Gabapentin Toothache

Britteny Says:

Will gabapentin work for a severe toothache? I have gabapentin and it says it's for nerve pain but it doesn't list tooth pain. I know I have an exposed nerve. The pain is excruciating. Please help.

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Giba Says:

Take Ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hours non stop for 24 hours.. it will eventually stop the pain from being as bad also gel caps are better

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Richie Says:

I have been taking Gabapentin 300mg for a while and decided to stop because of the side effects. I was having difficulties with breathing and sleeping. My blood pressure has also been higher than normal. I guess that everyone is different and it affects everyone differently. My wife also takes 300mg, two tablets 3x daily and she's been having great results. Like I said, everything affects everyone differently and as long as you pay attention to what the Gabapentin is doing to you and monitor it closely, you should have positive results. However, if you're like me and feel that it's causing labored breathing, cut down on the dosage and taper yourself off of it.

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Verwon Says:

No, this is an anticonvulsant that can help with some mood disorders and certain types of nerve pain, according to FDA reports, but even to help with those types of conditions, it must be taken for 4 to 5 weeks, before you would know if it will work for you. It will not do anything to help acute pain, such as that caused by a toothache. It's typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain, and mood swings.

The best thing to do would be to see your dentist, as soon as possible.

No one but your doctor or dentist should tell what medication is safe for you to take.

Do you frequently have dental issues?

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Kieren Says:

I have suffered from pain since the 1st of July when I had my wisdom tooth pulled, but am still in pain even now on gabapentin. How long does it take to work? Please help. I'm going away on holiday soon as well.

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Sandy Says:

I'm taking 300 mg for my toothache. Nerve pain. I take it and hold ice cold water in my mouth. 15 mins or pain!

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Kathleen Says:

Britteny, thank you! This is my exact question. I have an exposed nerve in my tooth and was wondering the same. I'm already taking Motrin for it, but since Gabapentin is for NERVE pain... I wondered the same thing. I don't think some of these commenters really comprehend your question, though you've made it quite clear! I know you asked this long ago, but I just wanted to say I'm glad you did. I just took the Gabapentin anyway (after taking Motrin... which isn't helping very well). Hopefully, the Gabapentin will help. This pain is all consuming... as you well know!

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Missy Says:

Yes. Take about 1200 mg with Motrin and your tooth pain will instantly go away.

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GabsDontWork Says:

Re: Missy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

YEAH FKN RIGHT! I took 3-600s and this goopy liquid you put on the tooth and gums with a sponge on a stick, my face, neck, head and ENTIRE jaw felt like it was literally getting ripped off. I went to the ER and they said go to get it pulled in the am. I'm very good with pain and this is BEYOND unbearable and extreme, past any broken bone I have had.

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Savannah Says:

I have very very bad tooth pain and the best thing I have found that knocks it out instantly is Orajel mouth wash and it's the red one for toothache the blue one is for mouth sores. I swish it around the spot thay hurts for about a minute and it knocks the pain right out. I also take gabapentin, Tramadol, and Clonopin all prescribed for my back but Tylenol and naproxen are the best. Naproxen taken with a while bottle of water helps more than Tylenol in my opinion. I hope this helps bc I know just as much as anyone about tooth pain it's nothing to take lightly at all! Love, light, and prayers to you and I pray you found something to your benefit that works! <3

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Gary Says:

If I take my gabapentin will help with my tooth n gum pain I have abscess my face bn swallon for days no infection going away n all chronic pain returning will it help if I take it

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Mikala Says:

Dont use gabapentin ever!!! Go to people stories of hell withdrawing from gabapentin and you will be stunned

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Zombie Says:

I actually just a few hours ago came back from the er, I have excruciating mouth pain from what I thought were my teeth and I thought maybe I had an infection. I see an oral surgeon later this week however this time the pain was so server it sent me into panic attacks. While there the doctor prescribed me Penicillin and gabapentin ( As a nerve blocker) for the pain. He also advice that I continue taking ibuprofen every 6 hours along with the gabapentin. I've had slight releif for about an hour now, there is still some very dull pain but compared to earlier I'm much more comfortable. So I would say if it's your prescription why not try it.

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Goodessentialoilshealth Says:

Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

If you pack the tooth with a tablespoon of cinnamon you will get some relief to ease the nerve throbs.You will have to refresh after you drink or eat.Feel better naturally.

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gracie11 Says:

I was given one 50 mg pill of Tramadol for the exposed nerve pain and was sick for about 8 hours. Dizzy, headaches, shaking hand. Never again.

