Active Ingredient(s): Cholestyramine
FDA Approved: * February 22, 1996
Pharm Company: * UPSHER SMITH
Category: Cholesterol

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Prevalite Overview

Colestyramine (INN) or cholestyramine (USAN) (trade names Questran, Questran Light, Cholybar, Olestyr) is a bile acid sequestrant, which binds bile in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent its reabsorption. It is a strong ion exchange resin, which means it can exchange its chloride anions with anionic bile acids in the gastrointestinal tract and bind them strongly in the resin matrix. The functional group of the anion exchange resin is a quaternary ammonium group attached to an inert styrene-...

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Prevailite Powder

Prevalite powder is almost impossible for me to swallow. I have tried mixing with water, applesauce and pineapple juice and follow with lots of water. I am wondering if it comes in capsule form; if not, could it be put into a capsule and still have the same effects? I am 64 years old and have had issues with diarrhea for as long as I can remember and the situation has worsened since gall bladder removal two years ago. Also, flares up during periods of extreme stress. I was hoping the Prevalite would be an answer to my prayers but I can hardly take it without vomiting. I appreciate your feedback until I am able to discuss different options with my doctor. Thanks! ## Hi Suz, I do think that it should definitely be possible to put the powder into empty gelatin capsules for swallowing. I kn...


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Powder: eq 4gm resin/packet, eq 4gm resin/scoopful
  • Powder for Reconstitution: 4g, 4g/5.5g, 4g/5g, 4g/9g, 4g/pack, 5g/scoop
  • Tablet: eq 1gm resin, eq 800mg resin
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Prevalite: (1 result)

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  • 0245-0036 Prevalite 4 g/5.5g Oral Powder, for Suspension by Upsher-smith Laboratories Inc.

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