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Oval White Pill With Imprint Gb

I found an oval white pill with.Only gb. On one side and blank on the other. What is it?? ## Based on the description provided, the closest match I could locate is an oval white pill identified as Gabapentin (600 mg). This pill however is imprinted with "G 31" on one side and blank on the other - as opposed to "GB". NOTE: there is also a score line separating the G and 31. Manufacturer: Glenmark Generics Inc. National Drug Code (NDC): 68462-0126 Does this sound like a possible match? ## It is 800mg Gabapentin.

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Gabapentin makes me impaired and not in a good way

I was given gabapentin after a spinal injury that resulted in severe radiating pain down my legs. Thanks to a great physical therapist, and a lot of hard work, things are better now. Not perfect. But a lot better. I took the gabapentin for two days. The first day I felt fine (all things considered)... but the gabapentin didn't seem to have any real side effects. The second day, I honestly felt like I was on narcotics or something. I could barely move off the couch and, though I have never used heroin, I am very, very familiar with prescription opioids. I have never been that impaired in my life. It honestly scared me. No one else I know who has ever taken this medication has ever experienced anything like this. What gives? ## Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear about your experience with Ga...

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Gabapentin breast tenderness

I've been taking this drug for three weeks at 100 mg once a day, nightly. My breasts are so tender and they look like they are twice their normal size. Could it be the gabapentin? How long will it take to get out of my system? ## It has been known to cause breast enlargement, according to FDA reports, along with nausea, dizziness, mood swings and weight gain. I think it only stands to reason that such enlargement would also cause them to become sore. However, I am not a doctor and it's always best to have things checked out to be sure. Are you on any other medications? ## I am also experiencing breast pain with this medication and lots of dizziness..But it does work well for the pain caused by Fibromyalgia !! Damned if you do damned if you don't !! ## Hi, my name is Mary. I...

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does gabapentin show up in urine tests at a dr. office?

My pain dr tests me of course and he doesn't give me nearly half of what my now non-practicing dr gave me for bulging disc and osteoarthritis in my l4 and l5 and s1 discs. I'm always in pain and 3 oxy 16 mg don't work when the topamax he gave metabolizes it so quickly. I got some neurontin and that helps so much with the nerve pain, i want to ask him about it at my next appt. But I dont want it to show in the drug screen he does every appt. Do I need to worry that it will show? ## I went to dr. Today..I have been on norco10/325 for over 2 years now I took a blood test and also urine test which she sent a letter to come in so I did .&she informed me that my test showed ( in other words) she said something a bout Matabulizing ??? Wasn't sure what she meant there&I ...

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Northstar Rx

Has anyone had problems with lamotrigine (generic Lamictal) manufactured by Northstar Rx ## My pharmacy changed my Teva brand of Lamotrigine to North Star brand. Has anyone noticed a difference with the difference switching brands? ## Yes. I take lamotrigine for bi-polar depression. I have found that the Northstar version of the drug doesn't work. I took it and my mood crashed. Then I got back on the Teva made lamotrigine, and my mood stabilized. I believe the Northstar product in effective. Try to get your prescribing physician to write "Teva - DAW" on your script. ## My original Hyzaar was refilled by mail with Losartan Hctz 100 by Northstar and I think I'm having serious side effects that I just now attribute to the bp med. My legs are cramping; hip joints hurt; panti...

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topamax and muscle spasms in left knee

I was put on Wellbutrin 150 XL..and for awhile did really well on that. Then started feeling somewhat depressed again and she increased it to 300 XL once a day. That's when I noticed muscle tics in my lower legs right before I went to sleep or upon waking up. Then started having twitches in stomach, buttocks, then under lips, inside cheeks, then under left eye. I went to my pharmacist and he said he hears alot of complaints about Topamax which I have been on for 8 months. 25mg in morning..50 mg at night. Talked to Psychiatrist who said I do not need to worry about Arrive Dyskensia..and she kept me on Topamax and put me on Wellbutrin SR 200 once a day..and told me to get my electrolyte levels checked. Went to Doctor, he said they did blood work 4 months ago, and I was not deficient i...

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White scored oblong/oval pill 13 2, blank on one side

This is a rather large white oval tablet with 13 and 2 on one side and blank on the other, scored down the middle. What is it? I can't find any information. Any help would be much appreciated! ## @ARA, Based on your description, the closest match I'm finding is an 800mg Gabapentin tablet, used for neuropathic pain. It's depicted as a white oblong shaped pill imprinted with "G | 13" on one side and blank on the other -(but scored down the center on both sides). The only logical thing I can think of is that you may have misinterpreted the G for a 2 depending on the condition of the pill. For reference, this particular tablet is reported to be approximately 19mm in size and is manufactured by a company called Glenmark Generics. Any chance this could be your pill? ## No,...

