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Stop Period Tablets in 5 days se

having a procedure on cervix in 7 days doctor prescribed norimin-1 does anyone know if its going to stop my period which is to happen in 3 to 5 days thanks ## Hi terry, Unfortunately there's really no way of knowing for sure how this or any drug is going to affect you before you actually take it. Doctors can only assume that it may work based on your medical records, current health, and other individual factors. Norimin tablets are a type of hormonal contraception (birth control), and as a side effect it can cause irregular or skipped periods (due to a fluctuation of hormones); however this is not the primary indication of the drug itself. Because of that, it is my understanding that there's no way to tell exactly when side effects might happen. Anyone else have thoughts on this...

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Medicine Rabiloc 20mg

I'm 23 years old and i had a breast lump removal surgery 3 days before. After that my doctor prescribe me 2, rabiloc 20mg before breakfast. but i mistook the time and took the medicine for 3days after the breakfast. i'm scared now. what should i do...?? is that gonna be a big problem.

toilet infection drugs

I feel feverish, hotness of d body, body weakness, abdominal pains, headaches and i am now seeing a whitish substance coming out of my private part. Plz advise, this toilet infection is getting out of hand. What drugs should I take to cure it? ## Hi Nikita! You need to go to your doctor so he can properly diagnose you and if you need medication, the doctor would be the one to prescribe it.

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Defcort time required to heal Sarcoidosis

Hi, my mother(age 55) is suffering from Sarcoidosis of lungs. She has been on a dose of Defcort twice a day, since a month. I want to know if the disease is completely curable and how much time will it require to completely heal the disease. Also what precautions should she take to avoid any side-effects.