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cholestyram side effects

I have had an issue with eating and within 1/2 hour having diarrea. So I pretty much stopped eating unless I was going to be home. I had a sonogram, all was good.One doctor gave me questran powder which I had to dissolve in water, it was disgusting. It also made my right side hurt from the side to the back. So I stopped that and went to the gastro doctor. After my colonoscopy and scope the gastro doctor gave me cholestryam, which I could mix in the drink of my choice, so I have been making smoothies and malts to mask the taste. However my side is hurting again. Just a dull ache, more of a nusience than anything else. But it is working. I have not had diarrea in almost a week! And I can eat!!!! But again I have this side pain. Is it normal? Will it eventually go away? What is causing it?...

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