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R 666 on a Yellow Brown Capsule

I have a capsule that is kind of yellow on one side and brown or tan on the other side. It has R 666 on it. What is it? ## You have GABAPENTIN 300mg(Neurontin®) is effective in helping to control partial seizures (convulsions) in adults with epilepsy. Gabapentin is also used to help relieve certain types of nerve pain, and may be prescribed for other nervous system disorders. ## This tablet contains Gabapentin 300mgs (NDC 00228-2666). Inactive Ingredients: - Ferrosoferric Oxide - Starch, Corn - D&c Yellow No. 10 - Fd&c Blue No. 2 - Fd&c Red No. 40 - Gelatin - Mannitol - Shellac - Propylene Glycol - Ferric Oxide Red - Fd&c Blue No. 1 - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Talc - Titanium Dioxide - Ferric Oxide Yellow - Silicon Dioxide Is there anything else I can help with?

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gabapentin dot physical

I am trying to find out if gabapentin is ok to be in the system (body) of a truck driver. Legal presciption from a doctor. ## Can a truck driver pass a DOT physical if he takes gabapentin? ## Hello, Jeanie! How are you? I'm sorry, but from what I've found the answer is no. There is an automatic disqualification for anyone taking any type of antiseizure medication. This is due to the fact that the person either has epilepsy, or if they are taking it for nerve pain or mood disorders, the medication could put them at risk of a seizure, if they miss a dose or are late taking it. Having a seizure while driving could be very dangerous. The FDA lists the typical side effects to this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings and weight changes. Is there a...

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Lymphedema / Topiramate Spr Cap 25 Mg

I have Lymphedema in my both legs and its extremely painful. My Dr. gave me Topiramate Spring Cap 25 MG. Since I've been taking this pill I've LOST ALMOST 100 pounds. Is this Natural? I've tried to read up on the med, but I've never seen anything about the weight loss. I LOVE LOSING THE WEIGHT, BUT I'M A LITTLE WORRIED TOO!!! Can anyone help me? ## According to Forbes and a few other webpages, Topiramate is being heavily regarded as a weight-loss drug; much in the same light as Phentermine. More specific details can be found on google, under "topiramate weight loss". Glad to hear it's been working in your favor though! Are you finding it difficult to keep weight on or maintain a specific weight? ## Thanks for the info, and yes ever since I had my first ch...

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What Is The Best Generic Of Lamictal?

I've been taking the generic for Lamictal for about five years. Recently I've been feeling different at about the beginning of the year. I use to take the white ones but now I am taking a generic by Taro. What is the best generic for this drug? I never really payed any attention until I started getting this crazy migraines. If anyone has any insights it would be much appreciated. ## There's really no way to say which is the best, since different people can react differently, so it depends on what works for you. The best idea I can give you is to check with your pharmacy and see who manufactured the ones that you used to take and ask if they can order them back in for you. They usually can and will sometimes do so for their regular customers. Does anyone else have any advice ...

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blue pill gabapentin

Why is it that the blue pill gabapentin stamped 637R doesn't work,like the white gabapentin.I try not to get the blue one's, but The Pharmacy were I can afford them only cares the blue gabapentin.Higher price pharmacy care the white gabapentin. ## What are the markings on the white ones? Are they the same dosage as these bluish gray ones? The tablet you've described does contain 800 mgs of Gabapentin (NDC 00228-2637 ). Inactive Ingredients: - Calcium Stearate - Crospovidone - Hydroxypropyl Cellulose - Polyethylene Glycols - Titanium Dioxide - Ferrosoferric Oxide - Hypromelloses Ref: DailyMed You can compare yours to the image above to see if it matches. As to saying that it doesn't work, what are you experiencing that leads you to say that? Is it not alleviating your pa...

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Keppra side effects

my son has been on this medication although it has slowed seizures dramaticly his mood and aggression are worse.Angry,argumentetive and depressed.Is this normal? ## I'm on Keppra since last year and I feel the same . Irritated , annoyed n stressed out all the time . ## There is a warning in the Keppra (Levetiracetam) patient information that warns about the possibility of personality changes, and if they occur, it advises you to consult the relevant physician immediately, as the patient will need to switch to a different medication. My husband experienced the same issue, he was just angry, and rage filled, all the time, so his doctor took him off of it right away, and he's been doing great on the new medication they prescribed. Ref: Keppra Information Is there anything else I ca...

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How Long Do Topamax Side Effects Last?