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elena Says:

Yeah, it does. I had the worst toothache over the weekend a while ago and took over the counter pain medication that wasn't helping at all. Orajel and the clove oil wasn't helping either. I took gabapentin hoping it would work, and after some time went by, it did work somewhat. Then I took another 300 MG capsule and my toothache was completely gone. Also, using sensodine toothpaste helps. I would recommend to rinse your mouth with warm salt water - like 2 spoons of salt in a glass of water. Keep rinsing until the glass is empty. And take an advil or ibuprofen to help with inflammation. The reason for tooth pain is usually inflammation and best to try to keep your mouth clean by avoiding sugar, sweet drinks and so on. Hope this helps.

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SuzyBelle Says:

Re: Giba (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I had a root canal done today... first one ever... since I take 1800 mg of Gabapentin. I took 1800 mg of Gabapentin and 15 mg of valium. I took Uber to the dentist. I didn’t feel a thing. No happy gas either. Unfortunately I have to go back on Thursday and have a partial root canal done... I plan on doing the same thing.

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Becki Says:

Re: Missy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I just took a Motrin 800 and 1200mg of gabapentin 10 minute ago tooth pain is easen up and pain is going away fast thank you all so much

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eric Says:

Re: Missy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

You wish. These blanket statements about what to take for a pain is getting ridiculous. I realize you and everyone else have only good intentions...but, we have all had experiences with various types of medications, that needs to be taken into consideration when replying to anything. As the internet evolves it seems that it has become normal to answer a question with everything they have ever known! This question was: does Gabapentin help with tooth pain? I think it is safe to say that most of us have tried motrin, advil, etc. She has probably tried these because they do not require a prescription (and don't tell me that 800mg motrin requires a script. 4 200mgs will work the same for most of us). So my answer to the question is: Gabapentin worked for me in a root canal gone bad. Motrin helped a little. Gaba knocked it out of the park. Now, don't you think I could have just given the last three sentences as an answer?

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L Says:

I had nerve pain in one of my teeth that was incredibly painful. It radiated into my lower jaw over the course of two days. So, to answer the gabapentin question, yes, it did help. I took 300 mg and after an hour or so it diminished, but I could still feel it quite a bit. So I took Tramadol 50 mg and after about another hour it improved it even further. I'd say the pain was 5/10. So, why stop there ... I smoked a very small portion of Bossman indica and by the time I went to bed 2 hours or so later I was pain free. The best part is that I woke up pain free and by the end of the day the pain had not returned. A+

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JVC Says:

It might work. Gagapenton is hardly broken down in the body and digestive enzymes prevent overdose. A single 300mg will stop sciatic nerve pain (severe) and will also stop restless leg syndrome. This drug will not build up in your blood and a single dose will give you an idea of it will work. High doses may be required, up into the 2k. These may have to be spaced out and most high gabapenton doses are spread out x4 a day and at least 2. It is commonly used as a weak mood stabilizer for bipolar and for epilepsy it needs an fairly constant deleivery (x4 daily dosing). I wish people wouldn’t pass opinion when they have no experience or scientific bases. Try it. The side effects (short term) are fairly benign in a healthy adult. Look up opiates side effects for comparison.

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Marjorie Says:

Re: Giba (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have Sjögren’s syndrome that went undiagnosed for years. It causes dry mouth so I have severe tooth decay. Just a little warning…be careful with ibuprofen. It’s the only thing that helps my excruciating dental pain, but I took so much that I ended up in the hospital for five days with stomach ulcers. Make sure you don’t take Motrin on an empty stomach and don’t take it around the clock for too long.

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Scally Says:

Re: Giba (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

No it doesn't work for toothache a dentist will sort that

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Firefly Says:

Yes! I was doubtful when prescribed it but I was in a pain crisis for 3 days before I took a 300mg gabapentin. I still feel pressure but the pain went from 10/10 to 1 or 2/10 with in 20 minutes of taking it. Though I will say that my pain was nerve pain not just from the inflammation of the infection. So I dont know if it will work the same for none nerve pain. But I would try for sure!

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Sunny Says:

I had 5 teeth extracted at once and was sent home with 12 hydrocodone. The first day was bad but the second, omg horrible excruciating pain. I'm prescribed 2400 mg a day but was out of my gabapentin. I was in such pain that I just barely could drive to pharmacy to get refill. And let me tell you, AMAZING! The gabapentin stopped the pain just after 1200 mg! Wow. When someone says gabas won't help dental problems, they're so wrong! Along with ibuprofen I'll finally get some rest.

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Kass Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Did it work for you?

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Jeanne Says:

Re: eric (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I take 2-3 400 mg Gabapentin daily for severe back/sciatic pain. I had 7 teeth pulled and 4 implants put in about 3 weeks ago. Dental pain still comes and goes and sometimes it is really painful. Tonight it started up and throbbed so bad I couldn’t sleep. Had some oxycodone but did not want to take it as it makes me itch. I took two Gabapentin and two Motrin. In about 45 min complete relief.

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