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white oblong ## what is sankyo co1 ## Sankyo is a drug company that has now partnered with Ranbaxy, if you are speaking of a certain drug, please provide the imprints from the tablet. ## the pill says sankyo on one side and co1 just checking because my son had these in his drawer my wife found them just concerned ## This tablet contains 625mgs of Colesevelam, a generic for WelChol, it is used to help lower cholesterol. I think the better question is, since these are prescription drugs and having them without on is illegal, is where did your son get them and what did he think they were? ## sankyo co1 ## the one dr gave it to me for diarrera is this ok ## I have an oblong pill with c15 on one side and sankyo on the other side. Is this sankyo? {edited for privacy}

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