I began Topamax a week and a half ago as a migraine prevention. I am experiencing random facial, hands, and feet numbness. Mental fogginess, dull headaches, and tiredness. For those of you who have had success with migraine prevention and have taken this medication for a long time: How long did your side effects last? I have heard only a few weeks. I'm not sure If I can deal with this constantly much longer. I am contemplating which is the lesser of the two evils side effects vs. migraines. I have lost 10 lbs. though. Any advice? ## I haven't used this medication, but what you are experiencing are normal side effects of it and I can tell you that in most cases, they start to taper off about 4 weeks, as your body adjusts to the medication. Have you consulted your doctor about the...

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Which gelatin is used for Gabapentin capsules?

I would like to know if the gelatin used on 100 mg gabapentin capsules are bovine (beef) or pork? Is it possible to find this out? ## Does bovine make the shell of gabapentin? ## I need to know is gabapentin capsules are made pork or vegetable gelatin ## Is the gelatin in gabapentin pork or beef? ## Is the capsule made with pork or beef or vegan? ## There appear to be multiple manufacturers of Gabapentin capsules. Each one may use a different set of inactive ingredients. Please share either the NDC code (preferred if possible), Manufacturer Name, or any other specific details about your capsules (such as color, letter or numbers on them). ## It is made from animal. I am highly allergic and had to order vegetable based capsules off Amazon and manually dump the med from one to the next. I...

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Dilantin level came back at 29.6

Been on Dilantin since 1978. Last May my level was 17. Now came back at a whopping 29.6 which has worried me. Take 300mg day with an extra pill taken twice a week to avoid break through seizures. Hoping that if I stop the extra 2 pills that will be the only change needed. Anyone been taking Dilantin for this long and had issues with levels? ## Update: stopped the 2 extra pills and a week later, levels at 19.6 which is acceptable. ## I am very glad that lowering your dose has helped, as having levels that are too high can lead to side effects, such as unsteadiness, involuntary jerky movements, nystagmus, tremors, and seizures. Ref: Dilantin Overdose Information How are you feeling? Have you experienced any breakthrough seizures since stopping the extra doses? ## Go to Keppra very soon Di...

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Trintellix and Gabapentin

My wife is prescribed Trintellix for depression. This is anti-depressant #3 in our effort to alleviate both anxiety and depression. She has a propensity for abusing benzos, but that is not an option now. We’re only on day 8, but she doesn’t appear to be making any progress. She has access to gabapentin and is finding that if she takes a large amount of this med (gabapentin), she can get temporary relief, experiencing some energy and mood enhancement. We’re talking about 2000mg to 3000mg at a time (once a day). Questions are: Is Gabapentin adversely masking any headway we might be making with Trintellix? Can Gabapentin, taken in these dosages, cause short-term and/or longterm negative effects for her? Obviously, we will run out of Gabapentin and this won’t be an o...

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Gabapentin causing a metallic taste in mouth

I recently started taking gabapentin to alleviate nerve pain from fibromyalgia, but now I am having a metal taste in my mouth and all the teeth brushing in the world doesn't stop it. I am also eating myself out of house and home with this med.... anyone else have this problem, and if so, how do I stop it? ## Hello, Strephannie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems that you're having. The FDA does list these issues as possible side effects of taking Gabapentin, along with dizziness, headache, dry mouth and mood swings. However, most side effects do tend to improve, as your body gets used to the medication, but it may take a month or so. But weight gain is a problem that most people have when taking this medication and that doesn't usually change, as long as they are ...

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Levetiracetam Side Effects

I am about to start on Levetiracetam along with my other medication and I would like to know of any possible side effects concerning anxiety, depression etc. ## I take 750mg twice a day and I want to know if this medicine causes weight gain, memory loss, or anxiety? I have been on it for five months and my memory is getting worse, and I'm always tried and have trouble staying awake. Is this medicine hurting me or helping me? ## Will Levetiracetam 750mg cause me to have high cholesterol? ## The FDA lists the typical side effects of Levetiracetam as possibly including nausea, mood changes, anxiety, weight changes, and dry mouth. Ref: Levetiracetam Information Lou Lou, yes it can cause those types of symptoms as well. James it has also been known to increase cholesterol levels, so your...

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Alurate Elixer

I am a nervous wreck and I have Fibromyalgia and take one of the Oxy drugs, timed released Morphine, clonapin, flexeril, Lyrica, niaspan, lipitor, trazadone. My mom was on Elixer Alurate. When my brother died tragically, the doctor prescribe to calm all of our nerves. The calmness was within a matter. I'd like to take it again and give up the Clonapin. Is there anyone out there who takes Alurate or has any advice? Thank you ## Elixir Alurate. Your story is just like mine with my Mom being on E. Alurate & my having Fibro, which within the past few months, has been listed as a disease, right down to the drugs we both take for the Fibro & Nerves being shot. It was as if I wrote what you wrote. The Alurate is a drug that takes care of nerve issues in a heartbeat. I, too, have me...

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