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Anticonvulsants (also commonly known as antiepileptic drugs or as antiseizure drugs) are a diverse group of pharmacological agents used in the treatment of epileptic seizures. Anticonvulsants are also increasingly being used in the treatment of bipolar disorder[1] and borderline personality disorder,[2] since many seem to act as mood stabilizers, and for the treatment of neuropathic pain.[3] Anticonvulsants suppress the excessive rapid firing of neurons during seizures.[4] Anticonvulsants als...

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Neurontin/Gabapentin Withdrawal Question.
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Hello. I'm very new to this drug, only 7 days.I am a diabetic with bi-polar/anxiety. I was recently put on Gabapentin 300mg. 1 pill for 4 days and then told to take 1 pill 2 times a day after. I have been experiencing some normal side effects such as sleepiness, a little anxiety (it hits me for about an hour and then goes away completely) and a little bit of a loopy feeling. I did not realize I was past the 4 days and had only been taking one pill (my memory has been terrible the past few days), so I was going to start taking the 2 pills yesterday (Feb 20th). I forgot the 2nd dosage on the 20th and did not realize it until the 21st after I started feeling a crazy rapid heartbeat, severe anxiety (i wrestled with it for about 4 hours before calming down), as well as dizziness and the ...
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Gabapentin by Aurobindo
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Hi, I am asking about the Gabapentin that I have been prescribed, made by Aurobindo. The medicine is in a capsule and I need to know if the capsule (casing) is either made with pork, beef or vegetables. Since I am Jewish it's important to me. Thank you. ## What are the markings on it? Sometimes the manufacturer listed is just an authorized distributor, so I cannot provide you with accurate information, until you post back with more details. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and mood changes. Can you please post back and clarify? ## the # on the capsule is. (D02)
Updated 27 minutes ago in Gabapentin.
Oxetol 300 mg side effects
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Hi there, My dad is 58yrs old, he's an epilepsy patient for last 30+ years..Right from inital stage till date he has been using sodium valproate 400mg twice a day. Recently a few weeks back he's affected with epilepsy (fits) after nearly two years gap. As a common practice we have consulted the doctor and has make him to undergo all the test (ECG/EPG) etc tests. As a result the doctor whom we consulted has advised to stop using sodium valproate 400mg and replace it with Oxetol 300mg and assured this should take care of the issue. Now all im worried here is, with my dad being 58yrs old, will changing the medicine now have any kind of impact? Will he be safe? Please advise, im pretty worried about his health... Thanks Pr ## It is normal for someone's body to adjust to a medica...
Updated 5 hours ago in Keppra.
Northstar Rx
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Has anyone had problems with lamotrigine (generic Lamictal) manufactured by Northstar Rx ## My pharmacy changed my Teva brand of Lamotrigine to North Star brand. Has anyone noticed a difference with the difference switching brands? ## Yes. I take lamotrigine for bi-polar depression. I have found that the Northstar version of the drug doesn't work. I took it and my mood crashed. Then I got back on the Teva made lamotrigine, and my mood stabilized. I believe the Northstar product in effective. Try to get your prescribing physician to write "Teva - DAW" on your script. ## My original Hyzaar was refilled by mail with Losartan Hctz 100 by Northstar and I think I'm having serious side effects that I just now attribute to the bp med. My legs are cramping; hip joints hurt; panti...
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Can side effects of gabapentin be similar to dementia?
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I have been taking gabapentin and lamictal for bipolar for about 2 years. I am very sensitive to medications so my doses have had to be cut back a few times. I do not take what a "normal" dose would be as I do not tolerate it well. I am having trouble with my memory. I am concerned about my medication doing this. I have sometimes forgotten names or what I did the past few days or a week ago. I get confused over things that should not confuse me. I have lost interest in doing my hobbies. Please let me know if it is possible side effect? ## Hello, Nancy! How are you? The FDA classifies both of these medications as anticonvulsants that can also be used to help with some mood disorders and virtually all such medications are known to cause similar issues. They also tend to worsen the...
Updated 13 hours ago in Gabapentin.
nevrodin or nevrotin
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IS THIS MEDICATION USED BY PARKINSON'S PATIENTS AND DOES NOT CAUSE CONFUSION? I AM INTERESTED BECAUSE MY BRIOTHER-IN-LAW HAS TAKEN DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS AND THEY SEEM TO CAUSE CONFUSION AND MEMORY LOSS. ## Did you mean Neurontin? It is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat certain types of never pain and some mood disorders. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, mood swings, and weight changes, and yes, it can cause memory loss, in some people that take it. However, that could also be a symptom of his illness. Is he on any other medications?
Updated 15 hours ago in Neurontin.
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i take a bright orange capsaul.the letters on mine say 93with 39 under it.this is on both the left and right side of capsaul ## Yes, that is a generic version of Gabapentin, it didn't work for me, so I still have a whole bottle of them here. These capsules are 300mgs. ## I'll take what you have money, etc. thanks. ## Skip (# 2) please tell me if they work and how I can get on some to try. I'm very interested in trying these .
Updated 1 day ago in Gabapentin.
Dilantin overdose
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My son's nurse accidentally gave him an extra dose of his Dilantin... What should I do? ## I took an extra dilantin (100mg) for 3 days, but I usually take 4 a day. Did I take too much? Can I stop taking it tomorrow? I'm scared. Will I be ok?
Updated 3 days ago in Dilantin.
can gabapentin cause legs to feel heavy when walking?
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Have spinal stenosis. Also diabetes. Some neuropathy. Had 2 epidurals and physical therapy which helped decrease pain in legs to a bearable level. Had 3 acupuncture treatments. Thought helped after 1st one but after 2nd and 3rd legs hurt more so I didn't go back. Doctor put me on Gabapentin which helps the neuropathy. One day legs started feeling like they weigh 50 pounds each which has affected my balance tremendously. So now I am wondering if possibly caused by Gabapentin. Anyone else on it with heavy legs? ## I take 2700 mg a day of Gabapentin. I'm 71. I also have cervical spinal stenosis, diabetes 2 and lots of arthritis. Also take 300 mg of tramadol a day and a number of other drugs for psychiatric reasons as well as drugs for blood pressure and cholesterol. I even drink a ...
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levipil side effects syrup for kids
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My grand daughter is taking Levipil Syrup prescribed by Neuro for last two years 9 ml per day.Please let me know what is the effect if it is taken for long time ## my daughter is taking levipil for 2 years. what is the side effects. she has using this after got elevation surgery in the head. this is happened because she fell down and hit on rod. i want to know the sideeffects of levipil and eptoin(given earlier). kindly advice. ## Hi My baby is 8 month old. When he is 5 month he is having fits. With The advise of neuro docter now he is having valparin and levipill syrup. Also AT The time Pf fever, friesium tablet User. Y he is having fits. Is there any sideefect. Pls answer ## This medication contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, it is an anticonvulsant that is used to prevent s...
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