go ahead and look up a list of these ingredients for you. Any additional details on the pill's physical properties (i.e. shape, color) would also be good to have as well. Look forward to hearing back from you! ## I am a celiac and also take atorvastatin It is white and oval with MX on front and A15 on back. Dont know if that is enough info to b able to tell me. Thanxs ## No this was not helpful, the question was simple, does it contain gluten yes or no ## The atorvastatin I have is white and imprinted with R...

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can i reduce atorvastatin 20mg to 10mg

i am 74 yr old male. Chlorestrol normal, but on advice of Doctor. Wouldit be OK to reduce dosage to 10 mg? ## Hello, Nestro31! How are you? If your doctor has instructed you to lower the dose, it would be best to do as they've directed. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My husband was similar, so he weaned himself off the Statin (I forget which one it was) couldn't get any logical answer from the doc as to why not. He now takes no statins, and cholesterol is non existant.

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Increasing Atorvastatin dosage from 10 to 20 mg

I am 78 year old male from India. I am diabetic but under control and mild bp under control. My cholestrol level is 113, Tryglycerides 166, HDL 46, LDL 32 and VLDL 35 as on 16th dec 2020. Previously as on 15/9/2019 cholestrol is 111, tryglycerides 134, HDL 43, LDL 32 and VLDL 35. I have been taking Atorvostatin 10 mg since many years. But when this tryglycerides level is 166 from 134 recently , I feel i should raise the dosage and would like to take 20 mg atorvostatin. Since I am diabetic, i think i am not supposed to stop atorvostatin. Can i increase the dosage from 10 mg to 20 mg? Is there any harm in doing so? Kindly advise. ## Hi Veera, First a few questions, what type of diabetic are you? And do you have any other health issues like thyroid, liver etc and what other meds are you ta...

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