Active Ingredient(s): Fosphenytoin Sodium
FDA Approved: * November 5, 2020
Pharm Company: * SEDOR PHARMS LLC
Category: Anticonvulsant

Fosphenytoin, also known as fosphenytoin sodium, and sold under the brand name Cerebyx among others, is a water-soluble phenytoin prodrug that is administered intravenously to deliver phenytoin, potentially more safely than intravenous phenytoin. It is used in the acute treatment of convulsive status epilepticus. Fosphenytoin was developed in 1996.[1] On 18 November 2004, Sicor (a subsidiary of Teva) received a tentative approval letter from the United States Food and Drug Adm... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

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